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Twisted Experience and TCW - View topic - Extreme Measures: Freya vs. DeSean Blackwell (Bleeder Title)
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 Extreme Measures: Freya vs. DeSean Blackwell (Bleeder Title) 
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Post Extreme Measures: Freya vs. DeSean Blackwell (Bleeder Title)

Bleeder Rules Match.

DeSean Blackwell has been on the warpath since Endgame, and the NHFC are the guys in his sights. Now it's Freya's turn, and DeSean is more determined than ever to save TCW. But I have a feeling there's a certain young lady who doesn't want to drop her belt just yet...

Down, boy.

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Post Re: Extreme Measures: Freya vs. DeSean Blackwell (Bleeder Title)
She's had a stranglehold on the title for over two years, beating everyone who's challenged for her belt (Clips of Freya pinning various opponents show). Now a new challenger awaits. (Clips of DeSean highlights play including pins on Freya) now the man who's pinned her more than anyone else on the roster, steps up to challenge for her title. DeSean Blackwell, Freya Green Bleeder rules only at Extreme Measures

Valerie looked over the promo clip for DeSean and Freya's match with an intense look on her face, after the last commercial debacle she was hell bent on making sure the promos for the PPV were how she saw fit.

Valerie: It's OK, it could be better. It's too TNA, we're better than that. Shortened the voice over, have DeSean's promos tell the story. Improve the highlights of Freya she does more than just a 720 DDT, the same with DeSean's highlights. Show both clips of them pinning each other and at the end, have the two of them in the middle of the ring heading towards each other and before they lock up, cut to black. I'm not really into the rain background either with them looking intense, it's a little cheesy. Other than that it's fine just make those changes and get it back to me. As the production staff left, Valerie went back to burying herself in her work. Several minutes of silence passed by, she checked out various avenues of which TCW could showcase themselves, she thought about asking Deng to buy some adspacing for billboards. She slowly let out a big yawn and stretched her arms, it's been a long night and it's only going to get longer. Looking at the clock, she thought it would be best to prepare for the long night by buying a energy drink, she walked passed a vending machine on the way to her makeshift office. She walked down the hallway knowing the machine was around the corner and to the right but she heard a faint sound coming from somewhere, it sounded like music. She looked around, the music became clearer, she knew it was coming from the earpieces of someone, she peeked into each of the locker rooms. The first one was empty but the music was getting louder, she poked her head into the other lockerroom.

do you worry that you're not liked
how long till you break
you're happy cause you smile
but how much can you fake
an ordinary boy an ordinary name
but ordinary's just not good enough today

Valerie sighed as she saw DeSean sitting in the corner, iPod in hand, nodding his head with his eyes closed, vibing to the music. She walked over to him and tapped his foot with her own. He looked up at her and took both earpieces out of his ears, the music still softly played in the background.

alone I'm thinking
why superman's dead
is it in my head
we'll just laugh instead
you worry about the weather and
whether or not you should hate

Valerie: I should have know it was you always listening to your music, why are you still here DeSean?

He paused the iPod and placed it in his pocket before responding.

DeSean: Because my place is a shithole, I try to spend as less time as I can in there.

Valerie: You know you can always leave and.....

DeSean: No I can't, I've come to terms that I'm a Communist now and honestly I'm a stubborn bastard, leaving would be conceding, just can't do it....Can't fucking do it.

Valerie: I was going to say that you can always just leave that apartment and move into a new one, those apartments don't have to be your permanent address.

DeSean: I'll take that into uh, consideration.

Valerie looked at DeSean, she could see in his eyes the sadness he was continually trying to hide. She was never good at the whole "sharing of the feelings" in fact, some would say she's a cold-hearted bitch but those people would also be called liars and they're more than likely Satanists if you ask her. Anyway she had an employee who was clearly not happy, they may not have always seen eye to eye but he was a hell of a worker and she couldn't leave him like that.

Valerie: Look um...just hang in there and it'll get better and yea just you know like um...have you thought about getting a hobby? You know like writing in a journal, perhaps blogging, vlogging, twittering, Myspace and Facebook are all the rage, whatever it is you kids do these days.

DeSean: I get it, don't ever become a motivational speaker, OK?

DeSean stood up from his spot dusting himself off, he pulled his iPod out of his pocket and pressed play on it.

Valerie: Well I tried

DeSean: Yea I know and I appreciate that but you're right I have to do something and it won't be writing in a journal.

Valerie: So what are you going to do?

DeSean: Study tapes of Freya.

Valerie: Of course, (too herself) sounds fun, real fun.


Freya walks slowly to her apartment while rubbing her shoulders and stretching her neck, her match against Strikmore was physical albeit respectful. That was until the end of the match when Dante decided that his feud with Strikmore was more important than any truce or show of respect that the rival members had for each other. Then of course DeSean attacking her and as a result allowing his partner to still be attacked, the same person he was trying to protect. She wondered to herself if people in this company ever just stop and think anymore.

Freya: Son of a bitch.

She said to herself while inserting the key to her door.

"More like your mother"

Freya stopped what she was doing and tilted her head to the right, leering her eyes at her future opponent. DeSean stood against the wall, arms folded, with one leg behind him. Freya gives him a look of total contempt and he responds back with the one finger salute before he walks away.

Freya: Jesus Christ! Why do you always do that?

He stopped in his tracks and turned around, a smirk came across his face.

DeSean: Because I know it annoys the hell out of you, if you want I can tell you to fuck off in more creative and imaginative ways but that would require me to actually give a shit about what you think and we both know that I don't.

Freya: So what? You come to my home, wait for me to get here just to flip me off? Seriously DeSean you could have waited to do that in the morning like you usually do. Especially with what you did tonight, what's stopping me from beating your ass?

DeSean: What was stopping from just cracking your skull open with a Singapore Cane, causing you to bleed and then pinning you for the Bleeder title? That is the rule ain't it? I could have easily caused you to bleed, videotape me pinning you and sending it to Deng or Valerie to verify it.

Freya: Cowardly but effective, sounds like something you would do.

DeSean: Not as cowardly as your stablemate getting himself DQed on purpose.

Freya: Like you tried with Izumi?

DeSean: Trust me if I wanted to hit Izumi, I would have connected.

Freya: What do you want DeSean?

DeSean: I want your title.

Freya: Not going to happen, not tonight or at Extreme Measures.

DeSean: I also want you and your buddies gone away from TCW.

