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Twisted Experience and TCW - View topic - ENTER the DRAGON in Beijing, China (March 20 2009)
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 ENTER the DRAGON in Beijing, China (March 20 2009) 
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Post ENTER the DRAGON in Beijing, China (March 20 2009)

Tex: Hello everyone and welcome to our first ever payperview in China!

Cain: That's right, Tex, and we're starting the night off right with a title on the line!

Sammy: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is for the TCW AFTERSHOCK CHAMPIONSHIP!

Tex: This title match almost didn't happen tonight, due to various backstage happenings, but management finally settled on this card.

The music begins, and Kinsen walks to the top of the ramp. Two pillars of fire flanking him shoot into the air, and Kinsen walks down the ramp. He flips over the top rope, and bows to the crowd and his opponent.

Sammy: From Osaka, Japan, weighing in at 195 pounds....KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINSEEEEEEEN!

Tex: This TCW newcomer put on a good showing at Havoc, and now he's got a chance for the TCW Aftershock title.

Cain: No doubt he has the potential to write his name in the history books tonight, but his opponents won't be easy to beat.

Ivan comes out from behind the curtains to boos and jeers.

Sammy Eubanks: From Parts unknown, weighing 465 pounds, IVAN!

He walks down the ramp and rolls into the ring, awaiting his foe.

Tex: I don't know much about him, but he's also new to TCW.

Banter: He's huge!

Cain: Whomever he may be, it'll be interesting to see what surprises he has in store for us.

The arena goes dark as the opening parts of Miseria Cantare play. A single spotlight shines onto the entry way, fading on and off. The music kicks into it's main drum beat just before the lyrics begin. Izumi appears on the stage to a crowd pop in the slowly strobing spotlight as a brief pyro explodes, showering her visage in sparks.

Sammy: From Tokyo, Japan...weighing in at 144 pounds...she is the TCW AFTERSHOCK CHAMPION... IZUUUUUUUUUUUUMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She walks slowly to the ring, the spotlight following her, still casting it's powerful strobing glow upon her. She stops at the ring apron, and as the music reaches it's peak, she leaps into the ring, the lights coming on full at last. She circles the ring and shouts stuff to the crowd, pumping them and herself up, before finally mounting a turnbuckle and raising a single fist in the air, Aftershock championship in hand.

Tex: And here comes our Aftershock Champion!

Cain: This will be her first title defense, and no doubt there's a lot of pressure on her to prove she's not a paper champion.

All three of them stand across from each other in the ring, stretching and pumping themselves up a bit for the match. They stared each other down...

Banter: I've got my money on Ivan. Look at the size of him!

Cain: Size needn't matter. We've seen titans taken down before in TCW, but this won't be a walk in the park.

Kinsen and Izumi suddenly struck first on Ivan, driving the big guy against the ropes with kicks and punches. They grip his arms for a double Irish whip, and heave him across the ring, but he comes back quickly with a hard clothesline that drops both competitors. The two roll up to a standing position, and both dropkick him at the same time, but it only caused Ivan to stumble a bit.

Cain: It seems Kinsen and Izumi have decided the best course of action is to team up on Ivan, who can certainly take some punishment...

They both attacked again, but Izumi takes a boot to the face for her troubles. Kinsen moved in, but both of Ivan's gigantic hands wrap around his neck, and lift him into the air, before tossing him painfully to the mat.

Cain: What an impact!

Ivan moved in to pin Kinsen...

Tex: It could already be over!



T...no, Kinsen kicks out!

Enraged, Ivan grasps Kinsen by the throat and prepares to do it once more, but Izumi kicks him squarely in the back of the head, knocking Kinsen from his grip. She then puts all her effort into taking him down by the arm, and attempting an arm bar. Ivan punches free with his spare arm, and they both stand quickly to face each other. She moves in and gets promptly shoved to her butt with the huge force of Ivan. He taunts her, before Kinsen comes from behind and puts him in a sleeper hold!

Cain: He's going to try to put the big guy to sleep!

Izumi appears to be standing there, watching as Ivan struggles in the hold. Ivan lets out a grunt, before falling backwards, crushing Kinsen beneath. He goes for the cover...



No! Izumi breaks it up.

Ivan stands and approaches Izumi, running at her with a clothesline. She ducks, and counters by kicking him in the stomach and attempting to lift him for a suplex, signaling over to Kinsen. He staggers over and joins her, and they just barely get the big guy up with a sloppy vertical suplex.

Cain: This is quickly turning into a handicap match.

Banter: A handicap for who, now?

Izumi and Kinsen both dive on Ivan for a cover, trying to get the pin first...


T-Ivan powers out!

Cain: At this stage of the game, Ivan's not going to be pinned easily by either competitor.

Suddenly, Kinsen grapples Izumi, and rolls her up with a pinning combination...



Thr-Izumi kicks out!

Tex: Almost three right there!

Banter: What a traitor that guy is.

Cain: Aftershock championships have always been every man...or woman...for themselves. Any alliance formed in this kind of match is liable to dissolve at any second. People may try to discredit the Aftershock title as a midcard belt, but the triple-threat environment makes it a true test of any competitor's skill.

Ivan now stands again, and advances on Izumi and Kinsen. Kinsen moves in first, kicking Ivan in the stomach and trying to set him up for a double underhook move of some sort, but Ivan powers out, throwing him overhead. A split second later, Izumi comes forward with a dropsault, kicking Ivan backwards...and Kinsen rolled him up from behind!



Thre-NO! Kickout!

Tex: That was so close, I thought that might have been a new champion!

Kinsen takes a swing at Ivan, but finds a single hand around his throat.

Tex: Oh my...

Ivan hoists him up with one hand, and slams him to the mat with a resounding SLAM.

Tex: And a massive chokeslam from that powerhouse...

Ivan reaches out and does the same to Izumi, lifting her in the air, but she counters mid-move by grabbing the arm and wrapping her legs around his head, dragging him to the ground with the force of gravity for the Sankaku-Jime!

Tex: Izumi's signature triangle choke! She could end this one right here!

Banter: Do you really think someone like Ivan would tap?

Cain: He might have the pain threshold, but it's possible Izumi could force him to pass out, which is a victory all the same...

Ivan thrashes in the tight triangle choke hold, while the referee moves in to check on the situation. Ivan appears to be fading...


Then, lifts Izumi up slowly, before slamming her back fist into the canvas. She lets out a yelp of pain, before being lifted and slammed again, and again.

Tex: Ivan is like an animal caught in a bear trap!

Cain: Either he'll pass out, or break Izumi right in half!

One more slam and Izumi suddenly seems to have let go of the hold. She staggers over to the ropes...

Kinsen suddenly grabs Ivan in a three-quarters facelock, before springing off the ropes and flipping in the air, planting Ivan with a shiranui, as the crowd ooohs!

Tex: My god, what a move!

Cain: I believe that is what Kinsen calls the Culture Shock!

Tex: This one is bound to be over now!

He pins...




Izumi breaks it up at the last possible second, performing a low dropkick to Kinsen.

Cain: And somehow, this match is still going!

