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Twisted Experience and TCW - View topic - Havoc in Nanjing, China (February 19 2009)
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 Havoc in Nanjing, China (February 19 2009) 
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Post Havoc in Nanjing, China (February 19 2009)

"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.... Bullshit!

Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!

New, what do you own the world?

How do you own disorder, disorder,

Now, somewhere between the sacred silence,

Sacred silence and sleep,

Somewhere, between the sacred silence and sleep,

Disorder, disorder, disorder!"


Image Image Image[html]</center>[/html]

Tex: Hello everyone and welcome to TCW Havoc, our first show ever in China!

Cain: That's right, Tex, and we're starting tonight off with some action, featuring a couple of newcomers and a returning legend!

Sammy: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

Schrei- Tokio Hotel begins, and Kinsen walks to the top of the ramp. Two pillars of fire flanking him shoot into the air, and Kinsen walks down the ramp. He flips over the top rope, and bows to the crowd and his opponent.

Sammy: Introducing first, residing in Osaka, Japan, he weighs in at 195 pounds...KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINSEEEEEEEN!

Tex: This guy is a newcomer to TCW. You know anything about him, Cain?

Cain: Well, what I know is that this guy used to be an American indy wrestler....then he traveled to Japan and trained under the great Ultimo Dragon himself. There's really no telling what we might see from him today, but if I know the Ultimo Dragon, we can expect a hell of an in-ring performance from his student.

The Invisible Man begins to play as the arena lights darken. Only a single spotlight shines on the stage...about 10 seconds into the song, Oreo emerges, and waves to the crowd, smiling, while stretching and pumping up for his match.

Sammy: And introducing next, hailing from Ireland, weighing in at 204 pounds...OOREEEEOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Grinning, he finally settles on the center of the stage, kneels, and all the lights go out...

Exactly 2 seconds later, the lights explode on, and Oreo is suddenly in the middle of the ring, turnbuckles bursting with a brief stream of sparkles.

Tex: Wow! How did he get into the ring so fast?

Banter: That's just smoke and mirrors.

Cain: Well this guy I know next to NOTHING about! And it looks like the guy's wearing cat ears and a tail...

Banter: What is he, from one of those conventions or something?

The arena goes dark. Faster, Stronger kicks in and Twisted flashes in red upon the tron in time to the music. He walks to the ring like he owns it.

Sammy: Hailing from London, England, weighing in at 235 pounds...he is TWISTEEEEEEED...BROOOOOOOOWN!

Tex: Twisted Brown has been absent for a few shows, but now he's back and ready to show us what he's got.

Cain: This should be an interesting contest. We have two newcomers vs an ECF legend. Will we see them ally, or will it be a free for all?

The bell rings, and the three of them begin to circle each other, sizing up each other's movements.

Suddenly, they all charge in at once, and begin trading fists!

Tex: And a slugfest erupts in the ring!

Cain: They're just jockeying for position now...

Twisted Brown is the first to gain an advantage. He gets into position for a double clothesline, and connects, taking them both down. Both of them spring off the canvas, but Twisted hip tosses Oreo while performing a vigilant side-kick to Kinsen's stomach. Doubled over, he runs to the ropes and does a quick scissor kick to take him down.

Cain: He's got the early advantage...

Oreo is the first to roll to a standing position and lock up with Twisted. It's a careful back and forth struggle in the middle of the ring, each of them trying to gain the advantage. Twisted does so, kicking Oreo in the stomach and Irish whipping him to the ropes, preparing to catch him with a move on the rebound. Oreo displays quick reflexes and grabs the ropes on the rebound. At the same time, Kinsen has recovered from the scissor kick, and whirls Twisted around while he's distracted. Kinsen delivers a measured kick to Twisted's leg, then a spinning kick to his stomach, and finally kicks up into his face, each kick gaining a gasp from the crowd. While Twisted stumbles backwards, Oreo wraps him up from behind, and catapults him with a German Suplex!

He remains in position for a pin..



T...no, Twisted kicks out!

Cain: Perhaps we will see teamwork after all, that was a beautiful combination of moves!

As Oreo sits up from the suplex, Kinsen comes forward with a crashing dropkick to his face.

Banter: Or not...

Kinsen doesn't hesitate. He runs to the ropes to the side, and springs off of them, moonsaulting onto a downed Oreo.



No, not enough!

It appears the kickout isn't enough to stop the relentless Kinsen, who quickly gets up and runs up the nearest turnbuckle with ease. He jumps off with a corkscrew moonsault...

But nobody's home! Oreo rolls out of the way, and Kinsen pays for it with nothing but mat below him. Oreo scrambles up the turnbuckle, with intentions to do the same, but Twisted is there, and kicks him as hard as he can, crotching him on the top.

Banter: Ouch.

Cain: He'll be feeling that one in the morning.

Oreo falls to the outside, gripping his crotch in pain. Twisted quickly scrambles out of the ring to take advantage of this, and starts to deliver right hands to his unprotected forehead. The referee starts to count towards the ringout.


Oreo is gripped by the hair and dragged towards the guardrail, where he is bashed into it. Once, twice...


Twisted doesn't relent. He keeps on slamming his head into the steel.


Tex: My God, if he keeps that up he's going to crack his skull!

Cain: He might want to pay attention to the ref. Beating him down outside the ring isn't going to get him a victory, it's going to get him counted out.

Banter: I don't think he cares at the moment.

Kinsen springs over the top rope, crashing all three of their bodies into the guardrail! The crowd lets out a collective gasp at the painful spot.

Cain: Kinsen sacrificing his body and takes them all out!

The ref resets the count when Kinsen jumps outside...





Cain: And no movement from any of them. Kinsen could have just forced a draw!



On six, Oreo is the first to stir, followed by Twisted...


Tex: They're not going to get into the ring in time!

Kinsen stirs as well. Suddenly, Oreo grabs them both and rolls them into the ring.



Oreo pulls himself in at the last second!

Tex: And the match continues!

Banter: What an idiot. He should have slid in for the countout win on both of them.

Cain: I don't think he would have been satisfied winning his first match in TCW by countout.

In a flash, he hooks Kinsen up for an Inverted STF.

Tex: A submission manuver!

Cain: I believe he calls his one the 'Catnap'. If he doesn't get to the ropes-

Twisted comes out of nowhere with a stiff kick to Oreo's head! The crowd gasps, hearing the impact all the way into the cheap seats.

Tex: What a hard kick! He never saw it coming!

Cain: Twisted is trying to capitalize on Oreo's mistake!



Th...no, he just rolls the shoulder up!

Tex: Oreo saves himself there!

Cain: He almost cost himself by forgetting about Twisted for a moment, but he's still in the match.

