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Twisted Experience and TCW - View topic - Stranglehold in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (May 2 2008)
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 Stranglehold in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (May 2 2008) 
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Post Stranglehold in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (May 2 2008)
"Here I come again now, baby
Like a dog in heat
Tell it's me by the clamor now, baby
I like to tear up the street
And I been smokin' for so long
Ya know I'm here to stay
Got you in a stranglehold, baby
You best get outta the way

Road I cruise is a bitch now baby
But no, you can't turn me round
And if a house gets in my way, baby
Ya know I'm tearing it down
You ran the night that you left me
You put me in my place
I got you in a stranglehold, baby
Then I crushed your face.

Sometimes you wanna start higher
And sometimes you gotta start low
Some people think they gonna die someday
I got news, ya never got to go

C'mon, c'mon up...

C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon baby
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon up
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon baby
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon"</i>


Live from Estádio Jornalista Mário Filho, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.</center>

<center>Image Image Image</center>

Tex: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to TCW STRANGLEHOLD! It's sure to be a crazy night with many belts on the line, and Jason Dante has announced that he'll be addressing The Hunter tonight in the ring before their match!

Cain: I'm being told we have some action going on backstage... Let's turn to the Twistedtron!

The glass-panelled double doors of the arena swing open and there is a surge of noise from the crowd as Darkness steps through, holding his belts and accompanied by two strange figures.


Tex: It's Darkness! Tonight he defends the World Championship against Kermit!

Banter: Who are his friends?

Cain: I have no idea...

One is a young man with jet black hair and strange, heavy-boned features and the other is a pale young girl in a oversized military jacket.

"Do you really need us here?" the man asks, glancing from side to side warily.

"I'm not letting either of you out of my sight," Darkness growls, "not with what's happened."

The girl sticks out her tongue. "Well I'm not coming out to the ring with you."

"I'll find someone to watch you while I'm beating Kermit."

Cain: I guess Darkness is pretty confident...

Tex: What does he mean though? What's happened that he has to keep an eye on these two... uh... individuals...?

The three of them make their way through the lobby of the arena, ignoring the line of fans that start shouting and screaming when they recognise Darkness.

"Lots of female fans there," the girl with Darkness smirks, waggling her eyebrows suggestively.

"Apparently," Darkness replies impassively.

Banter: Aw, bring back the girls!

Tex: Instead, let's bring on the first match!

<center>Image Image Image
<br>TCW Aftershock Championship</center></center>

Eubanks: The following triple-threat contest is scheduled for one fall... and it is for the TCW AFTERSHOCK CHAMPIONSHIP!

The arena lights turn black and blue, the Twistedtron shows a limo driving through the streets, it stops in front of the arena and the door opens and out steps DeSean decked out in his trademark wrestling gear. The fans boo as DeSean walks into the arena, after a delayed silence Fabolous' Breathe begins to play.


For each Woo DeSean hops side to side, he starts bouncing to the beat of the music and walking down the ramp.

<center>One and then the two
Two and then the three
Three and then the four
Then you gotta BREATHE
One and then the two
Two and then the three
Three and then the four
Then you gotta BREATHE
Then you gotta
Then you gotta

He stops in the middle of the ramp and points up as pyro shoots off behind him, he continues walking, getting more intense with each step he takes.

Eubanks: Introducing first, from Greensboro, NC, weighing in at 220 pounds...he is"The Technician"...DESEAAAAAAN....BLACKWELL!

<center>When the crew walk in it
Pop a few corks in it
As quick as a tick in a New York minute
Catch a breath, fore u catch a left
Even worse, catch a Tef
Only way u catch a F
To the A-B, its in the maybe
Rollin with my baby
Grippin on a toy that you won't find in +KayBee+
I rhyme slick on ya
I'm a have to put the Heimlich on ya
What you know bout lettin' dimes lick on ya?
While you inhale the weed
And it won't stop till they inhale ya seed
And it don't stop I tell em' to breathe
Like a doctor with a stethoscope
I don't see no fuckin hope
Unless these motherfuckers BREATHE

DeSean argues with some fans, he stands on the apron, facing the fans he lifts his hood up and stretches his arms, saying something inaudible. He then turns around and backflips into the ring.