Kinsen stands up, and moves in to do the same to Izumi, but she reverses behind him, and jumps on his shoulders, flipping quickly backwards and pulling his head down with her legs, spiking him headfirst on the mat!

Tex: Whoa! That came out of nowhere!

Cain: That's a new move for Izumi...

She quickly pins...




Tex: And that's the match! Izumi retains!

Sammy: Here is your winner...and STLL the TCW Aftershock Champion...IZUUUUUUUUUUUUMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cain: Izumi once again proves the doubters wrong in a hard-fought match. Let's not take anything away from Ivan and Kinsen, who put on a good showing tonight in their first championship matches here in TCW.

Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:36 pm
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Post Re: ENTER the DRAGON in Beijing, China (March 20 2009)

The arena goes dark. The music kicks in and Twisted flashes in red upon the tron in time to the music. He walks to the ring like he owns it.

Sammy: Hailing from London, England, weighing in at 235 pounds...he is TWISTEEEEEEED...BROOOOOOOOWN!

Tex: This is going to be one hell of a fight. Both of these men are seasoned veterans that aren't going to go down easily.

A series of loud explosions ring throughout the arena as the power simultaneously cuts out. The beginning bass line of Mudshovel by Staind cuts in amidst the fading echoes of the explosions. The words begin to flow out from Aaron Lewis' pained voice...

You take away. I feel the same.

and the lights come back on as PD is standing on the ramp looking out at the crowd. He slowly nods, getting into the music & runs down the ramp, diving headfirst into the ring. He pops up in the center of the ring & gazes out around the arena allowing the fans reaction to fill & fuel him.

Sammy: Introducing next, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 225 pounds...he is PD...PLAUSIBLE...DENIABILITYYYYYYYY!

Both men face off against each other in the ring...

...and the referee signals for the bell to start the match!

The two legends circle each other like wolves fighting over who is the alpha male of the pack. PD feels the need to show that he is the man fighting with the shining weapons ion this fight and he goes for the classic lock up. As he surges forward, Twisted Brown meets him half way with a kick to the guts to start the hostilities off. As PD is doubled over, Brown puts a front Face lock on his opponent and drags the fight and the tempo down to the canvas. Brown increases the strength he puts into the hold as PD's face almost turns blue. Inch by inch, centimeter by centimeter, Cameron Jones backs into the salvation of the ropes to force the break. The referee counts to four before Brown decides to let his opponent go. As Twisted Brown gets to his feet, the referee reprimands him for not letting go. The only result the referee gets from this action is a weary look and Brown's index and long fingers thrust in his face.

Banter: This is what I'd call vintage “Twisted” Brown...

Tex: Personally that is a vintage I'd rather forget about completely.

The referee fires back with a scalding that draws no more then a “whatever” from Leroy Brown. Brown bends down to pull PD up but is only met by a fist to the stomach. As the Londoner staggers backwards from the blow that took all the air out of his system, PD grabs hold of Brown and pushes his opponent towards the ropes.

As Brown rebounds off the ropes from the Irish Whip, PD is primed and ready and delivers a strong, stiff clothesline that turns Brown inside out and causes the Brit to temporarily forget which side is up and down. PD picks his opponent up by his hair , hook his head, throw his arm up and over his own head and puts Brown through the air with far from the greatest of ease. But if the restraint on PD is great the impact on Brown is far, far greater as his spine bows on impact. PD lets his opponent go and gets halfway to his feet before dropping an elbow on Brown causing all the air to leave Twisted's lungs. PD goes for a quick cover.




Banter: Gimme a break, would ya? An elbow to finish a guy like Brown?

Brown stares at his opponent with distaste, did this has been really think he would win with THAT? Brown tries to get up, but is met with a punch to the face. Brown covers his face as the referee scalds PD this time for the closed fist punch. PD retorts by punching his opponent in the gut. As he gets to his feet he boots Brown in the chest for good measure. As he raises he pick Brown up, puts his head between his legs and flips him into the air.

Banter: What goes up...will come down!

Cain: ...and hard, Plausible D is a master of the powerbomb.

Tex & Banter: Plausible D!?!

As Twisted Brown comes crashing down to the canvas, PD drop on top of him for the cover.

Banter: Here we go again...




Shaking his head, PD pick up Brown and whips him hard into the corner. As Leroy Brown staggers out of the corner, PD bounces off the ropes and comes charging at him with evil intentions in mind. He rears back with his right arm, loading if you will his barrel with 9mm of DENIED.

Cain: Here it comes...Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

As PD reaches Brown, and his arm is in forward motion, Brown ducks and drives his knee into the attacking PD's gut causing the attacking veteran to make a small, quick and uncontrolled somersault over the Englishman's knee.

Banter:....neeeeeiiiiiiiedddd! Funny name for that move...

A kick to the temple keeps PD on his back as Twisted Brown begins his onslaught. He kicks him again before pulling a stunned PD up into position for a suplex. He lifts him into the air, sending him crashing to the mat, and rolls over, before lifting him up for a second vertical suplex, and covers...



T-no, PD rolls the shoulder up!

Leroy frowns, and stands up, moving over to PD's legs. He raises an arm in the air before locking his legs up and sitting back into the figure four.

Tex: A figure four leg lock!

There are a few audible 'Wooos' from the crowd as Leroy cranks back on the pressure hard, causing PD to yell in agony. He grits his teeth, and tries to turn over, the pain etched in his face as he fights to escape the hold...

Cain: He's got that one in locked tight, and I wouldn't be surprised if PD was forced to tap right here.

PD lies back, trying to ride out the pain, but his shoulders are counted down...



PD rolls his shoulder off the canvas, groaning as he tries to roll to either side, reaching his hand out for a rope. But there are none visibly nearby...and Leroy cranks back on the hold harder...

Banter: He's gonna tap!

PD holds his hand above the canvas, looking to be considering tapping out...

Suddenly, he lurches over to one side, rolling over onto his stomach!

Cain: And the pressure is reversed!

Leroy is now the one yelling in pain as PD cranks back, but he quickly scrambles to the rope nearby. The referee has to forcibly break the wrestlers out of the hold.

Tex: PD escapes the hold, but he might not be able to stand after being in that submission hold for that long...
PD crawls over to the ropes, and slowly pulls himself up on them, but he's stumbling on his legs, in visible pain.

Cain: Yeah, he's definitely hurt...Leroy could potentially finish the match.

Leroy takes his time in walking over to PD and spinning him around, before hook his arms up for the Double Helix.

Suddenly, PD breaks free, boots him in the gut and runs against the ropes before flattening Leroy with the DENIED clothesline from hell!

Tex: My God, Leroy has just been Denied from nowhere!

PD's legs give out under him, and he slowly crawls over to Leroy for the cover...




Tex: This one is over!

Sammy: Here is your winner...PLAUSIBLE...DENIABILITYYYYYYYY!

Cain: And PD gets some major revenge for Leroy Brown's interference in his match with Matt Strikmore. A great match between two legends, I definitely wouldn't mind seeing a rematch between these two in the future.

Banter: This next match should be pretty heated too... I want some action!