Freya: Also not going to happen.

DeSean: Then we're at a standstill it seems, neither one of us are going to budge and we're not going to compromise. So that means we'll just have to continue our little war.

DeSean turned and began to walk away again but Freya called out to him.

Freya: DeSean wait!

He stops but doesn't turn around.

Freya: Have you ever thought that maybe just maybe I'm not the bad guy? I was trying to stop Dante from attacking your partner.

DeSean: Freya I've seen how you and your buddies treat your so called friends, tell Hawthorne I said hello.

DeSean walked away from Freya who just rolled her eyes and entered her room. It was weird how two people who are opposites in every way could be an effective tag team but somehow Strikmore and DeSean pulled it off. They're only similarities were their build and wrestling style but even their wrestling styles were somewhat different. DeSean likes to take to the air more than Matt does, Matt was also respectful or at least respectful to her when he had every reason not to be, while DeSean holds her in contempt. Then again she and DeSean always had history something she and Matt didn't have. Before the move to China, the government investigation, before Infinity, before the New Hellfire Club. Their history dates back 4 years ago when they relative newcomers to TCW just two rookies looking to capture the Aftershock title and make a name for themselves. DeSean pinned her and eliminated her in the Thunderdome electrified cage match and since then they've crossed paths on more than one occasion with DeSean getting the better of her all but one time. The good news is that she managed to pin him which means she could beat him. She just has to figure what she did in that match that she didn't do in their other matches. That means a lot of DVD watching for her and a lot of coffee.

"It's going to be a long night"

She thought to herself, yea a long night indeed.


*The next day*

"OK DeSean, you can do this. It can't be that hard. Just walk into her room and say hello, you don't even have to make it look like you're there for her. Oh God, that's an asshole thing to do. Ok you're there to visit her, yea good. But why didn't you visit her earlier when you first heard about the accident? I should have done this a long time ago."

These are the thoughts swirling around in his head like chocolate syrup being squeezed out of a Hershey's bottle. As he stands and paces outside of the hospital room that Jun should just call her home now. She's been in there for two months, two long months that he should have just came by just to say hello and see how was she getting along. Some would ask why he even cares, in essence she is just a stranger, a chick he just met by chance on a bus. To be honest he didn't know the answer himself, his only rationalization is that well they were meant to meet each other and it's the way God intended. Funny considering that he's not the most religious guy in the world, yea he's a Christian but how often does he even apply the teachings that were taught to him? Yet his explanation makes perfect sense, the way things happened to both of them just seem too much of a coincidence. A random sequence events that led to that conclusion it was way too neat, too clean for him. He couldn't just leave well enough alone just like he told Stern last night, he was a stubborn bastard if he's lucky Jun won't even remember their meeting but he won't be lucky. He'll have to tell her that everything will be OK, reassure her that she's a strong woman.

"Just stay positive, keep up a happy facade"

He reminded himself that it wasn't about him anymore, it was about June.

"I can do this, I feel like shit but I can do this."

He composed himself, he didn't know what he was going to say. He sucked in these situations especially with the way he was feeling now and has been feeling since he's been in China.'

"Fuck it, I'm doing this"

He figured he would just wing it, that's what he was good at that, he did it on camera all the time, some of his best promos were improvisations. He slowly opened the door and peeked his head inside. Jun who was watching TV, turns her head at him. He notices that she has all 10 of her fingers and her facial scars were healing nicely. She smiles at him with a welcoming look on her face.

Jun: DeSean! Come in, come in.

He steps inside but doesn't say anything, he opens his mouth but struggles to find the right words sensing that something was obviously wrong, she just nodded her head in a manner to him that showed that she understood, she reached out her arms, he knelt down beside her and hugged her.

Jun: It'll be OK DeSean, it'll be OK.

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Post Re: Extreme Measures: Freya vs. DeSean Blackwell (Bleeder Title)
"Hey, what's the matter?"

DeSean pulled out of the hug.

"I'm sorry. I just..."

"Jun smiled. "It's alright. You're lucky you caught me. I'm leaving this afternoon."

"You're leaving? But you're still all.." He gestured towards the scars on her face. "Is this about money? Because I'll pay if that’s the issue."

Jun laughed. "You'll pay for me to stay in here? Sounds like someone has a guilty conscience." She smiled but DeSean didn't return it. "So what did bring you to see me?"

DeSean produced 'The Art of War'. "I was just bringing this back."

"Thanks." Jun took the book and placed it on her lap and folded her hands over it. "Is that all?"

No. I wanted to see you. I wanted to speak to someone who was my own, not part of TCW. I had to make sure that you were fine because I got you involved in my world. He couldn't say it though.


"I just wanted to say 'hi'. And seeing as you're getting out of here tonight, do you fancy going for a drink? Just as friends." He added quickly.

"I don't know." She ran a finger over a scar on her forehead.

"We don't have to go out. You could come to mine. I'll even cook." Even DeSean could hear the desperation in his voice.

Jun considered it. "You'll cook me something American?"

DeSean shrugged. "Sure."

"I'm in." Jun gave him a big smile.


"Wow, this is really where your bosses put you?" Jun followed DeSean up the stairs to the floor his apartment was on.

"I can move out if I want."

"So why don't you?"

DeSean shrugged. "Because I have a place here."

Jun laughed, which caused DeSean to laugh too. There were footsteps from around the bend in the stair well and humming. DeSean groaned inwardly. There was one person who he really didn't want to appear right now and he knew she was about to come around the corner.

The humming stopped and Freya stood at the top of the stairs.

"Hi." DeSean really wanted Freya to leave as fast as possible. He didn't need this in front of Jun.

"Hi." Freya gave him a quizzical look before starting down the steps to pass him.

"Hi." Jun stepped out from behind DeSean.

Freya looked at DeSean. A large toothy grin appeared on her face. "Hi," she said, extending a hand to Jun. "I'm Freya."

"I know. I'm Jun."

Freya saw the scars that criss-crossed the girl's face. Jun noticed her looking and self-consciously moved her hair.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare," Freya flustered.

"You were just looking at your friends' handy work."

Freya and Jun stared at DeSean.

"Darkness didn't do this." Freya said slowly.

"No, but he may as well have. Those fans of his..."

"Attacked me and Matt just the other day," she interrupted. "They're nothing to do with him. You think he'd let them attack a friend?"

