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Twisted Experience and TCW - View topic - Havoc in Beijing (June 03 2009)
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 Havoc in Beijing (June 03 2009) 
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Post Havoc in Beijing (June 03 2009)

"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.... Bullshit!

Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!

New, what do you own the world?

How do you own disorder, disorder,

Now, somewhere between the sacred silence,

Sacred silence and sleep,

Somewhere, between the sacred silence and sleep,

Disorder, disorder, disorder!"


Image Image Image[html]</center>[/html]

Tex: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Havoc in what is swiftly becoming known as the "TCW arena" in these parts – we are just a few short weeks away from Extreme Measures, but we have a great show lined up for you tonight.

Cain: That's right. A partial rematch from Endgame as Izumi takes on DeSean Blackwell, two living legends face off in the form of Jason Dante and Plausible Deniability and, in tonight's main event we have nothing less than a dream match as Freya and Matt Strikmore go one on one!

Banter: So let's get on with it!

Tex: Let's.

Backstage, interviewer Justine Lynn is with DeSean Blackwell.

"Thanks for joining us here on TCW Havoc, I'm here with DeSean Blackwell, who has a few things to say before his match with Izumi."

"Just one thing, actually," DeSean says.

"Mr. Blackwell, you're about to go one on one with the woman who beat you for the Aftershock Championship at Endgame."

"Well...actually she beat Red Barker..."

"Yes, and he since went on to become the FWRFed World Champion. And speaking of FWRFed titles, Izumi just won one of her own in the form of..."

"I really don't care about FWRFed, Justine. And I'm not here to talk about Izumi. There's only one woman on my mind."


"No, not you. Thing is, I can't get Freya out of my head."

Justine raises her eyebrows. "Really?"

"Oh yeah, that's right. I can't stop thinking about her, and I can't stop thinking about what she and her friends are doing to TCW. You know, I thought Darkness was the worst of them – these NHFC creeps, that is – but the more I think about it, the more Freya represents everything wrong with these guys. You know, Matt has said a lot of stuff about Darkness and Dante, and he's right: they coast by on their image, and their attitude, but Freya...Freya's a girl who has the kind of streak most of us can only dream about. She's up there with Matt and I've got no doubt that the two of them are going to put on a clinic tonight, and yet she aligns herself with these freaks. She's made herself part of the problem. What's the deal? A beautiful young woman, mountains of talent, her whole career ahead of her, and she hangs around with Dante and Darkness?"

"You don't think she has much in common with the NHFC?"

"Do you see the connection? I don't. All I see is a stubborn woman with an attitude problem who's the cause of all TCW's problems. Well it's time for her to be brought down a peg or two. I've still got my eye on gold, and that's why I've secured a match against her at the pay-per-view."

"And do you plan to win the Bleeder Title in that match?"

"You'd better believe it. It's high time we saw some variation in these title histories, and Freya is long overdue to be toppled from her perch. The fans may not like it, but I know they'll agree with me in the long term. I can't overstate this enough: the future of this industry is on the line."

DeSean holds Justine's gaze for a long moment, then turns abruptly and walks out of shot.

Tex: Strong words from DeSean Blackwell! Apparently he will face Freya at the pay-per-view!

Cain: And now he's gunning for the Bleeder Title! Is it time for DeSean to step up again?

Tex: I think Freya had better start preparing. Unfortunately for her, she has a pretty huge match signed for tonight – against Matt Strikmore!

Banter: Great!

Sammy: The following non-title contest is scheduled for one fall...

The arena lights turn black and then blue lights start to flash, the beginning chords of Jay-Z's Blueprint 2 begins to play.

Jay-Z this, Jay-Z that (Jay-Z won't hold my hand no more)
Jay-Z this, Jay-Z that
Jay-Z that, Jay-Z this (Jay-Z won't give me no money)
Get off Jay-Z dick
What y'all niggas get front page articles, y'all mention Jay-Z name
(This thing on?) Jay-Z, Jay-Z, in Jay-Z news
I understand what y'all trying to do
I brought the flutes this time, though

As the beat kicks on the last sentence, DeSean walks through the curtains. Instead of his head being down, he stares straight ahead with his hoodie still on. The camera zooms in, getting a close up view of his determined face.

H, O V A
The Blueprint 2 baby, on the way
H, O V A
I got my mojo back baby, oh behave

He slowly walks down the ramp to the majority of the fans cheering him on.

Sammy: Introducing first...from Greensboro, North Carolina...weighing in at 224 lbs...DESEEEEEEEEEEEEAN 'THETEEEECHNIIIIICIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN' BLAAAAAAAAACKWEEEEEEEEEEEELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tex: And we have an interesting match for you tonight, folks, as before the PPV, DeSean will be taking on the woman who holds the Aftershock belt he used to.

Cain: This will be a good chance for DeSean to get some retribution for his lost belt, as well as gain some momentum going into Extreme Measures.

Can't y'all, see that he's fake, the rap version of TD jakes
Prophesizing on your CDs and tapes
Won't break you a crumb of the little bit that he makes
And this is with whom you want to place your faith?

He stands on the apron and makes the X signal with his arms.

These dudes is all politics, depositing checks
they put in they pocket, all you get in return is a lot of lip
And y'all buy the shit, caught up in the hype
Cause the nigga wear a coofie, it don't mean that he bright
Cause you don't understand him, it don't mean that he nice
It just means you don't understand all the bullshit that he write

He walks to the corner turnbuckle and outstretches the arms, he then turns, springs off the ring post and rolls into the center of the ring before posing one more time on knee.

Cain: He's not going to be an easy opponent tonight...