Sammy: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

‘Welcome To The Jungle’ kicks in and a buxom valet woman brings Dynamite down to the ring. Everyone in the audience with a soul lets out a collective ‘ahhhhhh’. The valet walks him up the ring steps and lifts him over the top rope to the referee who Dynamite cuddles and blows a raspberry at before the ref finally plonks him down in his corner.

Sammy: ...from Borneo, Malaysia, weighing in at 277 pounds...DYNAMIIIIIIIIIIITE...BUUUUUUUUUNDY!

Tex: Make no mistake, that is an orangutan in the ring, folks. But don't let his innocent appearance fool you...he is far stronger than he looks.

Banter: He beat up Bleeder! And it wasn't pretty.

Cain: An understatement, Banter. Certainly this...ape is more than meets the eye.

Faint white figures paint my sleep
Please don't tell my secrets keep them hidden (you got it, you got it, you got it)
If the words that matter reach your face from floor
Will you be wondering if, or (do I need what is given or honest)
Does it cost me scarring if the words stay true
Even number your nephew (I don't want it, don't want it, don't want it anymore)

An explosion sounds above the entrance ramp, sending golden pyro raining down.

And when the answer that you want
Is in the question that you state
Come what may!
Come what may!

And when the answer that you want
Is in the question that you state
Come what may!
Come what may!

Freya walks down the ramp, signalling to her fans with points and grins.

Sammy: And the opponent...from Oxford, United Kingdom...weighing in at 143 lbs...she is the TCW BLEEDER CHAMPION... FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In a pain that buckles out your knees
Could you stop this if I plead (you got it, you got it, you got it)
So destined I am to walk among the dark
A child in keeping secrets from (will they know what I've done in the after)
In the sought for matter when the words blame you
In a blood red summer I'll give you (I don't want it, don't want it, don't want it)

Freya hops up into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle and raises an arm, smiling at her many fans.

And when the answer that you want
Is in the question that you state
Come what may!
Come what may!

And when the answer that you want
Is in the question that you state
Come what may!
Come what may!

Tex: Freya has a handful tonight. This monkey, who made a mess out of Bleeder at our last show, could potentially walk out with Freya's championship if this match is just as messy as the last..

Banter: First he beat Bleeder, now he could take the title named after him!

Cain: But it won't be easy...Freya has proven herself to hold her own whether the opponent is a high-flyer or a powerhouse.


And Freya springs into action, tackling into the ape with a spear, and landing punch after punch right on his face!

Tex: Whoa!

Cain: Certainly, she refuses to take Bundy lightly!

Bundy pushes Freya off with surprising strength, flinging Freya off. She rolls to a standing position and charges right back in, pushing him into the ropes, and then throwing him off them with an Irish Whip. She leapfrogs over him on the first rebound before delivering a swift spinning heel kick right to his jaw. She pins...



Freya pulls Bundy up by his head, and then lets him have it with a kick to the stomach followed up by a hurricanrama, rolling him into a pin.



They both stand, and she delivers a quick dropkick, knocking Bundy down. She moves in for further offense, but Bundy counters with some form of an armdrag, before dropping on Freya with an elbow.

Cain: Certainly Freya is more than holding her own here. Bundy knows his share of wrestling moves indeed, however. He's no dumb ape.

Tex: This doesn't seem to be quite the gorefest Bundy had with Bleeder...not just yet, at least...

Bundy lets out some ooks before grappling Freya in a bearhug...and it looks to be surprisingly tight. Freya looks to be in a mixture of pain and embarrasment.

Cain: It looks like the little guy knows some submissions!

Bundy squeezes Freya tight against him, as she flails in the hold, and then delivers elbow after elbow to his head, before finally sliding loose. She runs to the ropes for something, but he counters with a clothesline and beats his chest proudly before going for a cover.



Bundy lets out a loud, primal cry before delivering a few punches to the downed Freya...

Then he gives her a kiss.

Banter: Ew, monkey germs.

Finally, Bundy raises Freya over his head with a gorilla press, and carries her around the ring.

Tex: Oh no...things could get bad...

But Freya slides off and reverses into a DDT, planting Bundy's head into the mat!

Cain: What a manuver!

She pins...




Freya does not look pleased as she stands up, looking to measure Bundy for her Lung Blower. Bundy slowly staggers, getting up, the pain etched on the orangutan's face. Freya moves behind him to deliver the move, but Bundy throws a hard elbow straight into her jaw with an audible thwack!

Cain: Agh, that looked painful!

Tex: That was a really stiff shot there...she could have a broken jaw.

She stumbles back into the corner, where Bundy takes advantage, delivering multiple lefts and rights, ooking crazily as each one connects.

The referee appears to be staring closely at Freya, and then suddenly seems to signal something to the announcer at ringside...

Sammy: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is now for.....the BLEEDER CHAMPIONSHIP!

Indeed, when the monkey pulls back, Freya has blood dribbling down her jaw.

Tex: And she's been busted wide open. This is NOT the predicament the Bleeder Champion wanted to be in. This is the second time in a few shows Freya has had this belt placed on the line, the last being against Izumi.

Banter: And it looks like she's finally going to lose that belt.

Cain: I wouldn't count her out just yet...

The orangutan pulls her from the corner and lifts her in the air with a gorilla press before dropping her to the mat. He again mounts her and delivers more hard shots before the referee forces him to pull away, more blood dripping down her jaw.

Banter: What a mess...

Tex: At this rate we're going to see a repeat of Havoc!

Finally she gets lifted into the air, and dropped down with a second gorilla press slam.

Bundy pins...




Tex: And she kicks out!

Cain: At this point, lesser, cockier opponents would be beaten, but Freya is not one of them. She's going to defend that title to the bitter end.

Banter: At this rate, this is going to be -the- end for her!

The monkey pounds the mat, and then his chest, raising his hands in the air. It appears he is signaling for his finisher as he picks Freya up by the head and clutches her in position for the Dynamite Exploder suplex.

Tex: This could be all over right here!

And Bundy lifts her high over her head, bringing her down...

NO! She plants her feet down, stopping the impact, and spins around, driving her knees into the orangutan's back!

Tex: And that's the Lung Blower! Will it be enough?

She pins...





Tex: And this one is over! Freya once again retains her championship!

Cain: I thought we might end up seeing another bloodbath, but thankfully, it was not as bad as we'd feared. I believe, however, that this match and Freya's recent match with Izumi, have showed her that anyone can come after her Bleeder Title. She's got to remain a vigiliant champion if she wishes to stay champion, and so far, she's done just that.

Tex: We'll have more TCW action coming up next!

Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:38 pm
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Post Re: ENTER the DRAGON in Beijing, China (March 20 2009)

Sammy Eubanks: The following non-title match is scheduled for one fall...

The arena lights dim as the screen is covered in silent static. The opening riffs of "We Are Godzilla, You Are Japan" begin as the static starts to dance in tune. As the lyrics begin, the entrance ramp is showered in green light as Matt Strikmore rushes out, pausing to look over the crowd.