"I dunno. Why don't we ask Hawthorne?"

Freya's face hardened. "What is that supposed to mean?"

"You know what I mean."

"Darkness didn't do anything to Stephen."

"So who did? He was definitely attacked and we know Darkness wasn't his biggest fan."

"I dunno. Maybe you did it. Was he getting too friendly with Matt? Pushing you out? Bringing something you didn't like to the group? Everyone saw what you did to Izumi. I wouldn't doubt anyone would put it past you to take out Stephen."
The pair seemed to have forgotten about Jun, too busy staring daggers at each other.

"Eh hem."

Freya blinked first. She stepped down the stairs past DeSean without turning her back to him. "Nice to meet you," she said to Jun. She gave DeSean one final look before disappearing down the stairs and out of sight.

DeSean and Jun walked to his apartment in silence. The first thing he did when he walked though the door was to stamp across the room to the window and draw the curtains.

"Why are you doing that?"

"Freya's apartment is directly opposite and I've had my fill of her today."

"She seemed... alright."

DeSean turned and face Jun. "And that’s exactly what's wrong with her. She's the worst of that New Hellfire bunch. She's sneaky. The others you can tell are strange, but she seems nice. Hawthorne knew it and was on his way to join me and Matt before he was mysteriously injured."

"You think she did it?"

"It wouldn't be the first time she'd made some one leave the fed because of an injury. She took out Kermit right in the middle of a show!"


"Anyway," DeSean stepped into the small kitchen area and opened the fridge. "Do you fancy a beer?"


Jun walked down the corridor, the fluorescent lights flickering ominously. DeSean had offered to walk her down to the waiting taxi but she'd reminded him that she was a big girl who could walk around and not get attacked most of the time.

She counted the doors and tentatively knocked on the one she thought she wanted. It eventually swung inwards and Freya stood in the gap.

"June, right?"

"Jun. I'm sorry to bother you but I wanted to ask you something. I'm a student and wondered if you'd do an interview for our student radio station, on the wrestling business, leaving America and things."

Freya shifted uncomfortably. "I'm not sure. I'm not a great public speaker, I'm sure DeSean will tell you all about that. I've actually sort of been banned from that sort of thing, and I don't really want to go piss off another government."

"It'll be fine, it's just a small station."

"I'm sorry." Freya started to close the door.

"DeSean was right." It hadn’t been loud, but loud enough.


"DeSean said you wouldn't do it." She held her breath hoping the reverse psychology would work.

Freya raised an eyebrow and sniffed. "Really?"


"Alright. Give me a time and place and I'll be there." Jun pulled pen and paper from her bag, scribbled down the address and time before hurrying to her taxi.

- Updated 25th July

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Post Re: Extreme Measures: Freya vs. DeSean Blackwell (Bleeder Title)
Freya sat inside a small waiting room surrounded by a bunch of small offices in front of her was circular desk that housed a secretary who never spoke a word at Freya but would randomly smile at Freya while she answered phone calls, filed papers and spoke to her co-workers in their native language. Periodically Freya would look down at her watch and by periodically it was every 10 seconds, too bad she never had the power to manipulate time or master the time space continuum. She looked around for a magazine or newspaper but they were all in Chinese. She thought to herself why they didn't carry any English publications before realizing that she was becoming THAT person. The only thing she could really do was sit and wait think about her match against DeSean, looking down at her lap she eyed the Bleeder title, her Bleeder title. She's held it for 3 years she practically owned it, hell her name should have been engraved on it. She was so use to it being by her side she never thought about what would actually happen if she lost it, then again she didn't really want to nor should she be having those thoughts before a title defense with a man she's struggled against in the past. He was beatable obviously, he's lost his fair share of matches and most of the time it wasn't because he was the less talented wrestler. DeSean's confidence issues were well known backstage, the problem is that he's more determined than ever to get that title off of her. She had to figure out a way to get inside his head and seeing how much of a hothead he is, it shouldn't be too hard. Before her thoughts began to wander in that direction they were interrupted.

"Hey Freya, you're up" Jun motioned for Freya to enter the studio. Freya stood up and was greeted by a warm smile from Jun who thanked her for coming in and grating the interview.

Jun: Just sit down and relax. I won't be conducting the interview though.

Freya: You're not?

Freya asked with a concerned look on her face.

Jun: Not exactly, I'm really the only one who's capable of speaking good English, so I'll translate the questions and answers.

Freya: OK, that makes sense.

A vibration could be heard in Jun's pocket, she slightly lifted up the bottom of her shirt to take a look at the caller ID, she popped her lips and let her shirt back down ignoring the call.

Freya: Do you want to answer that before you know, we get started?

Jun: It's just DeSean, I'll answer it later.

Freya: Are you sure this is OK? This won't cause any problems between the two of you will it?

Jun: I assure you it's fine but if you're uncomfortable you can always back out, we'll understand. You're afraid that...

Freya: I'm not afraid of him.

Jun: I didn't mean it in that way.

Freya: Let's get started

A small smile formed on Jun's face, she was the master of reverse psychology it seemed.

Jun: Let's say we do.

Jun spoke to her classmate in Chinese, the only word Freya caught in their conversation was her name and TCW. Jun's clasmate then spoke into the mic, Freya guessed it was about the interview. He turned at Freya and started speaking to her smiling the whole time. Freya slowly nodded her head up and down smiling back while not understanding a word he was saying. When he finished talking, Jun quickly translated.

Jun: Freya welcome to the show, just start off by telling the listeners a little bit of your background and how you came into the business.

Freya: Well I....


Across town DeSean sat in a diner, he dialed Jun's number one more time, it rang twice then went straight to her voicemail. Shrugging his shoulders and admitting defeat, he decided to leave a message.

DeSean: Hey Jun, it's DeSean, just call me back later. I was wondering if you wanted to go out somewhere tonight? I haven't been to club here yet and I know you know some of the spots so just hit me back.

"At least you're meeting new people."

The voice across from him told him.

DeSean: Yea Deng, one chick counts as 2 people now.

Deng: That's Mr. Deng

DeSean: Yea I know, Mr. Deng. Don't worry I still respect you...Bookerman.

Deng: Bookerman?

DeSean: It's a joke, you know. Brian Pillman, Kevin Sullivan?