[html]<embed src="http://www.metacafe.com/fplayer/2508060/tcw_izumi_tron.swf" width="400" height="345" wmode="transparent" allowFullScreen="true" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> </embed><br><font size = 1><a href="http://www.metacafe.com/watch/2508060/tcw_izumi_tron/">TCW Izumi Tron</a> - <a href="http://www.metacafe.com/">Awesome video clips here</a></font>[/html]

The arena goes dark as the opening parts of Miseria Cantare play. A single spotlight shines onto the entry way, fading on and off. The music kicks into it's main drum beat just before the lyrics begin. Izumi appears on the stage to a crowd pop in the slowly strobing spotlight as a brief pyro explodes, showering her visage in sparks.


She walks slowly to the ring, the spotlight following her, still casting it's powerful strobing glow upon her. She stops at the ring apron, and as the music reaches it's peak, she leaps into the ring, the lights coming on full at last. She circles the ring and shouts stuff to the crowd, pumping them and herself up, before finally mounting a turnbuckle and raising both her Aftershock and Revolution championship belts.

Tex: And you've probably noticed by now she is not only the Aftershock champion here in TCW, but she is also recognized as the FWRFed Revolution Champion...and is the first ever person to hold both championships simultaneously.

Cain: What does this mean for TCW? In any case, she'll need more than just titles to win here tonight...DeSean is one of the most experienced wrestlers on the roster. This match could take everything she has to win...

Banter: We'll see...

The crowd appears to be giving a mixed reaction for both, cheering both wrestlers. Izumi smiles, and extends a hand. DeSean accepts the handshake before both wrestlers step back.

Tex: No championships are on the line tonight...this is about pride, this is about who the better man...or woman, may be.

The two circle each oher as the bell rings, sizing the other up. Neither of them go at the other...yet. After about 10 seconds, they finally go to a traditional lockup. DeSean first takes her over with a headlock take down, but Izumi wriggles free quickly. He tries to keep her grounded, but she stands with him, and reverses behind him with a hammerlock. Suddenly, she breaks the hammerlock, and tries to jump onto his shoulders...

Cain: Izumi could be going for that move...!

DeSean quickly reaches up both hands, grabbing her by the tights to prevent the move, and drops himself backwards, driving her into the mat with an electric chair drop. He covers!

Tex: This could be it already!



Th-A kickout!

Cain: Going for her finisher early may have cost Izumi. She didn't get pinned, but she gave up the advantage.

Banter: What else do you expect from a newbie?

Tex: Even the most seasoned veterans make judgment errors in their careers. Izumi'll have to find a way to swing things in her favor quickly before-

DeSean is already on Izumi, delivering aggressive punches. The referee warns DeSean to unmount her, and he does, but not before dragging her up to her feet and delivering a smooth vertical suplex to her. He rotates around, picking her up, and delivering a second vertical suplex. He lifts her a third time, but not for a suplex...this time into a press slam position, before turning it into a power slam, sending Izumi crashing to the mat.

Cain: Ouch!

Tex: DeSean is taking well advantage of the situation here...

He covers again...




Tex: Izumi's still in this, but DeSean's still on the attack...

DeSean pounds the mat, firing himself up before pulling her up by the head. He throws her against the ropes with a textbook Irish Whip, and bends over, to get ready to throw her with a flapjack...

Izumi kicks DeSean in the head with a thwack, eliciting an 'ooh' from the crowd! Pausing to catch her breath, she then takes advantage of the situation, delivering a kick to his right leg, and then his left, nearly taking him off his vertical base. She follows up with a flurry of punches to the chest, and finishes with a pump kick to the stomach, doubling him over.

Tex: Izumi's gaining control again! Will she-

Izumi grabs his head for a DDT, but DeSean blocks it, instead of going down for the DDT, he lifts her up, and drives her down with another suplex!

Banter: DeSean looks a little pissed...

DeSean quickly picks her up, before throwing her between the ropes, to the outside, Izumi crumpling into a heap.

Cain: That was a brutal throw that almost planted Izumi on her head! DeSean isn't pulling punches with his opponent.

Tex: True, he never holds back in the ring. We've seen him take the World Champ to his limits twice.

Banter: He's going to show this rookie who is the boss...

He exits the ring, and grabs her by the head again. He positions her into an Irish Whip position...

Cain: What's he trying to do here?

He then whips her straight towards the steel ring post. Izumi can't stop herself in time, and crashes into it skull first with a THWACK!

Tex: My God, did you hear that? He may have cracked her skull!

Cain: One of Izumi's strengths is her resiliency. She can take a lot of punishment...but if she can't mount an offense in return, he's going to destroy her...

The referee is urging them to come into the ring, while starting a count...One...

DeSean picks her up by the head, before once again, ramming her head into the post with another THWACK.

Tex: This is going beyond a simple rough match, DeSean appears to be deliberately trying to injure Izumi!

Cain: He may have, look!

Sure enough, Izumi is clutching at her head, a crimson fluid seeping between her fingers...

Banter: Awright, blood! This is where the real action starts.

Tex: How can you sound so gleeful? That's a human being!

Cain: Is he perhaps trying to send a message to Freya?

DeSean doesn't relent on the bleeding Izumi, kicking her once. He seems to shout "I told you I'd make you bleed," before climbing into the ring.

The referee's count is up to 3...




Tex: Izumi might actually get counted out here...


Izumi reaches a hand onto the ring apron..


Izumi slowly tries to pull herself in...



Izumi slips in!

Tex: This match is still under way!

DeSean smirks at her, and backs away, allowing her to slowly stand up. She pulls a hand away, looking at the blood on it with a slightly glazed look. The fluids are dripping down her forehead, over her face, into her eyes...

Tex: That's a bad cut...

Cain: In the time Izumi's wrestled, I don't believe I've ever seen her bleed before. She looks really disoriented, and she may be unable to stop DeSean's offensive now...