<center>Yeah, Brooklyn gotta
Uptown gotta
the Bronx gotta
Queens gotta
Staten Isle gotta
You niggas gotta
You bitches gotta
Everybody BREATHE

As the final Breathe is said DeSean pounds his hand into the mat and points up, looking a little more emotional than usual.

Tex: Here is DeSean Blackwell. The Commissioner's surprise entrant into this Aftershock Championship match.

Cain: It's been a while since we last saw him. You think he has a chance to pull out the victory and become champion?

Banter: Not a chance. He's probably got ring rust.

Highone's music begins to play...but before it can get started, Highone runs out, down the ramp, slides into the ring and starts trading punches with DeSean Blackwell!

Tex: And Highone is wasting no time in attacking DeSean!

Cain: He didn't even wait for the bell! This match hasn't even officially begun!

The arena goes dark and silent before the opening guitar chords of Strapping Young Lad's "Shitstorm" begin playing. The screen flashes split second shots of David Hardy in action as blue lights flash in sync with the music.

<center>OH YOU BASTARD!!!</center>

Suddenly a massive explosion of fire erupts at the top of the ramp.

<center>Know, know, KNOW
is WRONG!!!

David Hardy slowly steps out. He walks to either side of the stage and stares out at the audience with an enraged expression on his face.

Eubanks: Weighing in at 200 pounds and hailing from West Vancouver, Canada. He is the TCW Aftershock Champion...DAAAAAAVIIIIIID HAAAAARRRRDYYYYY!!!!

The moment his introduction is finished, he wastes no time in running down the ramp to join his opponents in the brawl!

Tex: And this one is under way, getting off to a firey start!

Cain: This is an interesting matchup, a blast from the past of sorts...all three men in the ring right now were former members of the stable, Infinity! You gotta wonder if the Commissioner set this up on purpose.

Banter: NO... you think?!

And the three of them traded blows on each other, punching, each blow filled with fury. Finally, someone found an opportunity...and took it!

A double clothesline later, and DeSean had taken both of his opponents to the canvas. He immediately began to stomp away at them both on the mat quickly, before running against the ropes...and splashing on the two of them at the same time!

Tex: My gosh! DeSean splashing BOTH of his opponents at the same time!

Cain: He's trying to get an early advantage in this match, and seems to be succeeding!

Now DeSean stands up, and takes Hardy with him, landing some punches, apparantly to keep him dazed. He brings him to the ropes and performs an Irish Whip.

But to DeSean's surprise...Hardy is less hurt than he thinks! Hardy lands a spinning heel kick to DeSean's chin and knocks him down. He goes for a quick cover!



DeSean pushes off Hardy and stands up quickly. Hardy appears to be quicker, as he plants his foot in DeSean's chest, and then comes off with an enzuigiri to the side of his head. It's only a glancing blow, however, and DeSean's only momentarily dazed. Hardy however, takes advantage of this...or would have, as Highone has gotten to his feet, and blocks whatever move he was going to attempt with a clothesline. Unfortunately, DeSean comes from behind, landing a bulldog on Highone, crushing his face into the canvas.

Hardy is up before DeSean can attempt a cover on Highone, and they trade blows before Hardy manages to get a knee into DeSean's gut. Suddenly, he backs off a bit, and seems to be positioning himself carefully. His eyes are focused carefully on DeSean.

Tex: What's he planning here?

DeSean moves to retaliate, but Hardy LEAPS into the air...and just boots DeSean over the ropes! At the same moment, he turns in midair to land on his chest...RIGHT on top of the downed Highone! An audible 'oooh' from the crowd!

Cain: What a BEAUTIFUL Dropsault right there...hurting both opponents with a single move! And a COVER!




Tex: It's not enough to put away Highone!

Banter: Of course it wasn't, you think the match would end that easily?

Cain: Whatever the case, Hardy's got the advantage now.

Banter: Or so you think?

Hardy has Highone by the head, but before he can do anything, Highone elbows Hardy in the gut. He then starts to land carefully placed punches, driving him back to the corner.

Banter: Now he's got him where he wants him.

Highone swings HARD, and lands a powerful knife-edge chop to Hardy's chest! The crowd lets out a 'Woo!'

Another. 'Woo!'

Another! 'Woo!'

And another! 'Woo!'

Cain: Can you imagine how those chops must feel? The pain is written all over Hardy's face!

Highone lifts the vurnurable Hardy up to the top rope, and climbs up there himself. As he hooks Hardy into a side headlock of sorts, it's clear what he's about to do.