The blank expression on Deng's face showed DeSean that Deng had know idea what he was talking about. He thought to himself why the hell do people who have hardly any experience in wrestling or don't really give a shit about wrestling continue to invest into promotions? With TCW in hot water with the government, the asking price couldn't have been too high then again he probably just answered his own question. If he had a couple of million to spare would he invest much less buy a company that was being investigated by the Federal Government?

DeSean: Ok you don't who they are.

Deng: I ask to this qustion DeSean, what is it that you want? You invited me out for lunch.

DeSean: I don't think we've ever really gotten the chance to just talk, you know? About things, I want us to have a good relationship.

Deng: And likewise, DeSean. What is it that you want to talk about?

DeSean: Anything really, like I dunno. Let's say a wrestler just wants to leave and visit his family.

Deng rolled his eyes, he knew where this was going.

Deng: Okay?

DeSean: Let's say for an example and I'm just picking an name by random, Jason Dante wants to go see his family in the United States and...

Deng: You want to go to North Carolina to see your family, that's where we're getting at? Look Dante is a special circumstance and he knows the risk he's taking by going back to the States. This isn't a prison though, so if you want to take that risk, I can't stop you.

DeSean: Relax Deng, I don't want to see my family.

Deng: You don't?

Deng asked with a perplexed look on his face.

DeSean: Of course I do but not like that. You're right I can't take the risk. I'm content with being on FBI's Top Ten most wanted but I can't put my family there. I'm not a selfish prick like Jason Dante and his buddies are.

Deng: So why even bring that up?

DeSean: I'm just busting your balls, curious to see what you're going to say.

Deng: I know you're not happy here DeSean, that's no secret. This city has a lot of entertainment and you don't have to look to hard to find it.

DeSean: I can't really party by myself.

Deng: May I suggest you find a hobby then?

DeSean: That has to be the 100th time I've heard that, what the hell do people mean when they say that? I should start collecting bottle caps or some shit? Fill out crossword puzzles? What fucking hobby could I possible find that would occupy my entire time here?

Deng: What about a journal?

DeSean: Ok, journal entry #1. Dear Journal, today I went to the arena and cut some promos, then I sat in on the production meeting. It was an OK meeting, I wonder if Jessica that pretty assistant has a crush on me? That would be swell if she did, after the production meeting I sat my black ass here in the apartment slowly killing myself with boredom in this shithole.

Deng: Ok DeSean, I get it.

Neither one said a word after that DeSean took a giant sip of his soda making a swirling noise through his straw while Deng casually ate some of his hibachi chicken. Trying to end the pain of the current akward moment, DeSean grabbed his beat up cell phone again, he really missed his Blackberry. He started to dial June's number again but stopped. A nearby radio sat on the counter in the diner, he wasn't really paying attention to it before but now it was coming in really clear.

"So tell us about your upcoming match with DeSean?"

Freya: Well it's for the Bleeder title, the belt that's in my possession now. He wants this belt and I'm not going to let him have it.

DeSean: That's Freya's voice.

Deng: What?

DeSean: That's Freya doing the interview.

Deng: She wasn't authorized to do an interview.

DeSean: Well maybe she didn't get the memo.

"So why do you and DeSean not like each other? Just on the outside looking in this seems to be more personal than professional. Would anyone be wrong if they thought that?

DeSean: That's Jun, asking her the questions. Why the hell is Jun interviewing her?

Deng: Maybe that's why she's not answering her phone.

DeSean ignored Deng and concentrated on the interview.

Freya: I can't really explain it, except that we don't get along. Since the day we met, when I stepped foot in TCW we've been on opposite sides one way or another. A lot of it stems from the Infinity feud, I think he's still bitter over that. Some of it is his anger over the current situation, he blames me and Darkness and Dante. But before that we didn't like each other, I don't know if it was really personal like it is now but we never really liked each other.

DeSean: How far is BNU from here?

Deng: Probably a half hour.

DeSean: I wouldn't make it there before the interview ends but I could call in.

Deng: You could

DeSean: What you're not going to try and stop me?

Deng: I would advise that you shouldn't but you are anyway and we need the publicity so.

DeSean: So it would be bullshit? Ok well I'm about to make a phone call.

DeSean stood up from the booth. he dialed a number and brought the phone to his ear as he walked outside. Deng noticed that DeSean continued walking down the street.

Deng: I guess I'll be footing the bill.


Jun: Right now we're going to take some phone calls from some of the listeners.

Freya: Ok sounds good.

"This doesn't seem so bad" Freya thought to herself. The interview went by smoothly and the questions from the callers shouldn't be so bad, a couple of softball answers to some softball questions and she should be done soon.

Jun: Here's the first caller.

The radio host said something in Chinese, Freya assumed that it was the host telling the caller they were on but there wasn't an response from the caller. Jun then chimed in first speaking Chinese then asking the caller if they were there in English before they hung up, there was finally a response.


Jun: He's American, I'll take this one.

Jun told her classmate in Chinese, he nodded and slid over. Subconsciously she slid her hair over her scars as if the caller on the other end could see her face, something that Freya noticed.

Jun: Caller you're on the air, what's your question for Freya Green?

Yea I just wanted to say first that I love the show and my question to Freya is that is she prepared to lose to DeSean at Extreme Measures? Which is definitely going to happen."

Freya: Shit, it's DeSean.

Jun mouthed the words "is it him?" to Freya who responded back with an annoyed look on her face which was enough for Jun to know it was indeed DeSean who was on the other line.

[i]Yea it's me Freya. I had to clear up somethings from your little interview.

Freya: Oh really like what? I believe everything that I said was truthful.

Well I can believe the world is flat but it wouldn't make it true wouldn't it?

Freya: No it wouldn't so what is that you believe DeSean? Why don't you enlighten the world on why we hate each other.

Well you say I'm bitter but bitter makes it sound so trivial, let's face facts. My friends are all gone because of you and your buddies. I'm alone with the exception of Matt of course.

Freya: You fail to mention that Infinity started the stable war not the New Hellfire Club. You guys started it, we finished it.

Oh but Freya that's where you're wrong. You guys created the New Hellfire Club just to stop us and then takeover TCW yourselves. The problem was that you selfish bastards weren't happy with the idea of playing second fiddle and I bet my ass right now. If we took a poll with the TCW fans a lot of them would say that TCW would have been better off with Infinity running things now a bunch of gothic freaks like yourselves.

Freya: Gothic freaks I like that, you're going to call us Emo next. Even though you're the biggest whiner on the roster.