Sammy: Introducing first...from Wildwood, New Jersey...weighing in at 220 lbs...he is the TCW TRANSCONTINENTAL CHAMPION... MAAAAAAATT STRIIIIIIIIKMOOOOOOOOOOOOREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tex: And what a match this is surely set to be! Matt Strikmore will get into the ring with one of the all-time greats, in a match that is all about respect.

Banter: Yeah, right. I don't think there's going to be much respect once they're between the ropes.

Cain: This has been an intense feud so far, without so much as a punch being thrown. Each man has accused the other of being what is wrong with TCW.

Transcontinental Title wrapped around his waist, Matt points his right fist toward the ring, and grasps the underside of his forearm with his left, a large number of the crowd mimicking. Matt, smiling as he walks down the ramp, leans back into the guard rail and throws up the gesture again, the crowd behind him doing the same. Matt runs the rest of the way to the ring, sliding under the ropes and stands in the middle of the ring. Tossing up the gesture one last time, he slowly spins a complete rotation to see all of the crowd. Unwrapping the Transcontinental Title from his waist, he raises it in the air, brings it down to give it a kiss, then hands it off to the referee.

Red lights illuminate the pale form of Dante, kneeling on the stage. As his music picks up, flames erupt around him, framing him in infernal fury.

Sammy: And his opponent...from the City of Dis, in the Sixth Circle of Hell...weighing in at 242 lbs...this...is JAAAAAAAAAAAAASOOOOOOOOOOOOON DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dante races down the ramp and dives straight into the ring.

Tex: Dante is ready to get it on! This match hasn’t even officially started yet!

Strikmore and Dante crash into one another and begin exchanging furious blows. Strikmore manages to take advantage as the bell rings, slapping the taste out of Dante's mouth and then flooring him with a clothesline.

Cain: There are a lot of issues floating around this match – the two conflicting schools of wrestling here in TCW, what happened to Hawthorne at Havoc...

Banter: Hey, we don't know that has anything to do with the New Hellfire Club!

Tex: That's true, Banter.

Banter: No, I was just kidding. They obviously did it.

Strikmore goes for a quick cover on Dante...

One...and he kicks out right away.

Strikmore rolls Dante to his feet and whips him across the ring. He ducks down for a back body drop, but Dante telegraphs it and slides to his knees, hitting Strikmore with an uppercut. The TC Champion staggers back and Dante jumps up to his feet before hitting a dropkick. Strikmore sprawls against the ropes and Dante goes to clothesline him over the top, only for Strikmore to get under him and lift him over to land on the apron.

Cain: Dante's headed for the outside!

Tex: No, I think he found his feet. I thought this match was going to get pretty brutal pretty fast just then.

Strikmore turns around, but Dante shoulders him in the gut and then sunset flips over, pulling Strikmore down into the pin...



Dante jumps up and stomps Strikmore down. He drops a knee and tries to yank him into another cover, but Strikmore knees him in the face and kips up. He turns on his heel and hammers him with a spinning elbow, then brings Dante into the ropes with a kneelift. He hits an Irish whip and then drives Dante into his knee with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Banter: Strikmore's kicking ass so far!

Tex: He's certainly holding his own against the living legend. This is such a dream match – who would you give the advantage to, Isaiah?

Cain: It's hard to pick against Strikmore, Tex. We've heard from his own lips his list of accolades and achievements. As incredible as Dante's career is – and he is the most highly decorated wrestler in TCW history, let's not forget – he just hasn’t been on the kind of roll that Strikmore has for some time now.

Strikmore drops down into a cover...


Two...not enough!

Strikmore sits Dante up and puts him in a reverse chinlock. Dante tries to claw his way out, but Strikmore's hands are firmly laced. Dante grabs his foot instead and unbalances him, tripping him down to the mat. Strikmore lets go and Dante scrambles on top of him, flailing with rights and lefts. Strikmore gets his foot into Dante's gut though and flips him over onto his back. He jumps up, only to get brought down by a drop-toehold that leaves him hung up on the second rope.

Banter: Hey, I guess that does happen sometimes...

Tex: Will Dante take a leaf out of Freya's playbook?

Dante smirks, and hauls Strikmore up. He puts him in a full nelson and tries to flex back into a dragon suplex, but Strikmore slips free and hooks Dante's ankle, getting a drop toehold of his own. He jumps forward into a front-facelock, but Dante reverses out into an armbar. Strikmore flips out and drags Dante up with him, then pulls him into a back elbow. He spins around and grabs Dante into a suplex, then floats over for a cover...



Dante kicks out!

Cain: Strikmore with a near fall there.

Tex: I expect it won't be the last we see in this match.

Strikmore claps his hands, working up the crowd, and goes to the corner. He jumps up to the second rope and, as Dante stands, hammers him with a double axehandle to the back. Strikmore grabs Dante and whips him towards the ropes, sending the former World Champion right over and to the outside.

Banter: Uh oh...

Tex: Uh oh indeed. This match has spilled out of the ring already.

Strikmore catches his breath in the ring for a few moments, then heads to the outside to deal with Dante. He slides out, only for Dante to head him off with a punch to the gut. He pushes him against the apron and drives his shoulder into his midsection. Dante pulls Strikmore into a suplex, lifts him up and then drops him stomach-first into the guardrail.

Cain: Oooh! Dante may have knocked the wind out of Strikmore then.

Dante stomps Strikmore down on the floor and then flicks up the apron, looking for something underneath the ring.

Tex: Now what's he looking for?

Banter: I think you know. Strikmore's gonna die.

He pulls out a chair, and the referee is already admonishing him from inside the ring. Dante ignores him and takes a swing at Strikmore, but the TC Champion rolls out of the way and Dante's chair hits the barrier. He turns around angrily, and walks right into a spear. Strikmore bears him down to the floor and pounds on him with right hands.

The referee's count has reached five by now, as Strikmore stands up and heads for the ring. Dante grabs his foot though and trips him down to the floor. He stomps on his back and goes back for his chair.


Cain: Dante needs to stay away from that foreign object if he wants to win this match – this isn’t no-DQ.

Banter: I don't think Dante necessarily cares about winning. He wants to punish Strikmore for his...uh...what's the word?

Tex: And you were doing so well. Insolence, how about that?

Banter: Yeah!

Dante hefts his weapon and brings it down on his opponent, but Strikmore rolls out of the way. Dante is jarred by the impact and staggers backwards. Strikmore scrambles up and crashes into Dante with a spinning heel kick.


Tex: Strikmore is fighting back, but both men are close to being counted out!

Strikmore rolls up to his feet and grabs the apron. He hauls himself up onto the edge of the ring, but Dante is up again and yanks him off by the foot. Strikmore's jaw bounces off the apron and he falls backwards.


Dante dives into the ring and then rolls out, breaking up the count. On the outside, Strikmore paws his way to his feet and secures his hand around Dante's discarded chair.

Banter: Hey, now Strikmore's got the chair!

Cain: I think he just grabbed it by instinct.

Tex: Maybe, or maybe not. Tensions are running high in this match.

In the ring, Dante turns and hurls himself towards Strikmore with a suicide dive. Instinctively, Strikmore raises the chair and Dante flies head-first into it. The referee calls for the bell.