Banter: But that might not matter...

While Oreo writhes in pain, Twisted lifts Kinsen up. He hooks both of his arms before quickly driving him into the canvas with a double armed DDT!

Tex: And there's the finisher! This could be all over folks!




Sammy: Here is your winner, TWISTEEEEEEED BROOOOOOOOWN!

Cain: And Twisted picks up the win. A clear victory for him, but the two newcomers showed off their stuff. I wouldn't be surprised to see them rise the ranks in TCW.

Tex: We're heading right into some more action tonight!

Sammy: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

‘Welcome To The Jungle’ kicks in and a buxom valet woman brings Dynamite down to the ring. Everyone in the audience with a soul lets out a collective ‘ahhhhhh’. The valet walks him up the ring steps and lifts him over the top rope to the referee who Dynamite cuddles and blows a raspberry at before the ref finally plonks him down in his corner.

Tex: What...

Cain: The...

Banter: Hell...?

Sammy: Uhm...from...Borneo, Malaysia, weighing in at 277 pounds...Dynamite Bundy?

Tex: Well I guess this...this monkey is wrestling! That's rather unheard of, at least by me...

Banter: Nor me.

Cain: Well...I've just been informed that this...monkey...is the wrestling champion of Borneo. That's a new one.

Banter: Who trained this thing?

Tex: Oh dear Lord...

Cain: I hope they trained him well, if this is who I think it is...

All eyes are trained on the entryway as the ominous music continues to play...

Banter: I don't know why he would face a monkey, but...

Suddenly, there's a huge crowd pop, as they realise he's not going to come out, because...

Tex: He's already in the ring!

Banter: WHAT?

Indeed he is, standing there in his familiar fleshy coat with sewn, screaming faces on it, with a bloody, gleaming smile, and the distinctive look of shattered glass in his black eyes. It was as if he had been there all along, and everyone was just too blind to see him. He stands in the middle of the ring, facing his opponent, silently looking at the crowd. When he does, there's a hushed, scared silence...the sheer power of his precense overcoming them.

Sammy: Ladies and gentlemen... introducing from Hell, he is... THE BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tex: So he really is here! But why? The last time we saw him wrestle a match was last year at the Majestic Cup...

Cain: I don't know why...but his intentions can't possibly be good...is this some kind of a sick joke?

His opponent had some choice words for him.


Bleeder just smiled at him.

Tex: I shudder to think what scheme that monster has planned...

Banter: Shh! He'll hear you!


Bundy beat his chest, letting out a primal scream. Bleeder's response was to remove his coat, and stand there, with his arms at his sides, not even taking up a defensive position. The monkey approached him, 'ooking' curiously at him. Bleeder did nothing, just staring at him with that gaze of shattered glass. The monkey seemed to take offense, and moved his fist backwards, winding it up...


Bleeder flew over the top rope, nearly doing a complete flip in midair, and crashed down hard on the floor below. The crowd let out a surprised gasp!

Tex: My gosh! What a punch!

Grunting, Bleeder slowly got up, and the moment he turned towards the camera...it revealed his face...

Tex: Dear Lord...

Replacing his nose was a nearly flattened, bleeding piece of meat, turned inhuman colors, blood just gushing down the front of his face. He licked his lips and slowly climbed back into the ring...

Cain: We're less than a minute in the match, and Bleeder is, well...bleeding!

The monkey swung at him again, the impact knocking Bleeder across the ring, folding him up. Bundy then began to pound away at Bleeder's damaged face, fist connecting with flesh and bone rather painfully. The crowd gasped with each blow as the relentless beating continued...

Banter: Wow, this is really brutal...

Even the referee looked disturbed as he tried to get the monkey off of him. Bleeder's face was all the worse now, dripping down his face and chin and onto his chest.

Tex: I don't believe what I'm seeing...Bundy is actually getting the advantage over Bleeder.

Bundy picks up Bleeder and lifts him into the air, gorilla pressing him high before tossing him hard over the ropes. He hits the floor, and bounces HARD before coming to a painful rest on the ground. Bundy lets out a triumphant Ook-Ook.

Cain: I don't think we ever expected this monkey to be such a formidable opponent.

The monkey flips over the ropes and begins to advance on the downed Bleeder.

Suddenly, Bleeder lashes out with a strike, impossibly fast, the human eye is barely even able to keep track of it. Bundy stumbles back against the ring apron with a gagging noise, grasping at his throat. The monkey tries to retreat, but Bleeder starts to strike all over his body in specific pressure points, and suddenly the monkey slumps down, losing control of his limbs.. A bit of blood dribbles out of his mouth.

Cain: And now Bundy is bleeding...

Tex: Somebody better stop this damn thing soon!

Bleeder forced Bundy into the ring, wearing a sick smile on his face before covering him...




Tex: It's not enough!

Cain: This monkey is more than holding his own against Bleeder, but I'm not sure he can win!

Bleeder quickly sits up and appears to grab the monkey's jaws, and suddenly forces them wide open, Bundy screaming and flailing around, trying to force Bleeder off.

Cain: He's trying to tear his jaw apart with his bare hands!

Before Bleeder is able to do that, however, the monkey breaks free and clamps his mouth down on Bleeder's left hand, hard. Bleeder grunts, and forcibly wrenches it free. And suddenly, the monkey has a bloody grin...

Banter: I think I'm going to be sick...

The camera zooms in on Bleeder's hand. Halfway up his fingers, the skin is completely gone! Bloodstained bone is all that remains...

Cain: That is DISGUSTING!

The camera view briefly changes to a young lady, holding her hands over her eyes in terror. The audience overall lets out gasps of horror at the display. Bleeder is somehow still able to stand though, bloody fingers and all, advancing slowly on the monkey, blood dripping down his chin. Bleeder raises his right hand and starts to punch Bundy, over and over, driving him back into a corner. He reaches out, grabbing the monkey by the throat, squeezing with a vice-like grip. Bundy flails around, coughing and sputtering, spitting out more blood onto Bleeder's hand. The crowd starts to boo him, as he looks to be squeezing the life out of Bundy...

Tex: That's uncalled for!

Banter: It's fair game after he damn near BIT HIS F***ING FINGERS OFF!

He tosses the monkey to the mat, and covers him...




Bleeder again sits up, and drags Bundy up with him, but this time Bundy throws a punch, knocking Bleeder away from him. He grabs Bleeder and does an Irish-Whip like move, sloppy in execution, sending Bleeder right into the turnbuckle, his head connecting with the steel post! Bleeder slumps over like he's been shot, a profusely bleeding wound opening right up on the top of his skull.

Banter: Ugh, I think I can see bone!