DeSean advances on her, but she attacks with a sloppy left kick to his side, and a right handed martial arts slap to his face...he aims for a clothesline, but Izumi ducks it, and turns around, countering with a rolling elbow to his head! DeSean pops up, but Izumi continues to take him down with repeated rolling elbows...

Tex: Izumi is trying to survive with every ounce of her will! She's building up a head of steam!

Izumi finally jumps up and kicks DeSean in the back of the head with her trademark Izumigiri, knocking him on his back. She has to grab the ropes to pull herself back up, still looking disoriented. Finally, she leans over before letting out a primal scream, and runs into the ropes, flipping over with a handspring moonsault splash!

Tex: She's got-No!

DeSean lifted both knees up at the last moment, nearly impaling her stomach. She lets out an audible wheeze, slumping over next to DeSean, who is slowly getting himself up.

Cain: DeSean shows ring awareness with a textbook counter, and he may have taken away the last of her chances with that move.

He slowly picks up the still-winded Izumi, and places her into a powerbomb position. She fights it, but is unable to stop him from hoisting her in the air...

Tex: DeSean is looking for the Hangman's DDT! With the injuries Izumi's accumulated, this would surely finish this match...

She punches at him, fighting off the finisher, while he fights to put her into position...


Tex: A counter, out of nowhere!

DeSean is flung across the ring, and rolls to the outside. He yells and pounds the ring apron in frustration.

Tex: DeSean is furious now! He can't seem to finish Izumi off!

Suddenly, DeSean grabs his cane at ringside, before climbing into the ring...

Cain: He needs to calm himself down, he's about to throw the match if that cane comes into play!

Izumi, standing up, dazed, looks at DeSean holding the cane, and her eyes widen. Despite the referee's pleas, DeSean swings the cane right at her head!

Tex: Look out!

Izumi ducks under it at the last moment, slipping away from DeSean. He turns around to try again, but she quickly gives him a precision strike to his jugular, and quickly manuvers behind him, pinning him down with a crucifix...




Tex: Izumi just beat DeSean! I question the way she did it, however...

DeSean staggers to his feet, clutching his throat in pain, an angry expression on his face. A bloodied Izumi rolls out of the ring, staggering away with her arm raised high.

Banter: Hey, DeSean tried to cheat, so she wasn't afraid to retaliate.

Cain: However 'academic' her way of winning may be, in the end, Izumi scrapes up the pin. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a rematch between these two in the future, however.


Down, boy.

Wed Jun 03, 2009 10:02 am
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Post Re: Havoc in Beijing (June 03 2009)
TCW owner Lee Deng is already in the ring when Havoc comes back from commercial. Beside him is Plausible Deniability, hovering like a bodyguard.

"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to TCW Havoc. I hope that my countrymen in the arena tonight will forgive me speaking in a language that the roster and the fans watching back in North America and Europe can understand."

Banter: I wonder what he has to say?

Tex: Shut up and we'll find out!

"As you are aware, the next pay-per-view is rapidly approaching. Some of you will have seen the promotional material already, and you will know that we have chosen to resurrect the name 'Extreme Measures'. Furthermore, I felt that it was time we also resurrected a concept that has not been used in some time: a pay-per-view featuring matches that all carry stipulations."

Banter: A gimmick show?

Cain: It's a while since we've done one of those.

Banter: Yeah, remember those halcyon days when we did it every other month? Weren't those great times?

"As you heard earlier, DeSean Blackwell has laid down a challenge to Freya Green and, while I enjoyed her clash with Jason Dante at Endgame, I felt it was a pity we did not see a title change hands. Therefore, I have made their contest a Bleeder Rules match!"

Tex: Whoa!

Banter: Huh?

"As some long-time fans will remember, under Bleeder Rules, your opponent must be bleeding before they can be pinned. Since the Bleeder Championship changes hands only when the champion is bleeding, this means that, by necessity, Freya's title will be on the line."

Cain: Well that certainly shakes things up! I believe DeSean may be one of the few people to hold a pinfall victory over Freya too.

Tex: What a coup that would be for the young superstar if he walked out of Extreme Measures with the Bleeder Title around his waist.

"Another title I wish to be placed on the line is the Aftershock Championship. As you all know, the Aftershock belt can only be defended in a triple-threat match, but the rules do not specify any further than that. Therefore, I have decided that it will in fact be contended in a three-way ladder match!"

Banter: Is Izumi any good in those?

Tex: FWRFed fans can attest that she is!

"And since Izumi recently became FWRFed Revolution Champion in a ladder match, it will not only be on the line against TCW's Kinsen, but also the man who nearly won her other belt at their pay-per-view, FWRFed star and former TCW Aftershock and Tag Team Champion JE!"

Cain: JE?!

Tex: JE is returning to TCW! This is huge!

Banter: Is it really?

Cain: It certainly is. Wow, Extreme Measures is already shaping up to be a big night.

"Matt Strikmore will also be competing in a rematch against Jason Dante at Extreme Measures, but he has yet to decide the stipulation for that. I am assured he will make his choice clear later tonight. Which brings me at last to the main event of Extreme Measures, and the Unified World's Championship match. Darkness – who is not scheduled to be here tonight – is a man who pushes both himself and his opponents to the limit. He has a history of inflicting extreme damage, which is why he will be competing against a man who, just a few short years ago, was on the receiving end of a severe mauling from him. I am talking, of course, about the man standing with me in this ring: Cameron Jones, otherwise known as Plausible Deniability."

Tex: What?!

PD stares at Deng as he turns to him and gives a reassuring nod.

Cain: PD looks as surprised as everyone else! I don't think Deng gave him any warning!

"And given the history these two men share, and since the pay-per-view is Extreme Measures, I have decided to make their match for the Unified World's Championship a Last Man Standing match!"

Banter: Uh oh...

Tex: PD versus Darkness in a Last Man Standing match! What a main event!