Whiner? Wow, look at those great mic skills on display by the current Bleeder champion. You'll lose the current tag soon though.

Freya: Wow you sound sure about that DeSean, like you're guaranteed to win.

Well I have defeated you several times, so I like my chances."

Freya: And I've beaten you before so I like my chances too.

Oh please, you beat me one time and at the time I was going through a nasty break-up. My head wasn't all there.

Freya: Tiffany please don't get him started on her. Whatever you do Jun don't ask about Tiffany at all.

Whatever you do Jun don't ask about Hawthorne, you'll end up being laid out somewhere like he was backstage. Just admit you and your buddies laid him out after he got some sense talked into him.

Freya: I think you did it DeSean, just admit it. You're an egomaniac, you attacked him to put the blame on us even if it meant a 2 on 1 handicap match, putting you at a disadvantage. It didn't matter because you're so full of yourself that you believed you would win anyway.

Yea that makes perfect sense, I'm in a blood feud with a stable. We gain an ally that puts us an advantage, I'm focused on getting rid of my enemies but I attack a newly gained ally. Makes perfect sense dumbass.

Freya: You know what the reason why we don't get along, is because you're an asshole. The first day we met, I knew you were an asshole. Even without Infinity, the New Hellfire Club, MacDonald we would still hate each other because you're bitter, jealous asshole.

Well this bitter, jealous asshole is going to take your title so how you like them apples?.

DeSean angrily brought the phone to his face almost like he was holding a microphone.

Fuck you!

He hung up while Freya simultaneously took her headset off.

Freya: Sorry Jun, it shouldn't have gotten that far. I apologize.

Jun: Luckily most of our listeners don't speak English and I cut to a commercial a long time ago.

Freya: Great well that's something I can tell Valerie and Deng who I'm sure going to give me a chewing out.

Jun: Did you really mean what you said about him being a bitter asshole?

Freya didn't immediately respond to Jun's question, she first gathered things and headed towards the door before turning back around with a straight look on her face to answer.

Freya: Yea I did

Freya left the studio with a small smirk on her face.

Back at his apartment the young TCW superstar sits in front of a cheap laptop that he recently bought in a street market, it's a piece of crap but until his gets in from the states. it'll have to do.

"Bitter asshole" he thought to himself.

"I'm not bitter, asshole? Maybe but bitter no. She's just trying to get into my head but when has Freya ever played mind games? Fuck her, I'm not falling for it."

He grabbed a nearby waterfall globe and flipped it upside down, the bubbles formed a small geyser that would shoot up towards the top forming rose colored bubbles that would wall down the makeshift staircase. A company handed them out in a job fair that he went to when he was still in high school, how and why he still kept it, he had no idea. It ended up being a neat little fancy desktop item so he was glad that he did indeed keep it. There was a knock on the door, he flipped the globe over one more time before standing up and opening the door not, strangely not even checking who was on the other side.

DeSean: Oh hey, you can come in.

Jun walked inside dropping her purse on the sofa.

Jun: How are you doing?

DeSean: I'm fine, I'm better than fine actually, I'm doing great. Why would I be upset?

Jun: Well because of what happened today.

DeSean: That's just the business we're in. I just want to know one thing, why did you ask Freya for an interview but not me?

Jun: Well...she's hot you know? I don't think she's into girls but it doesn't hurt to try.

DeSean eyes widened at the sudden revelation, he looked at Jun and tilted his head to the side as if he could tell just by looking at her that way. Jun started laughing at him.

Jun: I'm joking, I'm not a lesbian.

DeSean: Heheha, ok you got me. Still why?

Jun: I don't know, I just didn't. I would have asked you eventually but I guess I didn't want to bother you. I didn't think I needed permission to ask you.

DeSean: It's not that, I was just curious. Shit I ruined your interview, I shouldn't have called in, I'm sorry.

Jun: It's ok, we both made mistakes and we have to learn from our mistakes.

DeSean walked over to his desk and flipped the globe over again.

Jun: Cool stress reliever you have there.

DeSean: Excuse me?

Jun: That thing you have there.

DeSean: The waterfall globe?

Jun: Yea, well I wouldn't call it a globe, a globe is normally round. That's rectangular shaped.

DeSean: It's still a globe and it's not a stress reliever.

Jun: Yea it is, how many times have you flipped that over today?

DeSean: I don't know, a couple of times.

Jun: Because you're stressed and it's cool if you are, you're in a stressful environment. It sucks, I know, I've been there before.

DeSean: How did you get over it?

Jun: I just dealt with it, I am a Buddhist it's what we do.

DeSean: Yea the whole karma deal right?

Jun: Something like that but it's not the karma you're thinking of. But it's not even that, at first I was feeling sorry for myself but I realized what happened to the other victims then I started realized that what happened to me wasn't so bad. Don't get me wrong, I was upset, I was pissed off, I hated the people who attacked me but I can't hate them forever. I can't kill them, I can't even attack them if I wanted to.

DeSean: In Christianity we would call that divine intervention, a miracle. That it was in God's will that you got away and survived everything that you went through. Others would think why did God allow this to happen to me but some other people are so faithful that they're not worried, that if it was the Lord's will they'll be OK. I hate it here Jun but you're strength has showed me that I can get through this. I just need to find something to do, I'm so bored here.

Jun: You're in Beijing, I'm going to have to give you a tour and you're going to have to find a....

DeSean: Yea I know a hobby.

DeSean said with an attitude but Jun apparently didn't catch it as she kept going.

Jun: Exactly We met each other for reason whether it was God's will or some other phenomena. We were placed each other's lives. Let's say we find out why?

Jun held out her hand and DeSean shook it and then hugged her, catching Jun off guard.

Jun: I'll have to get use to the American way of greeting.

DeSean: Yea sorry, it's a habit. How about tomorrow then? I'm pretty beat tonight.

Jun: Ok that's fine, we'll meet up tomorrow.

DeSean showed Jun the door, he watched her to walk down the hallway and around the corner. She always insisted on walking alone, he never got that at all. He went towards his window and watched as she stepped inside a cab. He went to his room and into his dresser, pulling out the dresser drawer out. He looked inside his underwear drawer, moving clothes around and pulled out a small green notebook, he reached inside his pocket and pulled out a small ballpoint pen.

"I'm getting an hobby" he thought to himself as he exhaled. He sat on the bed and with pen in hand and the notebook on his lap, he started writing.