The monkey Ook-Ooks triumphantly, beating his chest, before advancing on the downed Bleeder. He starts throwing punches once more, bare knuckes connecting with his face. Bleeder makes no attempt to stop any of them, the crowd gasping with each impact, blood flying in the air...by the time the referee gets the monkey off of him, Bleeder's face...is an unbelievable mess. It's been pounded raw, covered in a crimson mask. A small bit of skin is torn off near his mouth, showing part of his jawbone and those teeth of his, stuck in a signature skeletal grin.

Banter: Okay, that's it, I need a sickbag.

By this time, women and children can be heard screaming from the crowd. A few men actually hurl their drinks at Bundy, who responds with a confused 'Ook?'

Tex: Just let it end, already!

Bundy picks Bleeder up, sets him into position, and suddenly unleashes with a thunderous exploder suplex.

Cain: I believe that's called the Dynamite Exploder...

Bundy looks confused as to what to do next. Then a lightbulb seems to go off and he covers...




Tex: What the HELL did we just see?!

Cain: I don't know, but I'd rather never see it again.

Sammy: Err...here is your winner...DYNAMITE...BUUUUUUUUNDYYYY!

The ape let out a few 'Ooks' of victory, then looked at the crowd confused, as they seemed to be rather frightened of him.

Tex: What a shocking display of violence from this ape!

Cain: I never thought I'd see the day where I actually felt sorry for Bleeder. What a monster!

Tex: We might have to get EMTs out-

Before Tex could finish his sentence, Bleeder was gone, just as mysteriously as he had appeared the first time...the only sign of his precense being the blood all over the ring.

Thu Feb 19, 2009 6:11 am
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Post Re: Havoc in Nanjing, China (February 19 2009)

Sammy: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

A series of loud explosions ring throughout the arena as the power simultaneously cuts out. The beginning bass line of Mudshovel by Staind cuts in amidst the fading echoes of the explosions. The words begin to flow out from Aaron Lewis' pained voice...

You take away. I feel the same.

...and the lights come back on as PD is standing on the ramp looking out at the crowd. He slowly nods, getting into the music & runs down the ramp, diving headfirst into the ring. He pops up in the center of the ring & gazes out around the arena allowing the fans reaction to fill & fuel him.

Sammy: Introducing first, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 225 pounds...he is PD...PLAUSIBLE...DENIABILITYYYYYYYY!

Tex: This will be PD's first match back, and what a match it's going to be.

Cain: The fans seem to be giving him a pretty good reception.

The arena lights dim as the screen screen is covered in silent static. The opening riffs of "We Are Godzilla, You Are Japan" begin as the static starts to dance in tune. As the lyrics begin, the entrance ramp is showered in green light as Matt Strikmore rushes out, pausing to look over the crowd.

Sammy: And his opponent...from Wildwood, New Jersey...weighing in at 220 lbs...he is the TCW TRANSCONTINENTAL CHAMPION... MAAAAAAATT STRIIIIIIIIKMOOOOOOOOOOOOREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Transcontinental Title wrapped around his waist, Matt points his right fist toward the ring, and grasps the underside of his forearm with his left, a large number of the crowd mimicking. Matt, smiling as he walks down the ramp, leans back into the guard rail and throws up the gesture again, the crowd behind him doing the same. Matt runs the rest of the way to the ring, sliding under the ropes and stands in the middle of the ring. Tossing up the gesture one last time, he slowly spins a complete rotation to see all of the crowd. Unwrapping the Transcontinental Title from his waist, he raises it in the air, brings it down to give it a kiss, then hands it off to the referee.

Tex: And the TC champ is here!

Cain: It'll be interesting to see how Matt Strikmore's in-ring style matches up against PD's. Let's see how they start...

The bell rings and the match is quickly underway, with the two wasting no time in cinching up with each other, trying to take the other down. Matt gains an early advantage with a headlock takedown into a cover.


Both stand up, and Matt is faster, taking him down with a hiptoss. PD rolls through and stands up again, and Matt takes him down once more with an arm drag. Quick cover...


Matt is once again on PD, booting him in the gut and lifting him up for a suplex before dropping him down forward. Another cover...



Cain: Matt seems focused on keeping control of this match. PD may be able to kick out of those covers, but they keep the pressure on him and give him little time to breathe on the ground.

Matt pulls PD to his feet and throws a few punches to the head before setting him up for another suplex. PD however carefully blocks it, before countering with a suplex of his own, Matt's back crashing to the canvas painfully.

Tex: And PD just shifted the momentum!

PD rolls his hips and picks them up before delivering a second full suplex that Matt tries to fight, but fails, again crashing on the mat hard, PD releasing, only to get on top of him to deliver some vicious right hand fists. He quickly gets back off him, lifting him as he's punching him, before doing an Irish Whip. Matt rebounds, only to get pounded back down with a clothesline. PD then resumes beating on him on the ground.

Cain: PD is really aggressive in taking control of the match right back from Matt. This could get ugly in a hurry.

Banter: Just what we all want to see!

While he has him down, PD grapples Matt in a tight headlock, really cranking it on him. The pain is visible on Matt's face as he struggles to try and escape.

Slowly, Matt begins to rise, in spite of PD's efforts to keep him grounded. Matt delivers one elbow...


Three elbows...

Suddenly, PD releases on purpose, clubbing Matt in the back of the head, before wrapping him up from behind and lifting him up forcefully, dropping him down on the mat with a BAM! The crowd lets out a gasp.

Tex: And there's the belly-to-back suplex of PD, dropping him on his back and neck...the reconstructed neck of Matt Strikmore.

Cain: That injury will doubtless haunt him for the rest of his career, always a target point for his opponents.

Banter: And if I know PD, we've got two more to go...

Sure enough, PD does hang on through the suplex, forcefully dragging Matt up to his feet, before yelling and lifting him once more with all of his power, the ring shaking with a second powerful impact. Matt appears to be in some serious pain, but PD is merciless, once again forcing him up, lifting him into the air...

BAM! The third belly to back suplex connects, and mercifully, PD finally releases. He crawls over to Matt's prone body for a cover...

Tex: Matt might be too hurt to kick out here!



T...no, he rolls the shoulder up!

Cain: Matt's resiliency and determination shows here. He won't go down without a fight.

Banter: It looks like PD smells blood in the water though...

PD pounds the mat for a second before lifting Strikmore up, and starts to deliver more vicious right hands, followed up with a boxing combination, lefts and rights smacking against Matt's unprotected face. He finishes with a decisive uppercut and finally a kick to the stomach. Doubled over, PD moves him into position...

Tex: He's setting him up for a powerbomb!

Cain: This may be more than Matt can take!

Matt quickly counters it with a...no, he can't counter, PD lifts him into the air!