Banter: He hit him with that chair!

Cain: Or Dante hit the chair with himself...

Strikmore looks down at the weapon in his hand and at Dante lying at his feet and throws the chair down in disgust. He steps away, seemingly a little shocked with himself.

Tex: Well, Strikmore has been in some brutal matches before – he's no stranger to the use of illegal tactics. Nonetheless, I believe this is the first time he's ever been disqualified.

Banter: And getting DQ'd doesn't exactly help his argument in this whole thing...

Cain: I don't think he meant to hit anyone with a chair, Banter.

Dante's music is playing as he crawls up to his feet. He has a gash in his head and a rivulet of blood pours down his pale face. He grimaces at Strikmore who is walking backwards up the ramp, an odd expression on his face.

Tex: This match has ended in disappointment, but I suspect the issues have not been resolved between these two men – not by a long shot.

Strikmore and Dante continue to stare at one another as the scene fades.

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Post Re: ENTER the DRAGON in Beijing, China (March 20 2009)

Sammy Eubanks: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for THE 411FED AND ECF UNIFIED WORLD'S HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!

Cain: And now is the moment we have been waiting for! It's been an intense night of action, but this is what it's all been leading up to.

Tex: DeSean Blackwell's entire life may have been leading up to this, Isaiah. This may well be the moment that he fulfils the promise he's shown since he arrived in the wrestling industry, and wins the proverbial big one.

Banter: One thing's for sure, if he does win, he'll have earned it.

Tex: I have no doubt in my mind that Darkness will make DeSean pay dearly for every inch given, for every drop of sweat poured, for every ounce of blood shed. This is a match about respect – but about the lack of it.

The arena lights turn black and blue, the Twistedtron shows a limo driving through the streets, it stops in front of the arena and the door opens and out steps DeSean decked out in his trademark wrestling gear. After 2 seconds of silence the beginning drums of Oasis Supersonic begins to play, DeSean walks through the curtain head down, with his hoodie covering his face.

Sammy: Introducing first...the challenger...from Greensboro, North Carolina...weighing in at 218 lbs...DESEEEEEEEEEEEEAN 'THETEEEECHNIIIIICIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN' BLAAAAAAAAACKWEEEEEEEEEEEELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tex: Take note of that weight – DeSean and Darkness both weighed in earlier today, and they were within a quarter pound of one another. This will be as even as any match I think we have ever seen, let alone one for the World Title.

DeSean flips the hood back and outstretches his arms. Syncing his steps to the beat, DeSean stops and forms a cross with his fist, he then outstretches his arms, pyro shoots off behind him.

Cain: DeSean is ready, he is willing, but is he adequately prepared to step up? Earlier tonight we saw tensions get the better of Dante and Strikmore, leaving this rivalry that has developed at the top of the card in some doubt. Can DeSean score a point for Technical Perfection and bring home the gold?

Tex: It is my belief that he has the tools to do so, but I've seen many competitors who thought they had what it took to beat Darkness step into the ring, and most of them were carried out on their backs.

Banter: Am I the only one here who just wants to see someone get the crap beat out of them?

DeSean walks down the ramp arguing with some fans while clapping the hands of others, he hops on the apron and slowly walks down the side. He stops, leaps on the top rope and backflips in. He pumps his fist and raises his arms getting a mixed reaction but mostly cheers, he yells "I'm back baby" and pumps his chest screaming this is "my show".

Tex: And now all that's left is the other piece of this puzzle. The man with a target on his back the size of Texas.

As "Fear of the Dark" plays, the view cuts to a shot of Darkness's locker room door. It opens, and Darkness steps from the shadows, his two title belts held in his hands. As his fans chant along to the music, Darkness walks through the corridors of the arena before reaching the gorilla position.

Sammy: And his opponent...from Chicago, Illinois...weighing in at 218 lbs... he is the 411FED AND ECF UNIFIED WORLD'S HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION... THE MAN...THE MYTH...THE ICON...THIS... IS DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARKNEEEEEEEEEEEEESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the pyro explodes and Darkness strides through the flames, there is a thunderous ovation. DeSean casts his eyes skyward, looking out at the tiered rows of seats, filled with far more Darklings than he was perhaps expecting.

Tex: DeSean has been very vocal about Darkness losing support from the fans, but I don't see much evidence of that here tonight.

Cain: Nonetheless, I think we'll be seeing a more divided crowd here tonight than you think.

Tex: Maybe.

Darkness walks down the ramp to the ring as flames streak down on either side of him. He doesn't take his eyes off DeSean.

Banter: Man, he doesn't look too happy...

Tex: Would you be? DeSean has attacked Darkness already, he's disrespected him, he's called him a fraud. As far as Darkness is concerned, he has nothing left to prove, and that is what DeSean takes issue with.

Cain: But he has to defend his titles, doesn't he? DeSean isn't being unreasonable – he's just asking Darkness to put his money where his mouth is.

Tex: Does that excuse the Hangman's DDT at Friction? If DeSean wanted to challenge Darkness, he should have earned his shot like anyone else.

Banter: Hey, if he wins, he'll prove he's the right man for the job, won't he? Does it matter how he got here?

Tex: I suppose not.

Darkness is in the ring now. He hands off his belts and the referee lifts them up, showing everybody exactly what's on the line. DeSean looks fired up as he hops lightly from one foot to the other and rolls his shoulders. Darkness remains almost motionless, regarding DeSean with an impassive expression on his weathered face. The referee beckons both men in and speaks a few quiet words to them. He exchanges nods with both competitors and then steps away before calling for the bell.

Cain: Here we go!

DeSean and Darkness remain in position, facing off silently as the crowd starts to murmur. DeSean mouths something to Darkness, and the World Champion smirks and shakes his head. DeSean takes a step back, then lunges forward and slaps Darkness across the face.

Tex: A show of disrespect from the challenger!

Banter: Yeah, good idea – piss him off before this match starts.

Cain: No doubt, DeSean is going for mind games. Perhaps he hopes that enraging Darkness will cause him to slip up and make mistakes.

Tex: It remains to be seen if that tactic will work against the ice warrior that is the World Champion.

Darkness keeps his eyes to the mat for a moment before slowly turning back to face DeSean. There's fire in his eyes. He takes a step forward, coming nose to nose with DeSean and says something to him that the microphones can't pick up. DeSean curls his lip and then pushes Darkness in the chest. He suddenly throws a right hand, but Darkness blocks it and fires back with a right of his own. He fights DeSean back to the ropes and then hits an Irish whip, only for DeSean to reverse. Darkness comes off the opposite ropes and gets floored by a shoulder block.

DeSean is on Darkness in an instant with a cover, but Darkness rolls out and grabs DeSean's arm, flipping over and grabbing a hammerlock. DeSean pushes himself up and counters into a snapmare. He tries for a reverse chinlock, but Darkness pries his hands apart and puts on a wristlock. He twists DeSean's arm over and flips him over onto his back. DeSean kips up then places his feet against Darkness's stomach and rolls onto his back, sending him over into a monkey flip.

Tex: Back and forth in the early going!