"I know that Darkness, while a physically strong and mentally resolute individual, has a habit of pulling out wins where they are not expected. At Extreme Measures, he will find that very difficult indeed."

Deng nods to the fans as his music plays and he and PD, who still looks somewhat shell-shocked, exit the ring.

Tex: Deng may think a Last Man Standing match puts Darkness as a disadvantage, but I know I wouldn't want to be in the ring with the World Champion with that stipulation hanging over me.

Cain: But what an opportunity for PD – a former World Champion himself – to recapture his past glory. We could be looking at the next champ right now!

Tex: Up next we have a match between two of the true veterans of the promotion.

Cain: Indeed, Plausible Deniability, Cameron Jones made his debut in the halcyon days of the old 411fed, while Jason Dante took his first trembling steps back in the ECF under the moniker of Ahriman. One of the most famous matches between these two was the match for the 411fed Intercontinental championship, that match was won by Dante. The two have met a few times since then but it was a long time since the last meet that took place at...

Banter: Do you look this up or are you just autistic or something?

Tex: It's called being knowledgeable.

Banter: No, it's not. It's called being a nerd!

Cain: What did you call me?!

Tex: If you two ladies could calm down so we can get this next contest underway, please?

Sammy Eubanks: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Detroit Michigan weighing in at 225 lbs...This is Cameron Jones... PLAAAAAAAUUUUSIIIIBLEEEEEE DEEEEEENIIIIAAAAABIIIILIIIIIIIIIIITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A series of loud explosions ring throughout the arena as the power simultaneously cuts out. The beginning bass line of Mudshovel by Staind cuts in amidst the fading echoes of the explosions. The words begin to flow out from Aaron Lewis' pained voice...

You take away. I feel the same.

And the lights come back on as PD is standing on the ramp looking out at the crowd. He slowly nods, getting into the music & runs down the ramp, diving headfirst into the ring. He pops up in the center of the ring & gazes out around the arena allowing the fans reaction to fill & fuel him.

Cain: It's hard to say if these people like PD or not, his actions as of late has been, how do I put it...

Banter: Up and down?

Cain: No.

Tex: Back 'n forth?

Cain: No, that's not it. He seems to have a hard time deciding on which side to take and how to act.

Banter: Ah you mean ambient!

Cain: Ambivalent.

Banter: Whatever.

Red lights illuminate the pale form of Dante, kneeling on the stage. As his music picks up, flames erupt around him, framing him in infernal fury.

Sammy: And his opponent...from the City of Dis, in the Sixth Circle of Hell...weighing in at 242 lbs...this...is JAAAAAAAAAAAAASOOOOOOOOOOOOON DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dante walks slowly down the ramp, As he walks towards the ring, his gaze never leaves PD's face. He stares intently at his opponent as if he was waiting for something to happen, something that would pop out of his face.

Tex: Dante has been on somewhat of a losing streak lately, he seems to have had other things on his mind.

Cain: I can't say I blame him.

Banter: Really?

Cain: Defiantly not, after all he is a recently become father and as you know...nah, skip it.

Banter: What?!

Cain: Nothing.

Banter: Come on, I'm a father...at least that's what the kid mom told me in court!

Cain & Tex: What?!

Banter: Nothing, forget it.

Dante makes his way towards the ring and jumps up on the apron, he doesn't even turn to the fans, he just intently stares at PD. He steps into the ring, removes his shades and takes off his pale white coat.

Tex: Folks we are just seconds away from a teat, two veterans of the squared circle about to go to town on one another!

Cain: We just need to wait for the bell to be rung by referee Tom Peng-pung to start this contest.

The referee calls for the bell and both competitors take a deep breath before launching into the first lock up of the match, As Dante strides forth to lock up with PD, Cameron Jones raises his knee and the impact to the mid section lifts Dante off the floor and doubles him over, PD grins and spits out a “That's right Dante, bow before me you ass!” be fore he grabs his pale opponent and whips him to the ropes, as Dante bounces off the ropes, PD leaps up with yet another knee that strikes Dante in the middle of the rib cage. Without wasting a second, he pulls his albino opponent off the canvas, hooks his head and delivers a swift and brutal suplex. PD follows this up with a cover that Dante kicks out of at roughly 1.5.

Tex: Dante seems a bit out of it today!

Shaking his head to try to clear some cobwebs, Dante strikes back as PD once more bows down to pick him up. Dante's fist lands squarely on PD's Jaw and causes him to stagger backwards, giving Dante ample time to get to his feet. As Dante reaches his feet, PD pounces on him, but gets taken down into a headlock. Dante doesn't rest with a simple head lock, instead he punches his opponent once before getting back to his feet.

Pd tries to get back to his feet as well, but a series of stomps from Dante hinders him. As he reaches his vertical base, Dante grabs him by the waist and delivers a gut-wrench suplex followed by an elbow drop. Believing the air has been forced out of PD Dante drags him to the corner and lays into him with a series of chops that has the fans going “WOOOOO” every time his hand hits PD's chest. After four chops, Dante whips his opponent across the ring to the opposite corner and dashes after to deliver a clothesline, but instead he eats a face full of boot from PD. As Dante staggers back, PD kicks him in the mid section and delivers a quick, brutal DDT followed by yet another cover.

Tex: 1...2...KICK OUT!

Dante wipes his mouth after the kick out and zeros in on PD who is busy arguing with the referee. Dante swings his opponent around, boots him in the stomach an puts PD in the Pump-handle position.

As if on cue, the fans get up out of their seats and start to buzz, this is the set up for the Hellfire driver. Dante flips PD up into the air and positions him across his shoulder, as he begins to ease him into position to the sit out pile-driver part of the move, Pd Slips off Dante's shoulder and nails him with and elbow to the back of the head. Dante staggers forward and his hit by a swift and harsh neck beaker.