Matt goes down...but he's reversed it into a DDT!

Cain: Expert counter there by Matt!

Tex: He saved himself there with that one.

Both men down, the referee starts a count...





Both men start to get up at the same time...


PD suddenly drops back against the ropes, and charges full force at Matt, swinging his arm to deliver a vicious clothesline from hell!


Tex: He's...oh no!

The crowd gasps.

The referee's been knocked out cold!

Cain: Strikmore ducked out of the way at the last second...and unfortunately, the official's been knocked out.

Banter: Matt obviously set it up that way so he can cheat with no officials dragging him down.

Tex: Will you shut up for once?

Banter: Hey, I'm calling it like I see it. Gotta do what it takes to win, right?

Tex: ...

Now Matt charges at PD and starts to deliver stiff rights and lefts, survival instinct kicking in. PD tries to counter but Matt's punches are too furious, and he drives him into a corner, beating him down. His fists connect over and over, PD's back slowly sliding down against the turnbuckle before he slumps into a sitting position.

"Get up!" Matt audibly yells, before forcing him to do so, grabbing him by the arm and Irish Whipping him into the opposite corner. He follows through by rushing in with a jarring clothesline in the corner. It appears Matt has him right where he wants him, as he lifts him up onto the turnbuckle and starts to climb up himself. The crowd cheers as they know...a superplex is coming.

Tex: Matt is looking to possibly put the exclamation point on this match!

Matt starts to hoist him over, but he can't do it. PD is desperately trying to fight off the superplex. They start a mini-brawl up there, trading lefts and rights...

One catches Matt hard and he temporarily relents. It seems to give PD the moment he's been looking for, as he slowly lifts Matt over his shoulder, standing up tall on top of the turnbuckle...

Tex: No, he couldn't be...

PD slides Matt's body upside down, into position for a tombstone piledriver!

Tex: Oh no, the Blackout! Matt could face serious injury if that hits!

Matt seems aware of this fact and tries to fight out of it, but to no avail, as PD jumps and drives Matt's head and neck forcibly into the canvas with a BAM! The crowd lets out a gasp!

Tex: My God, he's out cold!

Cain: He could very well be worse off than that...

PD starts to move into position to cover him...

But then he realizes, the count is never going to come...because he knocked the referee out!

Banter: See? Matt planned it from the start so he couldn't get pinned!

Tex: Would you stop it already?!

Cain: I think this was more of PD's mistake...

He moves over to the referee, audibly cursing as he slaps him a few times to revive him. The crowd suddenly starts to yell something, confusing PD...

Twisted Brown is suddenly running down the ramp and into the ring!

Tex: What's he doing? He's got no business in this match!

Twisted spins around an unsuspecting PD and boots him in the stomach, before hooking his arms and driving his head into the canvas!

Tex: He just hit the Double Helix on PD!

Cain: And now PD isn't moving, either!

Twisted slides out of the ring and escapes through the crowd, disappearing just as quickly as he appeared.

Cain: And just like that, he's gone!

Tex: No referee, both combatants out...I couldn't begin to predict what's going to happen!

Cain: We just have to watch and see...




The crowd and announcers wait in hushed silence to see who stirs first...



Both of them stir at once! They slowly push up, each of them looking groggy after taking a finisher each..

Cain: Well, thank God Matt is still able to move that blackout, but barely. PD can barely stand, himself.

PD is the first to move, getting off a slow, but firm right hand that's enough to drop Matt to the canvas. He staggers over to the turnbuckle, slowly climbing up...

Cain: It looks like PD's decided to put everything into this next high-risk maneuver!

Tex: I don't know what he's looking to do...

Cain: This could be fatal for PD if it misses, but I don't see Matt kicking out at this stage of the game if it hits.

PD crouches on the turnbuckle, watching Matt carefully. He's slowly getting up, barely able to stand...

Banter: This one's looking to end soon...

PD watches Matt stand fully, and waits for him to turn around, preparing to time his move...

Matt turns around...

PD launches his whole body at Matt! A spear from the top rope!


Tex: Oh my God! He countered it with the Ring Slinger!

Matt quickly covers, as the referee is just barely awake, crawling over for the count...




The bell rings!

Tex: Matt wins the match!

Banter: Cheater.

Sammy: Here is your winner...MATT...STRIKMOOOOOOORE!

Matt slowly staggers up to get his hand raised triumphantly by the referee.

Cain: Can you believe that? That had to be pure instinct on his part. Matt again shows why he's the Transcontiniential Champion. A strong re-debut for PD, who might have won the match, had it not been for Twisted's interference.

Tex: I don't think Matt even realizes Twisted came out here... but PD certainly does...

PD rolls out of the ring, looking like hell, and extremely pissed off. He runs off to the back, limping very quickly backstage...

Cain: I'd say he definitely is going to have more than a few choice words for Twisted.

Strikmore grabs a mic from ringside and runs his hand over his mouth. Tossing the Transcontinental Championship over his shoulder, he walks over the ropes facing the arena entrance. Grabbing the top rope with his free hand, Matt brings the mic up to his lips.

"First, I want to say thank you. Thank you to TCW and to Plausible Deniability for making a kids dream match come true. Cam, any time you want another go, just say the word."

Banter: Didn't he see what just happened?

Tex: Apparently not. Twisted Brown gets away with another sneak attack, apparently...

Strikmore walks backwards toward the center of the ring, rolling his neck as he does. Looking down at the mat, he slowly hand picks his words.

"Last week, there were some comments pointed at me. Someone had a reaction to the things I said at Endgame. It's not unexpected that it happened, and I have no problem with someone disagreeing with me. But now it's my turn to get angry, it's my turn to feel snubbed. Dante, you and I have a problem."

The crowd begins to cheer, largely for Dante, but there are a growing number cheering Matt's name.

Banter: Oh this can't end well...

"Last week, you went off, talking about freedom of speech. But in the same breath, you say I haven't earned the right to speak my mind about what's happening in very company I help support? That somehow, comments about a certain group are above my tenure? Since it seems you're too busy turning your nose up at me, I guess I can understand you not knowing just who I am. Since you were so kind to let me know that you're "Jason F'n Dante", I'll toss you my business card too. I'm Matt Strikmore. I'm the man who's had the Transcontinental Title more or less tattooed on his waist for the better part of two years. I'm the winner of the first ever Majestic Tournament. I've been in the ring with Darkness, Freya, Hawthorne, DeSean, David Hardy, Highone, Drakus, Titanium Insomniac, and several more. I walked into the ring with those names, and I walked out the winner. In my two years here, I've been pinned exactly once. While you and the New Hellfire Club have decided that doing appearances to promote the company are somehow beneath you, why don't you ask these fans how many interviews I've given on the television and radio since arriving here this week? I'm willing to bet it's about the same number I've done in every city we've stopped in for the past year. But hey, at least the two of us are consistent, right?"