Tex: Highone's about to give him a swinging DDT!

No! Hardy blocks. He keeps himself firmly rooted on the top rope. The two begin to trade blows on the top rope, back and forth, back and forth...

CHOP. 'Woo!'

But it's not enough! With a surge of strength, Hardy shoves Highone from the top rope. He readies himself into a jumping position...

Highone's already up!

Hardy jumps, and flips!


Cain: Shoulders DOWN!




Highone reverses the pin!







Highone's on his feet first, he grabs Hardy and whips him towards the ropes...

DeSean is on the apron!


SWEET CHIN MUSIC! DeSean falls like a ragdoll, and boos sweep over the arena.

Tex: My God, he kicked him right off the apron!

Cain: Hardy just puts on the brakes and kicks DeSean...potentially out of the-wait a minute! HE'S GOT HIM!

Right off the Superkick, Hardy was caught by Highone, and placed in the Dragon Clutch Claw! His right hand was clamped over Hardy's forehead, and his left over Hardy's chest!

Tex: The Dragon Clutch Claw! Hardy's barely standing!

Sure enough, the submission move was taking it's toll on Hardy. He was trying to fight out of it...Highone countered with careful kicks to his legs, and moved in close, kicking his knee out and getting him to the ground!

Cain: Highone's got that submission manuver locked right in! There's nowhere for him to go!

Hardy's right hand waves in the air. The referee slaps the mat a bit, noting that Hardy can tap out at any time.

He's screaming in pain, waving his hand in the air! His legs are writhing as he desperately tries to find an escape route...

There is a pause...

His palm stiffens...

Hardy's answer is clear:

"NO!" he bellows.

His hand finds the bottom rope!

Tex: Hardy, breaks the hold!

The referee begins a 5-count, forcing Highone to remove the hold or be disqualified. And he does at 4.5 seconds. A frustrated Highone stomps away furiously at Hardy's chest, where that claw-hold initally was. He yells at him a bit before picking him up by his head...

Cain: Look out!







Tex: Oh my God! He got the shoulder up! The DKO couldn't put him away!

Cain: How close?! How close WAS THAT? That had to be...2.999 seconds! The hand had to be a CENTIMETER away from counting the pin! What the hell does it take to keep Highone down?

Hardy's standing up, in disbelief...DeSean's behind him! The crowd pops as he's signaling for Hardy to turn around, waiting to strike!

Hardy turns around, and takes a boot to the chest! Powerbomb position!

Tex: He's got him in the air!

A SICKENING impact as Hardy's head and neck connect with the canvas!

Cain: Hangman's DDT!





Eubanks: Your winner...and...NEEEEEEEWWWWWW....TCW Aftershock Champion...'The Technician', DESEAAAAAAN....BLACKWELL!


Banter: ...That snake! That cheating snake!

Tex: And how, exactly, did he cheat?

Banter: Uhm, well...he stole the victory?

Cain: More like he came in at just the right moment! DeSean wisely wore down his opponents at the beginning of the match, and despite being knocked out of the equation, it worked in his favor! As one opponent took out the other, DeSean was able to take out his remaining enemy and pick up the win!

DeSean is posing confidently on the turnbuckle, flashbulbs raining upon him as his music echoes throughout the arena. He holds his new belt triumphantly in the air.

Tex: Whatever the circumstances, we've got ourselves a new Aftershock Champion...and I'd bet Hardy's not likely to be happy about it.

Cain: No doubt he'll want a rematch in the future...


The Twistedtron flashes to life.

<center><object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/207dkU6m4Xg&hl=en"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/207dkU6m4Xg&hl=en" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object></center>

Banter: What the heck??

Tex: I'm not sure... Hey! Looks like we're heading backstage again!

The door to Stern's office bursts open and Darkness strides in, flanked by his two odd-looking companions again.

<center>Image Image</center>

"Darkness," the Commissioner greets him, arching an eyebrow. "So nice to see you."

"Where is she, Stern?"

"Where is who?"

Darkness shoots a look at Stern's two bodyguards, Wilson and Midnight. "You know who. What did you do, fire her?"

Stern smiles. "Ah, you mean Ms. Green..."

"That's right," he snarls, "where's Freya?"

Cain: Was that what Darkness was talking about before?

Banter: Doesn't she have a match tonight?

Tex: Supposedly...