Journal entry #1

Date June 18, 2009.

Dear Journal......

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Post Re: Extreme Measures: Freya vs. DeSean Blackwell (Bleeder Title)
"Mr. Deng?" Freya knocked on the slightly opened door before stepping into the office.

"Come in, Freya." Deng was sitting behind his desk in front of a window that gave a view of the city. "Please take a seat." He gestured to the chair opposite him. The office was more luxurious than any that Ms. Stern had used, and had a definite air of permanency that hers couldn't have, for obvious reasons.

"You wanted to see me?" Freya asked, sitting.

"I know. I must tell you Ms .Green..."

"It's Freya. Just Freya." she interrupted.

"Freya," he continued, "I find you much more... pliable... than your team mates."

"Thanks," she said, not 100% sure what he meant, but not liking it too much.

"I just wanted to talk to you about that interview. The one that was not TCW organised or approved."

"Oh. Well, you see, DeSean's friend is a student at the university, and she asked if I'd come and talk about the wrestling business, being a woman in what is a very male dominated work place and that sort of thing. I didn't think it'd be too much of a problem, it was just a university radio station."

"And now thanks to you the downloaded version is really taking off."

"Thanks to me? What did I do? DeSean was the one that rang in. He couldn't cope that I was asked and he wasn't."

"DeSean did have a part to play, I know, but I believe you knew that this would... aggravate... things between the two you."

Freya shook her head. "Jun said he was okay with it."

Deng pursed his lips. "Jun is the friend?"


"All right. Well, I suppose a bit of aggravation before a match was never bad for business."

"No, sir." Freya got up from her seat.

"Next time just do not do anything like that without receiving permission from myself or Ms. Stern."

"Yes, sir."

Deng raised an eyebrow. "From what Ms. Stern says, you are not a 'yes sir' person. I do not need trouble from you, I have enough from your friend the World Champion. You can be removed with a lot less trouble."

"I just thought this was a fresh start. I like my job. Ms. Stern and I had... a personality clash I guess."

"Just like you and DeSean?"

Freya shrugged. "I guess. I've never worked it out."

"Well, you can go. But try and stay out of trouble with DeSean before the match. I know leaving the United States has been hard on all of you and I think a bit more harmony in the roster would make life easier for everyone."

Freya nodded before leaving the office. A bit of peace and harmony would be nice, but that was difficult if part of the roster was trying to run another part out.


DeSean sat in his apartment. He had his journal open on his lap but there's only so much you can write in it. He'd made a little basket ball hoop over a laundry bin and was half heartedly throwing balled up socks in it. After a while even this failed to keep him entertained and he stood up and stretched. The apartment was small and he was starting to feel claustrophobic. He moved to the window and opened the curtains he tended to keep shut so he didn't have to look at Freya. He pushed the window open the small amount it would allow to let in some fresh air. Down on the small grassy patch of the internal courtyard was Freya and some other people he didn't recognise. She seemed a lot smaller than the other people. They seemed to be playing some sort of game. Soccer. He could see the goals marked out with bits of clothing. He watched for a moment. Freya moved to score a goal but a man ran over and picked her up. There was shouting and laughing which made it's way up to his window.

He was about to turn way and find something else to do when he saw another small figure ran up to the one that had picked up Freya, someone he recognised. Jun. Another man then picked up Jun. Desean didn't wait to see what was going on: he ran from his apartment, down the stairs, taking them two at a time and out into the grassy area.

"Let go of her, you bastard!" DeSean shouted as he ran up to the man that had Jun.

"Wha..." the man started to say but was cut off when DeSean punched him.

"DeSean!" Jun cried as she was hastily dropped.

"What's going on?" Freya demanded, now on the ground herself.

DeSean looked over at Freya, and at Jun standing in front of him. Then at the man who he'd hit who was being helped to his feet buy another man that looked very similar. Both had long, shaggy black hair and there was something strange about their faces he couldn't put his finger on.

"I.. I thought..."

"You'd ruin our game of football?" Freya crossed her arms in front of her.

"I thought you were being attacked," he said to Jun, ignoring Freya.

"We were just playing a game."

DeSean looked up at the two stranger but they had moved away and were picking up the 'goals'.

"Why were you playing with these people?" DeSean said in a low voice.

Jun turned to Freya, "Thanks for letting me play, it's an interesting game."

Freya scowled after Desean as Jun led him away.

"That was really rude," she said. "I was coming to see you and they were playing football. Freya was outnumbered and she asked if I'd help."

"Right. So you weren't there to ask her to do another interview?"

"Is that still bothering you? I would have asked you but she has a different perspective."

"Right, right."

"I'm sorry, DeSean. But this was important to me."

"Okay. Fine." He looked at her. "It is fine. I'm sorry. I've just been cooped up so long. I just want you to be safe, and that doesn't include hanging out with Freya and her gang."

"I'm sorry. Look, why don't I show you a bit of the city, give you some where to get out to? Away from the apartment..."

DeSean smiled at her. "That would be good."


"So what was that about?" Huon had an ice pack pressed against his face.

"You two were committing horrible fouls and DeSean didn't like it?" Freya received a withering scowl from the injured werewolf. "I don't know. He just doesn't like me."

"That wasn't about you." Hruod walked over to his twin, two beers in hand. He handed one to Huon and slumped in a chair.

"And where's mine?" Freya asked.

Hruod shrugged. "That was about his mate."

"I think they're just friends." Freya said, going over to the tiny kitchen and digging a beer out of the fridge.

"Yeah, whatever."

There was a moment's silence as beers were sipped.

"Maybe that's why he doesn't like me... well, likes me less."

"No. The reason he doesn't like you is because in that monkey brain somewhere deep down, something is screaming 'predator'. He doesn't know why he doesn't like you, but you're going to have to live with it."

Freya sipped her beer again. "Did you just make that up or do you think it's true?"

"It's true. But I did come up with it." Hruod looked smug.

"No you didn't. Tilpin did. She was explaining to Rev why people looked at her funny." Huon said from the couch, beer now held against his eye.

"You traitor!" Hruod said, launching himself at his brother. Freya managed to step back before the couch toppled over and havoc was wreaked upon her flat.