Tex: Strong words from Strikmore here, and they're directed at Jason Dante and his stablemates.

Banter: You know, he does kind of have a point...

Cain: It would be hard to dispute that, but I wonder if this kind of heated back and forth is the best way for two reasonable men to resolve their differences.

Banter: Yeah! They should have a fight!

"So yeah, I guess you could say that I'm a little upset that someone would say that I don't understand, that I shouldn't talk about people that helped build this house. And yes, Dante, I said helped. I'm not denying that you and the Club helped build this place to what it is today, but quite frankly, I'm the best bricklayer in the joint right now, and I have been for over a year. Sure, it may be your name on the main events, the cleanup hitters. But it was people like DeSean and I that loaded up the bases and wore down the pitcher. All I'm saying, all I've ever said, is that I'm thinking it's time we swap out our number four hitter. I'm thinking our batting average is higher and that maybe it's time for you to set them up, and for us to knock them down. But hey, you want punch my card? Hit me with that rubber stamp? Fine by me. Enter the Dragon. It's on."

Strikmore tosses the mic to the ring announcer, and steps through the ropes. "We are Godzilla, You are Japan" blares over the speakers, the crowds cheering Dante and Matt in ever changing ratios.

Tex: Strikmore has formally laid down the challenge, and if I know Commissioner Stern, I think she'll be only too happy to make this match a reality at Enter the Dragon!

Banter: Told you they should settle it with a fight.

Cain: A dream match may well be shaping up for the pay-per-view! Dante versus Strikmore could well be one for the ages!

Sammy Eubanks: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall...introducing first...

Enormous pyro erupts from the stage, silhouetting the shapes of Dante and Freya against the orange flames.


The mismatched duo walk down the ramp to a great ovation from the crowd. Dante looks stoic and determined, while Freya slaps hands and plays up to the fans.

Banter: So, help me out here...is Hawthorne still in the NHFC?

Tex: I'm not sure. I would guess, after what occurred at the end of Friction, that he would not be. Maybe we'll find out more during this match?

Banter: Well he's still in their entrance video. But I guess so is Freya beating the crap out of Dante and Darkness. I don't get these guys.

The arena lights turn black and blue, the Twistedtron shows a limo driving through the streets, it stops in front of the arena and the door opens and out steps DeSean decked out in his trademark wrestling gear. After 2 seconds of silence the beginning drums of Oasis Supersonic begins to play, DeSean walks through the curtain head down, with his hoodie covering his face.

DeSean flips the hood back and outstretches his arms.

Sammy: And their opponents...introducing first, from Greensboro, North Carolina...weighing in at 223 lbs...DESEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAN BLAAAAAAAAAACKWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Syncing his steps to the beat, DeSean stops and forms a cross with his fist, he then outstretches his arms, pyro shoots off behind him.

Cain: There are a lot of issues involved in this match, but they all revolve around what Matt Strikmore said at Endgame – words which Dante has responded to, sparking quite the debate between the two of them.

Banter: Debate? I think they might be about to kill each other...

Tex: DeSean is Strikmore's tag partner, but tonight he teams up with Stephen Hawthorne, who at Friction held Strikmore back from saving Darkness from an attack by DeSean himself. This conflict seems poised to turn into a war between Technical Perfection and Hawthorne and the NHFC.

Banter: Think they'll call themselves Infinity 2?

Cain: I doubt it very much.

DeSean walks down the ramp arguing with some fans while clapping the hands of others, he hops on the apron and slowly walks down the side. He stops, leaps on the top rope and backflips in. He pumps his fist and raises his arms getting a mixed reaction but mostly cheers, he yells "I'm back baby" and pumps his chest screaming this is "my show"

DeSean's music fades as he stands facing his two rivals. He swings his arms and rolls his neck, hopping lightly from foot to foot. There is a long, awkward pause.

Banter: What's going on?

Tex: I believe we're just waiting on Stephen Hawthorne's entrance.

The silence continues. The crowd begin to grow restless. Freya throws a concerned glance down the ramp. Dante smirks at DeSean, who is now frowning.

Cain: What's going on here?

Tex: Hold on, I'm just getting word that something has happened backstage...let's go and see what our camerman has found...

The scene on the Twistedtron changes, showing a darkened corridor. As the view swings 'round, it reveals the unconscious form of Stephen Hawthorne, laid out on the concrete floor. EMTs are already arriving on the scene and, as they turn him over, they reveal his face is a bloody mess.

Cain: Oh my God. What's happened?

Banter: Someone beat him up, that's what happened.

Freya is already making for the ropes, but Dante holds her back. DeSean looks stunned by the development, then turns around with a determined look and clenches his fists. Dante advances on him.

Tex: Hawthorne is clearly in no shape to fight – what's going to happen?

Cain: I think this tag match just became a handicap match.

Banter: I wonder who could possibly have attacked Hawthorne? I wonder which faction might have some kind of grudge against him? Hmmmmmmmm.

Tex: I know what you're thinking, Banter, but is that really the kind of behaviour you associate with the New Hellfire Club?

The bell rings and Dante charges DeSean, barrelling into him with a forearm that knocks him into the ropes. Freya looks on, obviously shocked he would want to continue with the match, then reluctantly heads to her corner. Dante whips DeSean across the ring and goes for a clothesline, but DeSean ducks and, as Dante turns around, hits him with a dropkick.

Cain: It looks like DeSean is holding his own, even with the odds against him.

Dante is up straight away and they exchange right hands. Dante grabs a headlock and spins DeSean to the mat. He tightens the hold, but DeSean punches his way free and trips Dante. He looks for a front-facelock, but Dante reverses out and pulls DeSean to his feet. He goes behind and tries a back suplex, only for DeSean to elbow him in the face and knock him back against the ropes.

Tex: While I may disagree with your theory on who took out Hawthorne, Banter, it's worth pointing out that this isn't the first time DeSean has found himself in a handicap match against NHFC-members in similar circumstances.

Cain: That's right – and last time it was Matt Strikmore being taken out by Drakus, though with not a small amount of complicity from Darkness. Has lightning struck twice in the same place?

DeSean stomps Dante's leg and lifts him into a vertical suplex. He floats over for a cover...



DeSean lifts Dante and drives the point of his elbow into the back of his neck. Dante is staggered and DeSean hooks his arms, but Dante pulls free with one arm and twists upright, before yanking DeSean down into a brutal Russian legsweep. He hooks his leg...


Two...not enough!

Dante stand up and moves over to his corner to make a tag. Freya looks reluctant, but slaps his hand and climbs in.

