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Post Paradox
Name: Paradox

Real Name: Chris Jefferson

Identity: Known to some

Appearance: Chris Jefferson is a young black male, clean cut looking with a very neat, clean looking beard that he trims on a regular basis. His hair is short and he has dark gray eyes.

In his costume Paradox wears a black mask that covers his face except his eyes which are covered by dark grey goggles which he uses for thermal and night vision. Something like this...
His outfit is all black and is similar to the outfit that Sam Fisher wears in Splinter Cell. minus the body armor. Also replace the gun with a katana sword. He has an utility belt around his waist that holds various weapons such as guns (Glock Semi-Automatic pistols) and combat knives.

In his regular clothes he dresses like a normal 24 year old guy in the appropriate situation. Mostly he dresses casually with an occasional designer suit thrown in when he goes out on the town.

Age: 24

Height: 6'3"

Birthplace: Chicago, IL

  • regeneration/quick healing

  • superhuman strength (on par with Spider-Man), enhance speed/agility, quick reflexes, heightened senses (except eye sight)

  • World Class martial artist

Not much is known about his true origins, Chris grew up as a military brat living a relatively normal life as an youngster. His powers started to manifest when he was 8 years old. He started noticing that he was much faster and a little stronger than his peers.

Around the age of 13 he decided to start fighting crime stopping petty crimes while getting used to his new found powers, using what knowledge he had in martial arts and what his father taught him things were going well until he encountered a much stronger villain. The evil Dark Breed who nearly took Chris' life it was from there that Chris decided to get really serious about his crime fighting. He convinced his parents to enroll him in various martial art programs excelling at various fighting techniques while being personally trained by the some of the best fighters in the world. Around the age of 15, he created a mask and a make shift costume knowing that he was indeed different and his powers seemingly having no origin he chose the name of Paradox.

Soon Paradox became of the talk of Chicago, was he a vigiliante? Or a brave hero? People were split on the transhuman many were calling for his arrest but city officials hardly pursued the transhuman who was essentially doing the dirty work for them. It was also around this time that Chris was offered a job to work for a secret organization called The Watchers.

The offer was simple he goes after who they want him to go after The Transhumans who are real threat to society and in return he gets paid, though a little wary Chris accepted the job. In addition he was appointed leader of The Millennials a group of young Transhumans in their teens fighting crime. It was during this time period that Paradox got his current look.

In addition to all of this Paradox somehow found the time to balance his more normal life of a teenager and his hero persona. He excelled in sports and academics and the fact that he got additional training in football, basketball and track only increased his speed, strength, agility and awareness.

Death of his parents and Paradox leaves Chicago

After graduating from high school with honors, Paradox grew weary The Watchers and their methods, also the Millennials battled the New Order of Chaos, a group of demented Transhumans and regular humans looking to disrupt the balance of the USC and drive the entire world mad. The two groups battled for months, with causalities coming from both sides but the biggest deaths that happened weren't apart of either side. Chris' parents would so be murdered during a battle between the Millennials and the New Order that happened in the middle of the city, the evil Transhuman Shockwave caused a shockwave that caused an Earthquake which collapsed buildings, one of those buildings held Chris' parents who both died as a result. In a fit of rage Paradox killed Shockwave and nearly took out the entire New Order by himself. Bitter Chris blamed The Watchers for not protecting his parents and not doing enough to help The Millennials even going as far as to accuse them of working with The New Order. Upset he left The Millennials because of the damage of the big battle, fear and hatred of Transhumans started to grow.

Chicago government officials used the discontent towards Transhumans as a political maneuver, promising swift justice to Transhumans who were not registered. Knowing that the worse was yet to come, Paradox decided to leave Chicago and moved to New Amsterdam.

Paradox is sarcastic and has a dark sense of humor, he has some one liners that he may throw out but he's more or less a serious character who's outspoken and realistic he's also very confident. He has a moral code that he follows, he doesn't kill unless he really has to. The guns and knives are hardly used and it's the same with the sword.

Outside the costume, Chris is a quiet, soft spoken guy who has a optimistic outlook on life, he still has the confidence but he's pretty humble. Chris is still athletic and likes to work out, he's not afraid to speak his mind on a subject he feels very strongly about like politics and how he feels that Paragon is a puppet for the government. Chris still has a strong sense of morals and would be the type of person to fight for human rights and give to the poor if he has it.

Hero History:
  • Valedictorian in his graduating class and Graduated Magna Cum Laude

  • Former Captain of The Millennials

  • Middle child has an older brother (26) and younger sister (23) they may or may not have powers as well

  • Starting to have nightmares of his past as a child

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