- Updated 25th July

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Post Re: Extreme Measures: Freya vs. DeSean Blackwell (Bleeder Title)
"There's somethings you need to know about Beijing" Jun told DeSean as they rode on a rail train to God knows where. They sat side by side just close enough to not have their thighs touching each other, DeSean sat hunched over with his hands interlocking while Jun sat back in her seat, hands behind her head. She wore her hair down to her shoulders while her bangs were long enough to cover the scars on her forehead.

"Like what?" he asked her while the train sped across the tracks, the Beijing skyline looking as if it's was having trouble keeping up with the railway, each building hopelessly lagging behind.

"Traffic sucks here, the best way to get around is by using this railway and hopping on the expressways in between the ring roads."

"The what?" he asked her.

"Ring roads....it's complicated. Right now we would be on the 2nd ring road which leads to Central Beijing." Jun told him as the railway made a complete stop. Following her lead, DeSean didn't move from his seat. As Jun ignored the other passengers and the train moved on.

DeSean: "So when in doubt think 2nd ring?"

Jun: "I guess you could say that."

DeSean: I have to ask. Where exactly are we going?

Jun: The Forbidden City

DeSean: Why is it called the Forbidden City?

Jun: Because no one was allowed to leave or enter without the Emperor's permission.

DeSean: Makes sense, what's in the Forbidden City?

Jun: The Palace Museum

DeSean: What's the Palace Museum?

Jun: A museum

Jun told him visibly annoyed but has a smile on her face, she started to chuckle at the obvious dumb question while DeSean laughed alongside her.

DeSean: OK I'll admit that was a stupid question.

Jun: I'm sorry, it wasn't a stupid question...

(Both at the same time): It was pretty stupid.

DeSean: I know I've told you this before Jun but I'm sorry. For today, really everything.

Jun: I understand

DeSean: Ever since that fight with the Darklings I've been on edge lately, I've been blaming myself for what happened to you. If TCW wasn't here the Darklings wouldn't be here. I know they wouldn't it, you and others have had to pay the price for our sins and I apologize for that.

Jun: No need to apologize, it wasn't your fault but if it makes you feel better, I accept your apology.

DeSean: Thanks, I want to add too that you're a grown woman. It's unfair to me to try and dictate who you're friends are, if you want to hang out Freya and her people then go ahead. I have to realize that you're not a wrestler and I'm putting you in the middle of something that you shouldn't be apart of.

Jun: OK, I'll take that into consideration.

There was silence as they both sat deep in thought, DeSean looked around the train at the other passengers. Talk about being the elephant in the room, he never felt so out of place in his entire place and he thought he was a pretty open minded person.

Jun: Jeez, could you be so obvious?

Jun asked him as if she was reading his mind.

Jun: You're different, so what? You're bringing attention to yourself by bringing attention to yourself? You understand?

DeSean: Yea but it's different for me. I'm obviously different from everyone else, this has never bothered me before. I've always marched to a different beat from everyone else, than the rest of my peers. Do you know the number of times I've been called a sell-out? Or white boy? Because the type of music I listened to or the way I spoke or the people I hung out with? The fact that most racist bullshit I never really had to experience. That never bothered me though but this is different.

Jun: Let me make something clear, OK you're black but most people here see you as an American. Not a African-American but an American. You want to know something else?'

DeSean: What?

Jun: I'm different too

Jun leaned towards DeSean like a little kid who was about to unleash a big secret though it was never really big or even sometimes a secret.

Jun: I'm Manchu

DeSean: Get out of here

DeSean sarcastically feigned surprised which Jun saw right through.

Jun: It may not be a big deal to you. I wouldn't be surprised if you thought we were all just the same. Most people think that but this city's population is 96% Han, trust me I got hell for being a Manchu when I was a kid even thought about just lying and saying I was an Han but I was told to be proud of being Manchu. So unlike others, I never lied about being Manchu.

DeSean: So we're both minorities? At least we have that in common.

Jun: I'm sure we have more things in common.

DeSean: I don't know it seems like we're totally different people so far. You're always so peaceful, I wish I could be as forgiving and peaceful as you can.

Jun: It's not like you're a violent person DeSean, you're not running around just randomly attacking people or well innocent people. You should just relax sometime that's all. Not everyone is out to get you, remember what I told you?

DeSean: Yea, yea, yea I know, Get a hobby. I have one trust me.

Jun: Good

They both became quiet again, Jun could see the Forbidden City in the horizon. She heard DeSean whispering to himself, that he had to beat her. No doubt thinking about his match.

Jun: Why don't you and Freya get along?

DeSean: We just don't, our personalities don't mesh well.

Jun: Yet I get along with both of you.

DeSean: You're the type of person who would get along with everyone Jun, the biggest asshole in the world would be nice to you.

Jun: I see you'll have to get to know me more. Anyway, what's your game plan against Freya?

DeSean: Beat her ass then pin her.

Jun: And you expect to win that match?

DeSean: Well there's not too much to a Bleeder rules match, there are no rules. Freya has lost matches under those rules, she just wasn't Bleeding so she kept her title. Making her bleed is my biggest priority.

Jun: So you're going to go in, rush her and go from there? She's probably expecting that.

DeSean: I know but I don't really care. I'm going to kick her ass.

Jun: You probably will (to herself) and she'll still beat you.

DeSean: What did you say?

Jun: Nothing

DeSean: You think I'm going to lose don't you?

Jun: If you follow your current strategy? Yes I do. You're focusing your hatred on her instead of winning the match. Try going in slow, surprise her. Don't let your anger cloud your judgement, channel your anger, focus it on the task at hand but don't let it take over you. What happens if you beat Freya? You're the Bleeder champion but it's not going to bring you back home. You know what I mean?

DeSean nodded his head but didn't say anything, Jun's advice was sound it started occurring to him that maybe he was right earlier that she was placed in his life for a reason. God saw fit that they met, she was like this guide that was keeping him on the straight and narrow. If things remained the way they were with her by his side then China won't be so bad. The train finally stopped, Jun began to stand up along with the rest of the passengers.

Jun: This is our stop, we'll have to walk the rest of the way but it's not far.

He stood up alongside her, following her lead he left the train.


Freya sat in her flat, Hruod and Huon fought themselves to sleep on the floor in front of her. She quietly laid a blanket on top of them while she watched TV with the volume on low just loud enough for her to hear which due to her senses meant the TV could almost be on mute and she could hear it. She channel surfed until an episode of TCW's Mojakked caught her eye on the screen was DeSean who was backstage, the premise was that he watched her beat some jobber in the ring. She wasn't even sure who the jobber was nor did she know that DeSean was cutting a promo on her backstage.