Banter: What's her problem?

Cain: We saw her concern for Hawthorne before – the two are former tag team partners, but I have no idea what their status is now after what happened at Friction. Either way, this is not the kind of environment in which Freya would like to claim victory, I'd imagine.

DeSean climbs up to one knee as Freya approaches him slowly. He stands up and cracks his neck and they circle. The two of them lock up. DeSean drops down and brings Freya down with a fireman's carry, but she lands on her feet and then hits a dropkick. DeSean staggers back and Freya presses her advantage with an Irish whip. She jumps over him with a leapfrog as he flies back towards her and then hooks him with a hiptoss. DeSean holds on as he lands though and pushes his legs into the air, grabbing Freya in a headscissor and flipping her onto her back.

Tex: An impressive counter from DeSean. I've said many times before that I see great things in this young man's future, if he can just put himself in a position to take advantage.

Cain: I have no doubt that he will battle his hardest in this match but the question is, what chance does he have against two of the biggest stars in TCW history?

DeSean recovers in the corner for a second, catching his breath. Freya is up and charges towards him, but he dives out of the way. Freya lands on the second turnbuckle and jumps off with a crossbody, but DeSean catches her and spins her around into an inverted DDT.

Tex: Deadly Drop!

He goes for a cover...



Freya kicks out!

DeSean is visibly flagging as he lifts Freya up and puts her in a side headlock. He drops to one knee, taking advantage of the resthold for a moment. Freya pounds on his back with her forearm, eventually fighting her way free. DeSean turns around and walks right into a hurracanrana.

Cain: DeSean is fighting back, but he looks like he wishes he had a partner of his own to tag in. How long can he go on against two opponents like this?

Dante is begging for a tag in the corner and Freya, still looking uncomfortable, lets him in. Dante is on DeSean instantly, stomping him down. He lifts him up and then drops him with a hard scoop slam. He goes for a cover...



Dante drops an elbow, then pulls DeSean up and whips him into the corner. He follows in with a knee lift and then lifts DeSean up onto the second rope. He climbs up too and puts on a front facelock. He tries to pick DeSean up, but the former Aftershock Champion punches him in the gut and sends him down to the canvas. Dante gets right up, but DeSean is ready for him and crashes into him with a flying clothesline.

Banter: Take that, whitey!

Cain: DeSean hits the Alpha Flight, and now he has an opportunity to score a huge upset with the odds against him!

DeSean covers...



Thre...and Freya breaks it up!

Dante gets up groggily and jerks his head in DeSean's direction, beckoning Freya to join him in his attack. She hangs back as he advances and then holds up her hands and walks back to her corner. Dante looks after her with a frown and this gives DeSean the opportunity to punch him in the stomach. He hits Dante with a forearm and then pulls him down into a standing headscissor.

Tex: I think Dante wanted to double-team DeSean, but Freya wasn't interested.

Banter: And now it might have backfired! He's gonna Hangman's DDT the crap out of him!

Suddenly, Dante counters with a backdrop. Freya was about to climb through the ropes into the ring to make the save, but now goes back to her corner. Dante picks DeSean up and tries for a suplex, but he lands on his feet. In his battered state, he can't capitalise though and Dante grabs him from behind, yanking him into an inverted front-facelock. He signals, and then brings DeSean crashing down into the canvas with the Broken Reflection.

Cain: Dante with a huge move! This one is over!

Dante looks down at DeSean and then smiles. He drags him up to his feet, turns him around and then lifts him onto his shoulder with a pumphandle, then drops him into a thunderous Hellfire Driver. On the apron, Freya just shakes her head.

Banter: Way to show off...

Tex: Dante just put an explanation point on this match with that Hellfire Driver. What's he trying to prove?

Cain: I think he's taken out his frustrations with Strikmore on his tag partner. I acknowledged that Dante had valid points with his response to Strikmore's words, but this is not the way to convince the fans.

Dante pins...




Dante stands up, holding his hands above his head in victory. The fans give him a somewhat mixed reaction as DeSean rolls clear and out of the ring. Freya moves to step off the apron, but Dante drags her in and raises her hand too. She gives him a flat look and pulls her hand away.

Tex: Dante and Freya score the win here – and it's no surprise since they had a two-on-one advantage.

Banter: Yeah, that was pretty helpful... Hmmmmmm.

Cain: Well, if it was a member of the NHFC that took out Hawthorne, we can certainly rule out Freya – she does not look in the least bit happy about the way this match has gone down.

Dante climbs the turnbuckle and continues to celebrate as Freya, shaking her head in disgust, climbs out of the ring and walks back up the ramp.

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Post Re: Havoc in Nanjing, China (February 19 2009)

Sammy Eubanks: The following non-title contest is scheduled for one fall...

The lights dim as Izumi's music begins, the arena going dark...and when the lyrics begin, she comes out in a white spotlight, flashing a peace sign to the crowd as a small pyro erupts from the stage.


Cain: At Friction, we saw Izumi go one-on-one with Freya and come within a hair of winning the Bleeder Title from her.

Banter: Too bad she can't win the World Title like that tonight.

Tex: Well this might be a non-title contest, Banter, but if Izumi performs as she did against Freya, she could score a big upset and find herself in line for a World Title shot. We still don't know who Darkness will face at Enter the Dragon, and Izumi, for my money, would make a very interesting title challenger.

Izumi runs full speed to the ring, and works the crowd for a little bit, raising her arms on top of the turnbuckle as the lights come on...

As "Fear of the Dark" plays, the view cuts to a shot of Darkness's locker room door. It opens, and Darkness steps from the shadows, his two title belts held in his hands. As his fans chant along to the music, Darkness walks through the corridors of the arena before reaching the gorilla position.

Sammy: And her opponent...from Chicago, Illinois...weighing in at 218 lbs... he is the 411FED AND ECF UNIFIED WORLD'S HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION... DAAAAAAAAAAAAAARKNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESS!!!!!!!!!!!

The song kicks in and a huge pyro erupts from the stage. Darkness strides through the flames, silhouetted in the orange glow. As he strides to the ring, belts in hand, flames streak down the side of the ramp, framing him in fire. He enters the ring, ignoring its occupants and mounts the turnbuckle, raising his World Championships above his head as the ethereal chanting continues.

Tex: What an astonishing ovation for the World Champion, despite the controversy he has found himself mired in recently.

Cain: At Friction, Darkness accidentally superkicked his own partner, and was then attacked by DeSean Blackwell. Earlier tonight, Hawthorne was found beaten bloody before his match, and fingers are already being pointed in the direction of the New Hellfire Club and Darkness.

Banter: And what about this stuff with the plane?