Cain: That is one way to get to see stars.

Tex: Well, I'll be darned...Cain made a funny joke!

Banter: Yes...funny...joke...sorta...

Pd nails a few stomps on his downed opponent before the referee tells him to either cover him to back off. PD flings a comment at the ref and gets a reprimand for his trouble. PD throws up his arms and backs off before returning to the fray with a few quick and remorseless elbows to Dante. In pain, the albino turns around and sees PD grin at him.

Cain: My god, look at that face!

Tex: That looks like a positively...

Banter: ...Devilish grin from PD.

Tex: Dante can't expect any mercy from PD tonight it seems!

As Dante stares at his grinning opponent, something seems to snap inside the albino's mind. As PD turns around to play to the crowd, Dante more or less jumps to his feet, for a split second, he stands there, the he balls up his fist bounces off the ropes and as he approaches PD from behind he swings his arm in a dangerous arc, before PD can react he gets hit with a horrifying lariat to the neck. PD takes a few steps forward, he is out cold before he hits the canvas with a thud.

Banter: Dear god!

Cain: What...was...that?

Tex: I doubt it has a name, he used that on Desean Blackwell too, he hammered PD...straight to hell!

As PD's brain tries to unscramble, Dante stands above him with his right fist still balled up, he breathes trough gritted teeth and his eyes seem filled with uncontrolled hatred and anger. As PD begins to stir at his feet, the ghost faced wrestler leaves the ring, with purpose he walks over to the time keepers table.

Tex: What is he looking for now?

Banter: Oh my god!

Cain: He was looking for a chair, why? What can PD have done to deserve this?

Banter: I have no idea!

Dante climb s back into the ring, as he enters he is cut off by the referee who tells him that he will be DQ'd if he uses the chair. Dante spits a reply at him and shoves him harshly out of the way. With chair in hand, he stands poised to strike, like a predator waiting for it's prey to show and opening. PD stirs slowly from the lariat induced haze. As he gets to his knees, Dante mouths the words “Come on you piece of hell spawned shit, get to your fucking feet!” As PD staggers to his feet and turns to face his opponent, Dante swings the chair at his opponents unprotected head. The sound of steel impacting in the cranium of PD resounds in the arena. PD drops to his knees and then with a look on his face asking “why?” he falls face first to the canvas. Slowly blood starts to trickle down his forehead. Dante stands there and lifts the chair again, to it seems finish his opponent off for good.

The sound of the bell ringing doesn't seem to reach the deeply irate wrestler as he stands there looking like an executioner waiting to behead his victim. As the muscles in his arm begin the motion down, the referee jumps up and grabs the chair, the ring fills up with officials, security and medics. The officials and security restrain the irate Dante while the medic check on the out cold PD. As the medics begin to help PD to his feet, security escorts Dante out of the arena, with the chair still in hand he walks down the aisle. Few people see his departure, but those who do see an unrepentant man with his head held high. The last words he hears as he leaves the arena is Sammy Eubanks announcement over the PS system.

Sammy Eubanks: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match as a result of a disqualification PLAAAAAAAUUUUSIIIIBLEEEEEE DEEEEEENIIIIAAAAABIIIILIIIIIIIIIIITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cain: PD wins the match, but I have to say that he doesn't look like much of a winner right now.

Tex: True words, PD may have won the match...but at what cost?

Banter: A few brain cells I would wager.

Tex: The larger question is however what has happened to Jason Dante, first he assaults his opponent when he turns his back to him, then he waffles him with a steel chair...

Cain: And then he leaves the arena looking like he won a title!

Tex: There is something very rotten in the state of Denmark as far as Jason Dante is concerned.

Banter: I know I'm not normally defending Dante at all, but he probably had reason do what he did.

Cain: Reason?! Reason?! All I can say is that Mr. Deng or Ms. Stern have REASON to suspend him!

Banter: That's up to them isn't it?

Tex: Gentlemen, this isn't going to lead any where, let's all hope and pray that PD is ok and that Dante regains control of himself.

Cain: If he doesn't, God help us all!

Down, boy.

Wed Jun 03, 2009 10:09 am
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Post Re: Havoc in Beijing (June 03 2009)
Backstage, Deng is in his office sitting behind his desk. He smiles slightly at the figure standing just off-screen.

"Well, I am aware that Ms. Stern has reservations about hiring you again, but I am of the opinion that your reputation - for better or worse - makes you an asset to this company."

The camera pans around the office, taking in the hulking form of Drakus who simply raises his hands and loudly cracks his knuckles. "It's good to be back," he says in his characteristic low growl.


The arena lights dim as the screen screen is covered in silent static. The opening riffs of "We Are Godzilla, You Are Japan" begin as the static starts to dance in tune. As the lyrics begin, the entrance ramp is showered in green light as Matt Strikmore rushes out, pausing to look over the crowd.

Sammy Eubanks: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the ring, the TCW TRANSCONTINENTAL CHAMPION…MAAAATT STRIIIIKMOOOOOOREEEEEE!!!

Cain: Tonight's main event is coming up, but it looks like Strikmore has something to say before we kick things off.

Banter: Did he just see Drakus back there?!

Cain: I don't think he did - he was just on his way to the ring!

Tex: I would imagine he's going to address the issue of his match stipulation at Extreme Measures.

Strikmore is in the ring now and has a microphone. He waits for the reaction of the crowd to die down before beginning to speak.

"I would start with some platitude about how awesome it is to be here in Beijing but a) we've been here for a while now, and b) you all know as well as I do that TCW didn't come here in the best of circumstances. Don't get me wrong though: I appreciate the support of each and every one of you fans here tonight and everyone watching at home. I've done my best all along to give you guys the performances and the matches that you deserve, and I'm going to keep doing that tonight in my match with Freya!"