Cain: And DeSean looks to have the advantage so far, but how long will that last?

Darkness scrambles to his feet, and DeSean brings him down with a quick arm drag. Darkness bounces right up, then walks into a drop toehold. DeSean grabs his leg, but Darkness rolls onto his shoulders and kicks DeSean away. He bounces into the ropes and Darkness drops him with a spear on the way back. He spins sideways and hooks DeSean's leg...


Tw...DeSean grabs the ropes, breaking up the pin.

Banter: Always look where you're covering, Darkness.

Cain: Indeed, but some great ring presence from DeSean. He saw he didn't have to expend energy to kick out then.

Tex: And he will need every ounce of energy, every ounce of will and heart to walk out of here with the prize he so badly wants.

Darkness gets up to his feet and cracks his neck. DeSean stands up a little more slowly and the two men start to circle now. They lock up, and Darkness quickly hooks DeSean into a front chancery and brings him down to the mat. DeSean rolls through, grabbing Darkness's arm and pulling him up into a keylock. Darkness grits his teeth and stands up, freeing himself from the hold by the simple expedient of punching DeSean squarely in the face.

The referee warns Darkness about the closed fist and he advances on DeSean. He grabs him from behind, looking for a back suplex, but DeSean elbows him in the back of the head and staggers him with a straight kick to the gut. Darkness bends double and DeSean grabs him by the head, dropping him down into a bulldog. He goes for a cover...



DeSean rolls Darkness up to his feet, but Darkness hits a jawbreaker, sending DeSean stumbling backwards. He stands up and nails a throat thrust that nearly knocks DeSean over the top rope. He grabs him and executes an Irish whip. DeSean comes back with a clothesline, but Darkness ducks it and locks in a sleeper from behind. DeSean struggles in the hold for a moment, but then manages to duck behind Darkness and counters into a back suplex.

Tex: So far, DeSean is countering everything Darkness can throw at him.

Banter: Hey, they don't call him The Technician for nothing...

DeSean sits up and shakes the muzz out of his head, then goes after Darkness. He dives for him, but gets a boot to the gut. Darkness kips up right into a hurracanrana and flips DeSean across the ring.

Cain: Look at the agility! But DeSean is no slouch...

Tex: These men are so evenly matched. Both have tremendous amounts of technical skill, amazing strength, stamina and agility. I believe Darkness though, may be around two decades DeSean's senior. It will be interesting to see whether youth and vitality overcomes experience.

Both men stand up and face off for a moment before relaxing and beginning to circle again. They lock up, with DeSean gaining the advantage with a side headlock this time. He flips Darkness over onto his back with a takedown and cinches in the hold, but Darkness rolls him up onto his shoulders...


DeSean rolls through and then flips around into a hammerlock. He pushes Darkness down against the mat, but the Champion reverses out into a hammerlock of his own and then aims a sharp kick at the small of DeSean's back before releasing him.

Tex: Darkness targeting that lower back there. He could be looking to set up something dangerous.

Banter: It's a bit early for that, isn’t it?

Cain: It's never too early to lay the foundations for a victory, Banter. Darkness is a methodical, intelligent fighter. We've seen him focus on a single area many times in the past, and it has paid dividends.

DeSean holds his back as he staggers away and Darkness follows up with a forearm to the same area, then hooks DeSean's arm and yanks him right back, smashing him back-first into his knee.

He drops down for a pin...


Two...not enough!

Darkness picks DeSean up and whips him into the corner. He follows in with a kneelift and then hooks both of his arms as he staggers out. He tries to get DeSean up into a butterfly suplex, but the challenger twists around and pulls Darkness down into a backslide...


Two...Darkness kicks out!

Tex: A beautiful counter from the challenger there! Boy, I tell you, I've been singing DeSean's praises for years and, while I may not like how he went about getting this shot, I'm only too pleased to see him step up like this. I don't think I've seen a more hungry young colt before.

Banter: And you've seen a lot of hungry colts, right?

Tex: I have indeed.

Darkness jumps up to his feet and charges, but DeSean crashes into him with a clothesline. DeSean leaps right up, drawing energy from the crowd, and hits Darkness with another clothesline as he stands up. He jumps up to the second turnbuckle and spins around, diving off with the Alpha Flight, but Darkness telegraphs it and counters with a superkick!

Cain: Oh no!

Tex: This could be all!

DeSean, with incredible presence and agility, dodges the kick in midair and tumbles to the mat, rolling away and out under the bottom rope to the outside.

Tex: My goodness. In their last encounter, Darkness defeated DeSean with that superkick. I thought for sure that was going to spell the end of this challenge.

Banter: Yeah right. DeSean's going to be looking out for that move all match, I bet.

DeSean collects himself, watching from near the apron as Darkness smirks in the ring. He narrows eyes and then climbs slowly back in. He approaches Darkness gingerly, hands raised defensively, and tries for another lock up, but Darkness counters right into a wristlock. He goes behind with another hammerlock, but DeSean elbows free before he can cinch it in and pulls him into a suplex. He lifts Darkness up, only for the World Champion to wriggle free and drop to his feet behind him. He lays in a forearm to the back, sending DeSean reeling into the ropes and then drops him with a pendulum backbreaker.

Cain: More work on that back from Darkness. He's chipping away, slowly letting his attacks take their toll.

Tex: Darkness has some flashy moves in his arsenal, but ultimately his victories come down to a brutal, measured style. He's a patient man.

Darkness hooks DeSean's leg...



Shoulder up!

Darkness knees DeSean in the ribs, rolling him over, then grabs him by one leg. He slowly turns him over onto his stomach and squats down, locking him in a half crab. DeSean claws at the mat, trying to reach the ropes, but Darkness has a firm grip. He pulls back, subjecting his injured back to incredible torsion, but DeSean is still has plenty of reserves of energy and starts to rock back and forth, finally managing to flip Darkness away.

Cain: DeSean breaks free! He's still in this match!

Banter: Man, what the hell are we gonna do if he wins? Darkness might go crazy.

Tex: Let's hope, if DeSean wins this, he does it fairly. I want to see a by-the-book athletic contest here.

Banter: Yeah, you would.

Darkness uses the ropes to stand up as DeSean dives at him, bearing him down to the mat with a spear. He pounds on him with vicious right hands and the two men brawl into the ropes before rolling right out of the ring. Darkness mounts DeSean and goes for a choke, but DeSean grabs his prosthetic and gives Darkness a thumb to the eye. Darkness stands up, holding his eye and DeSean jumps to his feet and kicks him in the stomach. He grabs a handful of stringy black hair and smashes Darkness face-first into the apron.

DeSean collects himself for a moment, then rolls in and out of the ring, breaking up the count. Darkness is on his knees, and DeSean hits him with a right hook, then a left, before taking a few steps back and then charging Darkness with a knee to the temple. Darkness falls back, slumping down to the floor.

Tex: DeSean with a brutal series of attacks on the outside. That may be what he needs to resort to in this contest.

Cain: It may just be. I have a feeling this match is not going to be pretty.