*clap, clap, clap* congrats Freya. You pinned Spaz.

Freya: That's who it was.

And that people is your Bleeder champion at work. And for those of you who are new to TCW and I'm sure you are because we're now broadcasting in China, I am soon to be your new Bleeder champion The Technician DeSean Blackwell. I stand here today because I got this epiphany you know? Like this business has a real funny way of bringing you full circle. You see me and Freya entered TCW around the same time. I may have entered before her just slightly but it was during this period in which TCW was in its infant stages, 411/ECF was no more and from the ashes rose TCW. So all these new wrestlers are debuting some are still here, some are gone but I digress. Me and Freya our careers have paralleled since haven't they? It seems like no matter how hard I try, I can't get rid of you.

"And likewise" Freya said while rolling her eyes.

I can drop you on your head a million times and you'll foolishly get back up. And apart of me thinks, "OK DeSean" and I'm talking to myself of course.

Freya: Of course

"Is it worth it? Is it worth going to hell in back in a Bleeder rules match for a title that doesn't suit your style at all?" My answer is well it is worth it. Because I see you as a Cancer in this promotion Freya, you, Darkness, Dante you're all diseases infesting this promotion and I'm going to be the man who has the cure. I know the odds are against me but I love beating the odds, you've beaten legends, you've bled buckets for that belt but you know what? It doesn't matter to me one bit whom you've defeated. I know in my heart, deep down inside, I can beat you and when it's all said and done all I need is the belief, the hope that I can rip apart your vice grip on that title, take a look at that title for one last time, start getting use to the idea of not having it around your waist because after Extreme Measures your day will be done because I am The Technician DeSean Blackwell and I am pro wrestling!

Freya turned the TV off, she took a good look at the Bleeder title that sat in front of her, in the end it was all about that title. Someone asked her one time, how far would she be willing to go to keep the title, it was a rhetorical question as she never really knew how far she would be willing to go just when she thought she reached her limit, she would reach farther. Now she was facing her longtime rival at a PPV event for that title, at Extreme Measures we'll find out how far she would go.


Journal Entry #10

Date: June 27, 2008

Dear Journal

DeSean sat on his bed, notebook in lap, with pen in hand. He and Jun had a pretty good time at the museum, much better time than he thought he would. Using his remote he changed the song playing in the background to some Michael Jackson before writing again.

Liberian Girl . . .
You Came And You Changed
My World
A Love So Brand New
Liberian Girl . . .
You Came And You Changed
Me Girl
A Feeling So True

Today, I was pretty good. I'm still bored here but Jun has shown me some sights tonight that I never knew about maybe because I didn't bother to really look. Either way I'm grateful to have a friend like her around.

Liberian Girl
You Know That You Came
And You Changed My World,
Just Like In The Movies,
With Two Lovers In A Scene
And She Says . . .
"Do You Love Me"
And He Says So Endlessly . . .
"I Love You, Liberian Girl"

I have a match against Freya coming up, I say match like it's just a normal match. Admittedly it's not though, this is nearly on the same level as the world title match against Darkness but this may deeper than that in terms of it being a personal issue. I agreed to a match that's not even to my strength and a career shortening match at that, sometimes I wonder to myself if I even know what I'm doing anymore. I really have to watch I'm doing right now, which is where Jun comes in I guess. She's been great at keeping me on my toes and being that level headed person that we all need to keep us grounded

Liberian Girl . . .
More Precious Than
Any Pearl
Your Love So Complete
Liberian Girl . . .
You Kiss Me Then,
Ooh, The World
You Do This To Me

Honestly the more I think about it, the more I realize that I do love wrestling. I have to love this fucking business to continue to even be in this situation. A lesser man would have quit a long time ago and I wouldn't have blamed if he did. Tonight Jun revealed to me that her nationality was Manchu, which is cool not a big deal to me but apparently it is to some people here. Which got me thinking on how similar human beings are. The US gets shit for it's race relations but here in China it's similar just replace black and white, with Han and Manchu. In the end we all bleed red even Freya and her friends who are all just a little different, there's something about them that rubs me the wrong way. They say it's human nature to be wary of things that are different from you, to stick with your own kind. Like our animal instincts come to play and stick within the same pack but like I told Jun, I must be cut from a different cloth because I never followed that method, maybe the military brat in me caused a different type of animal instinct but I hung out with people I liked not based on the color of their skin. Even now the relationship me and Jun have should disprove that entire theory...Jun I'm not sure how she stays so positive.

Liberian Girl
You Know That You Came
And You Changed My World,
I Wait For The Day,
When You Have To Say
"I Do,"
And I'll Smile And Say It Too,
And Forever We'll Be True
I Love You, Liberian Girl,
All The Time

It must be something in the water at BNU that she's drinking, I'll have to get a sip of it, if she ever lets me inside her dorm. I don't know why that girl is so private sometimes. Then again it's not really any of my business why. I just hope she stays safe, she's really hard headed


Jun sat inside her room at her desk, the room was dimly lit with the only thing providing light was a small lap that sat on her desk. In front of her was a photo album, she placed a picture of DeSean standing in front of a statue inside it. Next she placed a picture of Freya holding a soccer ball in her hand, rubbing the scars on her forehead, she followed the marks down her face. They were healing nicely even a little quickly but the scars that she's suffered inside, the mental scars would never truly be healed. For weeks, really months she stayed in a hospital, going through countless surgeries. She watched the news, hearing about the others before and after her who were attacked and suffered a worst fate than hers, then she realized that she was the on who survived and that she survived for a reason, it was clearly a sign. She hardly knew about her attackers only gaining information from second hand information but what she did have was more important than any information that would be given to her, she had memories of that fateful night, she had photos and she was about to have some allies they just didn't know it yet. She placed a magazine photo of Darkness in the photo album, next she placed a photo of one of her attackers the man they called Knight inside. She drew a line from Darkness to Knight with a question mark above the line, signaling that they were connected but she didn't know in what way, except that Knight was obsessed with Darkness. She closed her photo album and placed it inside her drawer of unmentionables, tomorrow she'll have to play the wise positive friend, for how long? She didn't know, she just knew she had to keep up the act until her plan came into fruition. Hey she is Jun Song and she is just loving life right now, loving life indeed.

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Sun Jun 28, 2009 6:33 am
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