There is a big pop because of that.

"Now, I'm ashamed to say that recently there's been an occasion where a match I wrestled was not up to my standards. I tried to give it my all at Enter the Dragon, but I was denied the opportunity to do what I love. Dante: you and I are long overdue to settle this score, and at Extreme Measures I intend for there to be a resolution. The fans will walk out of that show knowing who the better man is; you have my word on that."

Cain: And that's a word you can take to the bank.

"When DeSean beat Dante at Friction, I racked my brains trying to figure out what match stipulation to pick. He got himself DQ'd at Enter the Dragon, so at first I thought I'd come up with the most brutal, horrific, bloody match I could so that that couldn't happen again – but then I realised two things. First, that kind of match isn't really my style and second, Dante didn't get DQ'd because he wanted the match to end – he got DQ'd because he wanted to hurt me as bad as he could. Well, I'm not going to give him that opportunity. My match: my rules, Dante. At Extreme Measures, all you fans are going to see plenty of blood and foreign objects in the rest of the matches, but when I get in the ring with Dante, we're going to do it my way, and that means PURE RULES!"

Tex: Well that's certainly going to be different!

Banter: What the hell are pure rules?

"Let me explain that to you, Dante, because I know you Hellfire kids aren't exactly wrestling aficionados." He holds up three fingers. "Count-outs are to twenty. Each wrestler gets three rope breaks. Once they're gone, submissions and pinfalls count in the ropes. No closed-fist punches. First use of the closed fist gets you a warning, second costs you a rope break and once you're out of those, it's a DQ. So, Dante, if you want to beat me, you're going to have to do it my way. Hey, you can draw a DQ on purpose again if you want, but everyone's going to know if you do that that you couldn't hack it in the ring with a guy like me. But if I know you like I think I know you, you'll do everything you can to prove me wrong. See you at Extreme Measures."

Strikmore throws down the microphone as the crowd cheers.

Tex: Strikmore has thrown down the gauntlet to Dante at Extreme Measures – it'll be a match very much on the Transcontinental Champion's terms.

Cain: In that kind of environment, my money would have to be on Strikmore, but Dante has shown he can go catch-as-catch-can with the best of them. It's going to be quite a contest.

Tex: As is the match we have coming up right now…

Strikmore watches from the ring as Freya steps out onto the stage.

Sammy: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...on her way to the ring...from Oxford, United Kingdom...weighing in at 143 lbs...she is the TCW BLEEDER CHAMPION...FREEEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

Freya walks down the ramp, narrowing her eyes at Strikmore as she approaches. He affects a cocky grin and sits down on the middle rope as she comes close to the ring to let her in. She raises her eyebrows and slides right in under the bottom rope, ignoring him.

Banter: What a bitch, eh?

Tex: I don't think Freya needs any help from Strikmore – but I think he knew that really.

Banter: What an interesting match this is going to be. This NHFC and Technical Perfection rivalry has started to reach fever pitch, although these two seem on good terms. Strikmore takes on Dante at Extreme Measures, and Freya takes on DeSean, but somehow I think both those matches will present less convivial atmospheres than this one.

Freya and Strikmore square up to one another. They exchange a quick nod as the bell rings and then lock up. Freya goes behind straight away so Strikmore can't take advantage of his superior strength and attempts to trip him. She grabs a hold of one ankle and brings him down to the mat. For a moment she keeps hold of the ankle and tries to switch to something more definitive, but Strikmore rolls free and makes a grab for her wrist. Freya moves faster though and grabs his wrist instead, dropping right down into an armbar. Freya pulls on his wrist, but she isn't in a commanding position, and Strikmore is easily able to roll her up onto her shoulders...


And Freya rolls right back. She keeps a hold of Strikmore's arm and brings him up to his feet. Strikmore wraps an arm around her waist in an attempt to lift her up, but she puts the brakes on and spins around without releasing the arm so she stands behind him now. Strikmore pauses for a second, trying to think his way out of the move in a way that leaves him at an advantage, and Freya uses the distraction to jump up and put all her weight down on the elbow, forcing him down into a fujiwara armbar.

Cain: Strikmore has that arm bandaged up. I'm not sure what happened there, but these guys train as hard as they fight.

Tex: Freya is smart to focus on an injury like that, and she's shown her abilities with that particular hold in her matches against Dante.

Banter: Which might not be that smart – I bet Strikmore's been studying those tapes!

Strikmore struggles in the hold, trying to get to the ropes. Freya wrenches back, but Strikmore gets up to his knees and brings Freya with him. He hooks one foot around Freya's knee and pitches forward, forcing her to release with a yelp. Immediately he rolls over onto Freya's back and hooks an arm beneath her chin. He pulls back and Freya tries to claw her way free. Strikmore won't let go so Freya, with little else in the way of options, digs her teeth into his forearm.

Banter: Hey!

Tex: Freya with an unorthodox counter there. That certainly wouldn't fly in a Pure Rules match...

The referee gives Freya a warning and she sticks out her tongue. Strikmore frowns across the ring and shakes out his arm. Freya shrugs and offers another lock up. Strikmore moves in more slowly and they tie up. This time Strikmore is able to whip Freya across the ring. He hits an arm drag on the way back, but Freya lands on her feet and responds with an arm drag of her own. She holds on with an armbar, but Strikmore spins up to his feet and hooks his other hand behind her head. He drops down into a jawbreaker and Freya bounces down to the mat. Strikmore grabs her legs and folds her up into a cover...



Strikmore grabs a front-facelock on the mat, but Freya reverses out into an armbar. Strikmore rolls through and kips up, pulling Freya up with him. He hits a snapmare and then puts on a reverse chinlock. Freya elbows him in the gut and then flips him over with a snapmare of his own, then knees him in the spine and drops down into a cover...