A look of triumph on his face, DeSean lifts up the World Champion and rolls him into the ring. He drives the point of his elbow into Darkness's throat for good measure, then dives in after him and yanks him into a cover...



Thr...no! Darkness has his foot on the rope!

Banter: Great ring presence from the Champion!

Tex: ...

Banter: What? I can say stuff about wrestling too you know.

DeSean yanks Darkness's boot free and covers again, tighter this time...



DeSean stands up and then stomps on Darkness's head. He drops an elbow and catches his breath for a moment. As Darkness lies on the mat, DeSean crosses over to the corner and starts to untie one of the turnbuckle pads. The referee tries to stop him and DeSean steps away, holding up his hands. The referee tries to fasten the pad back, but DeSean pulls Darkness into a cover again and pounds on the mat, bringing the referee back to the middle of the ring.

On...Darkness kicks out straight away!

Tex: I think your prediction may prove true, Isaiah. DeSean has resorted to possibly illegal means to win this match.

Cain: Things will get worse before they get better. It's not the methodology I'd choose personally, but these may be desperate times for DeSean. He wants those belts. He wants to save TCW from what he believes is a destructive influence.

DeSean rolls Darkness up to his feet and kicks him in the gut. He hooks his arms and flips him into a quick butterfly suplex. He runs the ropes and gets another big elbow on the way back, then snaps on an inverted front-facelock. He hauls Darkness up to his feet and hooks his arm.

Cain: Dragon Sleeper!

Darkness tries to pull himself free, but DeSean has a firm grip. He grabs DeSean's arm and twists his way out. He pulls him into a hammerlock and then reverses into an Irish whip. DeSean heads for the exposed turnbuckle, but halts himself. He catches Darkness charging in, apparently out of the corner of his eye, and jumps up. Darkness crashes into the corner and DeSean drops down behind him, then rolls him up with a schoolboy...




Tex: Good God! I think Darkness may have been busted open!

Banter: Awesome!

Darkness rolls onto his back, holding his good hand to his face. Blood can be seen trickling between his fingers. DeSean smiles slightly and stomps Darkness down before dropping down into a side headlock on the mat. He wrenches hard, causing the blood flow from the gash on Darkness's forehead to visibly increase. DeSean lifts the Champion and then swings him down to the mat with a headlock takedown. He holds on, pressing his shoulders to the mat...


Two...shoulder up!

DeSean hammers Darkness with a left hand, drawing a warning from the referee, and then releases him. He hits off the ropes, looking for another elbow, but Darkness rolls out of the way and DeSean crashes into the mat. Darkness immediately drives the heel of his boot into DeSean's face and then rears back for a charge, but DeSean rolls up and hits a dropkick. Darkness reels back against the ropes and DeSean charges now, only for Darkness to get underneath him and lift him up over the top rope.

Cain: DeSean to the outside!

DeSean lands on the apron and then springboards off into a modified Alpha Flight as Darkness stands! DeSean skids to a halt on the mat and, as Darkness picks himself up slowly again, nails him with an enziguri.

DeSean goes for a cover...



Thr...Darkness just kicks out in time!

Tex: I thought he had him there! So close!

Banter: Holy shit, I can't believe we might be about to get a new World Champion. Is it two years ago or something?

DeSean plants his fists against the canvas and rises up to his feet. He glares at Darkness as he staggers up to his feet. DeSean rushes him, but Darkness throws himself out of the way and DeSean crashes into the turnbuckle. He stumbles backwards and Darkness launches himself towards him, foot outstretched...

Cain: No! The superkick! This is how DeSean was defeated last time!

But DeSean catches Darkness's superkick and grabs him by the ankle. He flips him over and steps across, hooking one leg across the other and then pulling back, cinching in the Leg Stretcher!

Tex: What a counter! DeSean has Darkness in his signature hold!

Cain: Holy shit! This is it!

Darkness's back arches as DeSean pulls back, subjecting him to incredible pain. He roars in fury as he increases the pressure, and Darkness grits his teeth, trying to resist the agony. He paws at the mat, trying to pull himself towards the ropes. DeSean attempts to drag him back to the centre of the ring, but Darkness is now inching his way forward on his elbows. DeSean shakes his head and pulls back again, but Darkness is getting close to the ropes.

Cain: Darkness is fighting it...

The World Champion makes a lunge for the ropes, but falls short. DeSean squats down, increasing the pressure, and Darkness reaches out again, making it this time. The referee starts to make the count...


DeSean finally lets go and Darkness slumps down to the mat.

Tex: DeSean is forced to let go, but the damage may have been done.

Cain: Darkness survives the Leg Stretcher, but how long can he continue to fight now?

Banter: Not long I bet!

The challenger steps away, breathing hard. He turns around and reaches for Darkness's leg again, but Darkness turns over onto his back and kicks him away. He lunges up to his feet and charges with a clothesline, bowling DeSean right over the top rope and to the outside. He lands in a heap on the floor and Darkness hops through the ropes, moving slowly, his face now a crimson mask. He checks on DeSean, who is now getting up, and goes for an asai moonsault, but DeSean is up and catches Darkness on his shoulder. He staggers, allowing Darkness to slip down behind him and grab a sleeper. He hooks his leg around DeSean's torso and drops down to the floor.

Tex: The Nightchoker! He can't score a submission on the outside, but this will take a heavy toll!

DeSean thrashes around furiously in the Nightchoker as Darkness twists and tightens the body scissor. The referee is counting both men out, and Darkness eventually releases, rolling in and out of the ring slowly to break up the count.

DeSean is up again and he and Darkness trade blows on the outside. DeSean kicks him in the gut and knees him in the face, sending the World Champion sprawling back against the apron. He lays in a knife-edge chop and then a headbutt, causing Darkness to slump down to the floor. He pounds on him with right hands, aiming everything at the forehead, opening up Darkness's wound further. Soon, both DeSean's hand and Darkness's face are a bloody mess.

Banter: Oh man, you weren't wrong, Isaiah. This is getting nasty.

Cain: There's so much on the line – pride, respect and, most of all, the World Titles. These two men are pushing one another to their very limits.

The referee is warning DeSean, and he steps away from Darkness before quickly rolling in and out of the ring to break the count. He hauls Darkness up and smashes him with a forearm to the face, then whips him into the ring post. Darkness hits it shoulder first and clutches the arm DeSean has been working on. DeSean measures the Champion and then dives in, but Darkness throws himself clear and DeSean crashes right into the post!

Tex: Oh no! I think...I think DeSean may have just been busted open too!

DeSean staggers backwards, holding his face. A trickle of blood seeps between his fingers. Darkness flicks his hair back out of his eyes and glares through the mess of blood and paint on his craggy face. DeSean takes his hand from his face, and Darkness immediately flies towards him, hitting him with a huge Shadowed Wizard.

Banter: Ow!

Cain: Darkness with a big move. How much longer can this continue?

DeSean is down, and Darkness takes a moment to break up the count, which had reached eight. Darkness rolls back to the outside and runs a hand across his face. He reaches down and tugs at the black protective matting, pulling it out of the way, exposing the concrete. He ducks down and beckons for DeSean to stand. As he does so, he kicks him in the gut and pulls him down into a standing headscissor.