Tex: Yes, questions are still being asked about just what happened to the flight that Darkness was supposedly on which went down somewhere over the Rocky Mountains a couple weeks ago. It's not my place to comment on a news story like that, but there are accusations flying around about some kind of government cover-up regarding some of the details.

Banter: Great, just what we need – more reasons for President MacDonald to get on our case.

Darkness steps down into the ring and turns to face Izumi, who narrows her eyes at him as he hands over his titles to the referee. She bounces from foot to foot as the bell rings and the two start to circle. There is a lock up, with Darkness very swiftly overpowering the smaller woman and turning her around to grab a full-nelson. Izumi thrashes in the hold and then flips up, pulling free of one of his arms and spinning around onto his back into a crucifix hold. She pulls Darkness down into a pin...


Cain: Izumi with a quick over there! She clearly wants to keep Darkness on his toes!

Banter: She's going to have to do better than some sneaky pin to keep him down though.

Izumi jumps up, then goes right down again as Darkness nails her with a throat thrust. He rolls her up and whips her into the corner, then follows in with a clothesline. As she staggers out, he picks her up and spins her over into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, then goes for a cover...


Tw...not enough!

Darkness puts Izumi in a reverse chinlock on the mat, and she struggles for the ropes. He picks her up and she grabs one of his arms, throwing all her weight into bringing him down with a judo armdrag. Darkness lands on his back and Izumi looks for a cross-armbreaker, but he's too near the edge of the ring and immediately clamps his feet around the bottom rope, forcing the break at three.

Tex: Izumi wasn't able to capitalise there. Darkness's ring presence is as legendary as his speed and fortitude. This may well be the match of this young woman's life.

Cain: I don't think I exaggerate when I say that she has the potential to make her name tonight. This could be a huge turning point for the new Aftershock Champion.

Izumi ducks down, waiting for Darkness again. He charges and she armdrags him again, but Darkness lands on his feet with Izumu's arm still hooked and brings her over with a hiptoss. Izumi squeals in surprise as she hits the mat and Darkness backs off, cracking his neck and giving her a small smile.

Banter: Now this is a Darkness I can get behind.

Tex: It's hard, in moments like this, not to consider the words of Matt Strikmore. Darkness answered his comments from Endgame at Friction by saying that he has nothing to prove to anyone and, while he may have a point, he certainly has no cause to get too cocky.

Cain: Right. The World Champion, more than anyone else, is constantly under pressure to perform to the very highest standard. Darkness will not want to give the likes of Strikmore and DeSean more reasons to think that he doesn't deserve to be on top.

The Aftershock Champion gives Darkness a dirty look as she gets to her feet and they start circling again. She makes a grab for his arm, but Darkness dodges and then spins around, catching her on the side of the head with a roundhouse kick. Izumi is sent staggering and Darkness darts in, kicking one of her leg's from under her and then dropping an elbow. He goes for a cover...


Tw...Izumi pushes her way out!

Darkness gets to his feet and picks Izumi up by a handful of her hair. He knocks her into the ropes with a European uppercut and then looks for a vertical suplex. Izumi thrashes in the air and manages to flip her way free, landing unsteadily on her feet behind Darkness. She immediately hits a dropkick and Darkness is sent tumbling over the top rope and to the floor. He rolls up straight away, but Izumi is ready with a baseball slide that knocks him back into the crowd barrier.

Izumi signals in the ring and runs towards Darkness. He pre-emptively throws himself clear of the expected attack, but Izumi just handsprings into the ropes and bounces harmlessly into the middle of the ring, leaving Darkness sprawled on the floor outside for no reason.

Cain: I think Izumi got the better of him there!

Banter: Yeah, but it'll be no more Mr. Nice Darkness now...

A ripple of laughter passes through the crowd and, with a cold look, Darkness dives right back into the ring and charges Izumi, taking her down with a spear. He lays in punches and then hauls Izumi to her feet. He whips her across the ring and then hammers her with a big clothesline that sends her down to the mat hard. He pins...



Thr...not enough!

Back in his groove, Darkness slaps on another reverse chinlock, grounding Izumi. He pulls her right down to the canvas and lifts himself up into the air and down again to increase the pressure on the hold. Izumi tries to claw her way free, but she can't budge Darkness's grip. She tries to alter her position, shifting 'round so she can attempt a waistlock. She tries to pull Darkness up, but can't do it, so instead settles for pounding against his lower back with her fist. Eventually, she succeeds in breaking free and rolls into the ropes for safety.

Tex: Izumi manages to free herself from that hold, but Darkness remains in control of this match. He must now be aware though that he has to end this as quickly as possible.

Cain: I think, going into this, we were concerned that this would be a straightforward victory for the World Champion, but we hoped Izumi would put up a fight, and that seems to be exactly what's happening.

Darkness rises to one knee, massaging the small of his back slightly, then walks over to Izumi and stomps her down. She rolls out of the ring and grabs his foot, trying to pull him out, but he lashes out with a kick that catches her in the mouth and sends her stumbling away.

Banter: Don't you love being in a job where it's perfectly acceptable to cheer a man kicking a woman in the face?

Tex: Sounds like you're becoming a Darkling, Banter.

Banter: Uh, no, I don't think so. Have you seen the state of his fans? Some of them look like someone dug them up from the local cemetery.

The World Champion waits in the ring, rolling his shoulders, and Izumi finally climbs back in gingerly. Darkness offers her another lock up and she accepts, only for Darkness to quickly spin her around into a waitslock, then hook her up for a back suplex. He flexes backwards, but Izumi rolls free and lands on her feet behind him. She hits a forearm to his back and then jumps up, grabbing a sleeper hold. She clings on as Darkness staggers under her weight, but can then only squeal helplessly as he falls backwards, sandwiching her between the mat and his body.

Cain: A clever counter from Darkness, but Izumi may still be in this match, despite his efforts.

Tex: Well it might just be all over here.

Darkness rolls over and hooks Izumi's leg...




Darkness gets to his feet and signals, drawing a thumb across his throat. He lifts his prosthetic hand, allowing the plastic fingers to wiggle mechanically as Izumi stands up. With a smirk he grabs her around the throat.

Tex: Darkness is going for the Slayer Slam! If he hits it, it might well be enough to end this!

Banter: Thanks for coming, Izumi. Hope you enjoyed being in a main event – it's not going to happen again for a while.

Izumi kicks her legs and then grabs Darkness's arm. He lifts her up, but she wraps her legs around his elbow and pulls him down to the mat. She tries to shift her grip, looking for the Sankaku-Jime, but Darkness lets go of her throat and rolls free. He charges Izumi, but she trips him and he bounces throat-first off the ropes. Izumi kips up and smashes him with a devastating enziguri.