One...not enough!

Cain: Quick covers here. No belts on the line, though if Freya bleeds, she may well loose hers.

Banter: What would happen to DeSean's match then? Can there be Bleeder Rules with no Bleeder Title?

Tex: I would assume so. I think that might cause some problems within Technical Perfection though.

Banter: Heh – maybe the smartest thing she could do here is bleed and lose the belt then!

Freya rolls Strikmore up to his feet and whips him into the corner. She follows in with a splash, but Strikmore rolls out of the way. Freya lands on the middle rope and jumps off backwards as Strikmore turns, looking for a cross body. He catches her though and drops her into a rib-breaker, then covers as she lands...



Strikmore goes back to the front-facelock, this time hooking Freya's arm so she can't reverse into an armbar. Freya tries to pull her way free, but Strikmore has a tight grip. He tightens the hold, and Freya tries a new tactic, rolling onto her back and bringing Strikmore with her. She plants her feet against the mat and pushes both of them up, then spins around and drops Strikmore with a swinging neckbreaker.

Tex: An innovative counter there. Freya's certainly very flexible.

Banter: That's what I've heard!

Cain: From who?

Banter: I...don’t know...

Quickly, Freya jumps to her feet and runs the ropes. She comes back with a low dropkick, then stomps on Strikmore's injured arm. She drops a knee on his wrist and tries to snap on a keylock, but Strikmore fights his way up and reverses into an Irish whip. He buries a knee in her midsection on the way back, sending her spinning through the air then, as she stands, hits a dropkick. Freya tumbles over the top rope and goes to the outside. Strikmore heads towards her, but she hops up to the apron and pulls him down into a hotshot off the top rope. Strikmore bounces back and Freya leaps up onto the top rope, springboarding off with a flipping senton. She hits home and quickly grabs a pin...




Freya snaps on a cross-armbreaker. Strikmore yells out in pain and tries to crawl towards the ropes. Freya's relative lightness proves a boon as he drags her with him. She attempts to pull back, but he finally secures a hold on the ropes and she releases after a count of two.

Tex: Strikmore won't want to rely on those rope breaks too much come Extreme Measures – he'll only get three.

Cain: And that's going to make it awfully hard for Dante to try anything too underhanded. After what we saw with PD earlier, Strikmore may need all the help he can get in that regard.

Strikmore climbs to his feet and Freya presses him with forearms against the ropes. She hits an Irish whip, but Strikmore reverses and looks for a back body drop on the way back, but Freya lands on her feet. She jumps up, going for the Lungblower, but Strikmore grabs her by the head and sits out into an ace crusher. Freya rolls away clutching her jaw as Strikmore stands. She picks herself up slowly using the ropes and Strikmore takes his opportunity, charging her with a running knee to the jaw. Freya tumbles out through the ropes and to the outside.

Cain: Freya to the outside again, and this could be dangerous – the Bleeder Champion knows an awful lot about brawling.

Banter: Hey, don't forget Strikmore's credentials. I was sitting as close as you when Drakus nearly killed him all those times.

Strikmore recovers in the ring for a moment, then slides out to the outside. He picks Freya up and tries to whip her into the ring post but she reverses into an Irish whip of her own and Strikmore crashes shoulder-first into the post instead. He staggers away, wincing and Freya leaps up onto his back and brings him crashing down into the Lungblower.

Tex: Oh my!

Cain: Strikmore could be in serious trouble now...

Freya catches her breath and then drags Strikmore up. With considerable effort, she rolls him under the bottom rope and then climbs in after. She hooks his leg right away...



Thr...no! Strikmore has his foot on the rope!

Cain: Great ring presence from the Transcontinental Champion!

Freya eyeballs the referee accusingly and tugs Strikmore's foot free. She goes for the cover again...


Two...shoulder up!

Freya stands up and heads for the corner. She climbs to the top rope and then jumps off, looking for a moonsault, but there's no one home as Strikmore rolls clear! He stands up slowly and sees Freya down. Quickly he moves in and places her in a camel clutch. Freya tries to tug her way free, pulling at his hands which are clasped beneath her chin, but Strikmore is determined. In desperation, she grabs Strikmore by the thighs and pushes herself forward, pitching him face-first into the mat. Freya wriggles out and then jumps on top of Strikmore hooking his arms from behind and twisting him over onto his shoulders...



Thre...and Strikmore kicks out!

Tex: So close! What would it mean for Strikmore to be pinned by Freya twice in a row?

Banter: Has that ever happened before?

Cain: I'm certain it hasn't. Freya joined a very exclusive club at Friction when she scored a pinfall on Matt Strikmore.

Freya lashes out, kicking Strikmore in the arm as he stands then kips up into a hurracanrana, flipping him across the ring. She gets up groggily and waits for Strikmore to stand. When he does, she launches herself up towards the top rope, clearing it in a single bound, then flips off and catches him in a tornado DDT as she spins back through the air.

Tex: Full Moon DDT!

Strikmore plants Freya's feet on the mat though and snaps on a side-headlock. He spins her down to the mat, but Freya rolls through, escaping the hold with another kip up. Strikmore goes to stand but she grabs him in a three-quarter front facelock and backflips into the air, flipping over and bringing him down into an inverted DDT.

Cain: And now a modified version of the Lunar Eclipse! Freya is taking every opportunity she can to put Strikmore away here.

Freya covers...




The Bleeder Champion looks frustrated, but she pulls Strikmore to his feet and whips him across the ring. On the way back, she brings him down with a drop toehold, and times it so that he stumbles helplessly into the ropes and ends up hung up on the second one.

Banter: Uh oh!

Tex: Freya looking for the OX4!