Tex: Oh no...

Banter: He's gonna kill him!

Darkness reaches down as the crowd cheer and pulls DeSean up. He staggers for a moment, then drops down, planting DeSean's head into the concrete with a thunderous piledriver!

Cain: Vintage Darkness!

Tex: That has to be all. DeSean's head was just driven right into the concrete. Darkness needs to finish this before this goes any further. My God...

There is a bloody smear on the concrete floor as Darkness pushes DeSean out of the way. The referee is shouting, threatening to ring the bell, but knowing that would simply leave Darkness with the title still. Darkness stands up slowly and grabs DeSean by the head. He rolls the motionless challenger into the ring and climbs in after, then hooks his leg for the cover...



Thre...NO! DeSean just jerks his shoulder off the mat in time!

Tex: Good God! The tenacity! The endurance!

Cain: DeSean is still in this thing!

DeSean's face is a bloody mess too now and Darkness starts to stalk him. DeSean clambers up to his knees and Darkness knees him in the face, knocking him down to the canvas. He grabs his leg and hooks it under one arm, before turning over into another half crab. DeSean is slumped against the mat, unable to even struggle. The referee reaches for his arm, but DeSean is able to shrug him away as he comes 'round. He reaches out for the ropes, and his fingers brush against them.

Banter: Not close enough! Oh man, this is tense.

Tex: DeSean may be forced to submit here. Darkness has hammered that lower back all match, and now he's subjecting it to even more punishment.

Darkness tries to pull DeSean away from the ropes, but he's tired too, and DeSean makes a desperate lunge, securing his grip. The referee counts...

One...two...three... and Darkness releases.

DeSean holds an arm against his back, writhing in pain. Darkness grabs him by the head and lifts him up. He kicks him in the stomach and hooks him into an abdominal stretch. DeSean yells out and reaches for the ropes again, but Darkness drags him back. This allows DeSean the opportunity to unbalance the World Champion though and he reverses into a hiptoss, only for Darkness to land on his feet. The two men stand locked in a tableaux for a split second before Darkness aims a superkick right at DeSean's face!

Cain: Third time's the charm!

But DeSean ducks! Darkness stumbles and DeSean yanks him down into a falling neckbreaker. Both men are down, but it's DeSean who stands up first. He moves stiffly, favouring his back, and reaches for Darkness. He drags him up to his feet, but Darkness punches him in the gut and then whips him across the ring. He spins him over into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and immediately drops down for a cover...



Thr...DeSean kicks out!

Tex: Damnit! Stay down, kid. It's for your own good now.

Cain: DeSean isn't going to stay down, Tex. He won't be satisfied by anything but victory. He must walk out of Beijing the World Champion.

Darkness is clearly flagging now. He pushes himself up slowly, blinking more blood from his eyes. DeSean drags himself up using the ropes and stumbles towards Darkness, flailing with a right hand. Darkness hits him with a throat thrust that sends him back against the ropes and then reaches out with his prosthetic, clamping it around DeSean's throat!

Tex: A choke! A choke!

DeSean tries to fight his way out, then aims a kick at Darkness's midsection. Darkness is staggered and lets go, and DeSean takes his opportunity, pulling him in and grabbing him around the waist. With a primal roar he flips Darkness up onto his shoulders...

Cain: DeSean is going for the Hangman's DDT! And I have no doubt that that would end this match and also Darkness's title reign! This may be the most important move in wrestling history!

...but DeSean can't hold him up, as Darkness's weight take its toll on his injured back. He stumbles and Darkness drops down to his feet. He grabs DeSean around the throat again and, with a bellow, hauls him up into a Slayer Slam!

Cain: No! No!

Tex: Darkness with that chokeslam, and DeSean is vulnerable. He could pin him now and end this!

Banter: Or...

Darkness looks down at DeSean on the mat, his eyes blazing. He bares his teeth, white but framed in rivulets of crimson blood. He grabs DeSean's legs and steps through, crossing his ankles across one knee, then turns him over onto his stomach.

Tex: Darkshooter! Darkshooter!

DeSean screams in pain as Darkness pushes down, subjecting his damaged back to sheer agony. He tries to claw across the mat, but can find no purchase. Blood is now slicking the canvas, and DeSean's hands are bloody too – his palms just slide. He reaches out for the ropes, but they're too far away.

Cain: DeSean can't get to the ropes! Darkness has the Darkshooter locked in, and DeSean has nowhere to go!

Tex: This is the move he won his first match with! This is the move he won his first World Title with! This is iconic!

Darkness shakes his head, squatting down further. The crowd have reached fever pitch, some chanting for DeSean, but many more made rabid by Darkness and this quasi-mythical moment. DeSean pushes himself up with his hands, trying to straighten out his back, but that takes a toll on his arms, which are beginning to shake. He slumps back down to the canvas.

Cain: DeSean is holding on! He won't quit! But where can he go? What can he do?

Tex: He has no choice! For his own safety, for his own sanity, he must tap!

DeSean is shaking his head against the mat, spraying dark blood. He looks desperately towards the ropes and makes another attempt to reach them, but Darkness drags him back towards the middle of the ring. DeSean smashes his fist into the mat, just trying to hold on.

Banter: This is it...

Cain: C'mon, DeSean!

Tex: Give it up, kid! This is over!

Slowly, DeSean lifts his hand. He holds it up, shaking in the air for a long moment. He wills himself to fight on, to endure the pain tearing through his body, but he has nothing left.

Finally, his hand drops and he starts tapping.

Tex: He's tapping! DeSean is tapping out! This is over! My God almighty!

The bell rings and Darkness, with a roar, releases DeSean and stumbles down to his hands and knees. His music starts to play as the crowd go ballistic.

Cain: So close...DeSean was within a damn hair...

Banter: Yeah, close but not close enough.

Tex: My God, what a match. What a match. They put each other through hell, but Darkness has retained. He remains the World Champion.

Darkness is handed his belts, and he holds them close to his face, dripping blood on them. A rivulet of crimson pours down the white strap of the ECF Title and down to the already-stained canvas.

Cain: I don’t believe it.

Tex: Say what you will, make whatever arguments you wish, but Darkness proved something tonight. He proved he deserved to be where he is.

Cain: Maybe so, but he can't be Champion forever. Some day, he will be toppled.

Tex: But not today. Not today.

Darkness staggers to his feet and walks towards the corner. Slowly he ascends the turnbuckle and, shaking with the effort, lifts the World Championship belts over his head in exultation.

Cain: What a night it has been! Darkness retains his World Titles, and the question remains – who can beat him? Who can do the seemingly impossible and end this reign?

Tex: It was not DeSean Blackwell, but there's no doubt in my mind that this young man will have more opportunities to reach the peak of TCW. His story is just beginning.

Cain: Folks, we'll see you at Friction – goodnight!

Suddenly, the view of Darkness switches to the same scene, but now on a smaller monitor. It pulls out, revealing it to be on a screen backstage. Watching Darkness's celebration is Matt Strikmore.

His jaw tightens. His fists clench.

Down, boy.

Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:41 pm
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