Darkness rolls on the mat, clutching his head. Izumi runs the ropes, looking for a low dropkick, but Darkness is able to dodge and jumps up to his feet. He crashes into her with a clothesline, but Izumi appears to be running on pure adrenaline and gets right back up. She throws herself at him, flailing with crazed punches and fights him into the corner.

Cain: Izumi is attacking Darkness furiously! She is fighting back with all of her strength and anger!

Tex: I think the Aftershock Champion has had enough of being toyed with! She may be about to score a huge upset!

Sweeping her hair out of her eyes, Izumi backs up and then charges Darkness with a knee lift. He's staggered and she immediately grabs him in a side headlock and jumps out of the corner, slamming him into the canvas with a bulldog. She signals, receiving a pop from the crowd, and climbs out onto the apron. Darkness gets up slowly and as he turns around, Izumi springboards off the top rope and flies into him with a clothesline, only for Darkness to catch her around the throat in midair.

Banter: Take two.

Cain: Darkness is in position for the Slayer Slam again!

Darkness pulls Izumi around, then lifts her up into a thunderous Slayer Slam. He drops to his knees and covers...



Thre...no! Izumi gets her shoulder up!

Tex: A kickout! My God, I wasn't expecting that!

Cain: That should have been all right there, but Izumi has tapped into a deep vein of courage and tenacity. What will it take for Darkness to stop her?

All Darkness's cockiness has evaporated now. He flicks his sweat-damp hair from his face and stands up. With a grim look, he signals for the Darkness DDT and ducks down. Izumi gets to her feet groggily and Darkness aims a kick at her stomach, only for her to catch his leg and step over, hitting him with a heel kick that sends him staggering away towards the ropes. Izumi falls back against the opposite ropes, taking a moment's respite.

Darkness comes back towards her and Izumi finds the strength to throw herself towards him. She drives two fingers into his chest and Darkness grabs her hand as the nerve strike impacts against his body. Izumi locks eyes with the World Champion as his muscles visibly bunch and stiffen. Darkness bares his teeth and then unleashes an animalistic roar as he overcomes the paralysis and kicks her in the gut.

Banter: Well that didn't work...

Cain: Darkness has a storied history against opponents that use paralysing attacks, and it is safe to say that he is very much not a fan of those kinds of techniques. I've never seen someone recover so fast from Shogun's Brilliant Jade as Darkness did in his debut match.

Darkness grabs Izumi and spins her around with the Darkness DDT, but she manages to plant her feet mid-rotation and reaches up, pulling him down into a small package from nowhere!

Tex: Oh my!



Thre...Darkness moves, shifting Izumi onto her shoulders instead...

Cain: The counter! The counter!




Darkness rolls free from the inside cradle as his music plays and sits up, his shoulders heaving as he gets his breath back.

Tex: Darkness just reversed that roll up and won this match, but it was not a comfortable victory for the World Champion, not by a long shot.

Banter: What just happened? I think I blinked and missed it...

Izumi lies on the mat, her head buried in her arms. Darkness stands up with agonising slowness and slumps back against the ropes.

Cain: A hard fought win for Darkness, but this is hardly another notch on his belt. Izumi almost had him, right until the end.

Darkness is handed back his belts as Izumi rolls out of the ring and makes herself scarce. He holds the titles up in the air and lets out a bellow of exultation.

Tex: You have to hand it to him, he...

Tex: What's this?

Cain: That's DeSean's music!

Darkness frowns at the stage as DeSean walks out with a microphone in hand.

Tex: At Friction, Darkness was on the receiving end of Hangman's DDT from that man. I wonder if it's wise for DeSean to be out here, potentially angering the man he attacked.

Banter: You think DeSean is scared of Darkness? How many years have you been watching him wrestle now?

Tex: A few, certainly.

"I'd congratulate you on your victory, Darkness, but I'm not sure you really deserve it."

Darkness mouths something at DeSean, then heads to the ropes and beckons for a microphone of his own.

"Yeah," DeSean continues, "looks like you were lucky to squeak out a win there and, that's pretty funny, because that's what I came here to talk to you about."

"You have nothing to say that I could possibly find interesting, Blackwell," Darkness replies, sounding a little breathless after his match.

"Then maybe you shouldn't be running your mouth about me and Matt. I found your little promo at Friction really interesting, because I thought it was pretty weird that you'd say you have nothing to prove to anyone."

"I don't," Darkness growls.

"Really? What is it you called yourself? 'The most dominant force in the history of the sport'? Something like that? Pretty funny, because I just saw you eke out a win against a midcarder and, last week, I saw your team get their asses handed to them by us. And, at Endgame, I saw you nearly getting beaten by the Champion of some two-bit busch league fed whose alleged 'top stars' are jobbers compared to us here in TCW. Oh, and, let's not forget that, last year, I was this close," he holds out a thumb and forefinger, "to ending your legend once and for all."

"Close, Blackwell, but not close enough..."

"Face it, Darkness, an awful lot of your wins are more down to luck than skill. You talk a big game about being the best ever but, when it comes right down to it, you're no Bill Goldberg. You're a punk and you always have been, and I'm tired of you walking 'round this place like you're untouchable."

Darkness shakes his head. "I said I have nothing to prove to you and Strikmore and I meant it. You can say what you want, but these," he holds up the World Titles, "belong to me."

DeSean grins. "I was hoping you'd mention them. See, I've just been talking to Commissioner Stern and Mr. Deng, and they agreed with me."

"Agreed with you about what?"

"That your position is a lot more precarious than you think it is and that our match last year left TCW with more questions than answers. I wonder what would happen if we had a rematch, Darkness?"

"The same thing, but I'm happy to demonstrate if you don't believe me."

"Good, because at Enter the Dragon, you'll be defending your titles against me."

Cain: Whoa! What?

Tex: It looks like DeSean has managed to secure himself a title shot!

Darkness's nostrils flare. "So be it. I'll see you in the ring."

"You certainly will, champ. Make sure you get some sleep between now and then, because you're going to have to do a lot better against me than you did against Izumi tonight – that is, if you really can walk the walk. Catch you later."

DeSean throws his microphone down and walks back through the curtain as his music begins to play again. Darkness keeps looking down at the stage, anger writ large in his expression.

Cain: DeSean will challenge Darkness for the World Titles at Enter the Dragon in a highly anticipated rematch! Will Darkness be able to put his money where his mouth is when it counts?

Tex: I don't know, Cain. I think DeSean may well have bitten off more than he can chew. Against Darkness, regardless of what happened here tonight, he has a mountain to climb and an ocean to swim. Folks, don't miss Enter the Dragon, it's already panning out into a huge show!

Down, boy.

Thu Feb 19, 2009 6:17 am
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