Freya signals with her wolf's howl and the crowd come alive, cheering wildly. She runs the ropes and flies across the ring, spinning through the ropes but Strikmore throws himself clear at the last possible second and Freya stumbles into the ring. She spins around and Strikmore jumps up, looking for the Ring Slinger, only for Freya to make a desperate grab at his arm and jump up in one smooth motion, slamming him down into a fujiwara armbar.

Cain: Freya with the armbar again. Strikmore may have no choice but to tap out.

Tex: Dante resisted this hold at Endgame, but does Strikmore have what it takes to do the same? This is as close a comparison as we'll see before they step into the ring together at Extreme Measures.

Strikmore grits his teeth. He's in the middle of the ring, with nowhere to go. He tries to reach the ropes, first in front of him, then to the side, but there's no way for him to get there. He tries to hold on as Freya wrenches back on his injured arm, then attempts to roll through. He flips onto his back, but Freya goes with him and holds on. Strikmore is near the ropes now and he grabs them, but Freya won't let go. The referee administers a count and Freya waits till four. She takes a step back as Strikmore recovers then, as soon as he lets go, simply snaps the hold back on again.

Banter: Hey!

Cain: That was smart...

Banter: Why doesn't everyone just do that? Stupid conventions.

Strikmore, struggles again, knowing it's useless to go for the ropes a second time, and this time he changes his tactics, pushing Freya towards the corner and throwing himself forward so she's sent crashing face-first into it. Freya staggers back and Strikmore bounces off the ropes, grabs her as she spins around, jumps up and brings her down hard into the Ring Slinger. She bounces away onto her back and Strikmore flops down.

Cain: The Ring Slinger from nowhere!

Banter: But can Strikmore capitalise?

Strikmore crawls across the ring and drapes an arm across Freya's stomach...




Freya's shoulder rises just a second too late and the bell rings.

Cain: And that's all! What a match!

Tex: A great contest between these two, and a worthy preview of the two bouts that will involve them at Extreme Measures.

Freya and Strikmore are both up slowly. They eyeball each other across the ring and then as they get to their feet, both extend a hand at the same time. Sheepishly, they both exchange a smile and gingerly shake hands.

Cain: An excellent show of sportsmanship too. I don't think Freya minds Strikmore getting his win back here.

Tex: Strikmore came up the better man – or person, I should say – this time, but I have a feeling these two will lock up again, and that it might go a different way this time.

Strikmore goes to leave the ring, but then the Twistedtron lighting up makes him stop.

Cain: Now what's this about?

Banter: What do you think it's about!

Strikmore backs up and throws a glance at Freya, but she looks as surprised as him. Dante walks out onto the stage and then heads straight down to the ring. Strikmore beckons him on, while Freya is glancing rapidly between the two men. Dante dives into the ring and Strikmore doesn't waste time.

Tex: It looks like Extreme Measures is coming early!

Strikmore and Dante exchange blows in the middle of the ring. Freya shakes her head and wades in, pulling Dante away from his rival. He shrugs her off and goes after Strikmore again, so Freya once again gets involved.

Banter: What's she doing?

Tex: I think she's trying to stop this!

This doesn't seem to bother DeSean though, who hits the ring at just that moment, diving into the fray. He hammers Freya with rights and lefts, sending her reeling into the corner. Dante floors Strikmore with a clothesline and then heads over to DeSean, dragging him away and then kneeing him in the stomach.

Tex: The NHFC seem in control of this situation right now!

Cain: But that may be about to change...

PD charges out of the entrance and runs down to the ring. Dante pushes DeSean out of the way and snarls at the man he faced earlier in the evening. PD dives into the ring and he and Dante immediately start brawling. Freya gets involved again, but DeSean is on her, whipping her back into the corner and then working her over with punches and kicks. Strikmore homes in on Dante, helping out PD. They fight him to the ropes and whip him across the ring and PD drops him with a big clothesline on the way back.

Tex: PD may have tipped the balance here!

Strikmore and PD stand tall as DeSean hammers Freya with a right hand that leaves her slumped in the corner. He takes a step back and nods at the other two men.

All three men in the ring look up at once as Darkness's music hits and the crowd surges to its feet in unison.

Cain: Darkness isn't even supposed to be here tonight!

Banter: I guess he didn't get that memo!

The pyro hits and Darkness walks out through the flames. He has his belts, but drops them and shrugs off his jacket as he walks calmly down to the ring. PD steps forward to intercept him and, as Darkness enters the ring, they fall right into a brawl. Darkness gets the advantage with a knee to the gut then almost decapitates PD with a spinning kick. Strikmore moves to intercept him next, but Darkness fells him with a throat thrust, then gives the same treatment to DeSean.

Tex: Looks like the NHFC just got a difference maker of their own in the form of the World Champion...

Darkness reaches for PD and locks his prosthetic around his throat. He hauls him to his feet and looks out to the crowd.

Cain: Darkness is looking for the Slayer Slam!

But before he can get PD up, Strikmore attacks Darkness with an axe-handle to the back. He and PD fight Darkness to the ropes and send him tumbling to the outside. The World Champion stands up, but Freya and Dante are already on the outside too, and the NHFC starts to fall back towards the ramp.

Cain: It looks like this brawl hasn't gone the way of Hellfire...

Tex: I wonder what they stand to gain by continuing it though. These six will all meet in matches at Extreme Measures.

The NHFC retreat up the ramp as Technical Perfection and PD look on from the ring.

Cain: At Extreme Measures, it will be Freya against DeSean in a Bleeder Rules match that will necessarily be for the Bleeder Title, it will be Strikmore versus Dante in a Pure Rules match and Darkness will defend the World's Heavyweight Championships against Plausible Deniability in a brutal Last Man Standing match. Don’t miss it!

The six combatants remain with their eyes locked on their respective opponents as the screen fades.

Down, boy.

Wed Jun 03, 2009 10:16 am
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