"Darkness, I know less about where Freya is than you do. She hasn't shown up to the arena and, as far as I can tell, no one's seen her in days. I would have thought you'd be the man to ask about it, personally."

"I've been out of town."

"Oh? Whereabouts?"

Darkness narrows his eyes. "Chicago."

"Ah, a trip home? Did you happen to bump into Kermit while you were there."


"Shame." She turns her chair slightly, switching her gaze back to her computer screen.

"Is that it? You don't know where she is."

"I told you everything I know, Darkness. Freya hasn't been seen for over a week."

"And you don't know where the others are either, I take it?"


"My companions. You know..." he gestures to the young man standing next to him, "...‘the ones with the faces' as you once put it."

"No, Darkness. I have no idea where any of your friends are. Maybe you should ask Atomic Welfare? I hear he was seen speaking to Freya and two of your entourage after Havoc."

Darkness holds out a finger threateningly. "If any of them are hurt...if Freya's in trouble..."

Midnight and Wilson both take a step forward. "Yes, Darkness?" Stern smiles.

"You'll regret it." He nods at the bodyguards. "So will they."

"I'd love to see you try to make us regret it, Darkness..."

"No. You wouldn't."

Darkness turns sharply and heads for the door. As he places his good hand on the knob, Stern clears her throat. "Oh, and Darkness? If you do find Freya, tell that she'll be stripped of her belt if she misses another show. And then I really will fire her, alright?"

"I'll pass that along."

"I hope you aren't thinking of taking your friends out to the ring with you either. It wouldn't...look good...for the company."

"Don't worry. I'll leave them with Gideon."

"Gideon? You mean Acid Misfit?"


"Misfit isn't around. His contract renewal negotiations have proved more troublesome than we hoped."

Darkness sighs. "Freya...Misfit...Dante...I'm running out of allies here..."

"Why? What's happened to Dante?" Stern asks with a frown.

"Oh, didn't you hear? He's dead."

Tex: What?!

"Dante isn't dead. I've already seen him today. His match against The Hunter is all ready to take place this evening."

Darkness blinks at Stern. "Apparently I've been misinformed."

"Apparently you have."

Darkness shakes his head silently and then he and his companions leave the office.

Cain: Freya's missing?

Banter: Dante's dead?!

Tex: I don't think so. But what does this Freya situation mean for Darkness?

Banter: I think we all know what it means...

Cain: I hope the World Champion doesn't do anything rash ahead of his title defence tonight.

Fri May 02, 2008 6:43 pm
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<center>Image Image</center>

"Hi there, I'm backstage interviewer Stephen LePage, here with Aaron Keening," says Stephen LePage from his location backstage. With him is Aaron Keening.

"Hello!" says Keening cheerily.

"Hello, Aaron. So, apparently you have some news for us regarding your future in TCW?"

"That's right."

"Would...uh...would you like to tell us what that news is?"

"I would, Stephen." Keening looks at the camera and, with an intense look, points at his shoulder. "I'm sorry to say that, just the other week, I was the recipient of ligament damage to my shoulder."

"Was that when Drakus attacked you?"

"Um...no...I did it playing guitar actually."

"That's very unfortunate."

"It is, Stephen. Anyway, as a result of this injury, I've managed to get Commissioner Stern to put me on a light schedule for the next couple of months."

"So, what you're trying to tell us is that you won't be wrestling much in the near future?"

"That's right."

"Great. I mean...not ‘great', but...well, you know...whatever." LePage shrugs his shoulders. "Bad luck for Keening fans I guess, if either of them are watching. So, are you going to be wrestling tonight against Pat Wow?"

"I believe it's pronounced ‘WoW' and no, I'm afraid not."

Banter: Aww...what a shame...

Cain: Pat's going to be disappointed.


Keening and LePage look ‘round to see an angry Pat WoW approaching. He shakes a fist at Keening. "What's the deal, man?"


"What deal? There's no deal!"

"You're chickening out of a match with me!"

"No I'm not!" Keening looks affronted. "I hurt my shoulder. I have a doctor's note and everything. Believe me, I'm as angry as you appear to be."

"I doubt it!"

Pat hurls himself at Keening, and the two fall into a tussle on the floor. LePage just looks on, bemused.

Tex: These two are really going at it!

Cain: Keening's not going to be able to defend himself with that shoulder injury...

Keening makes a feeble effort to fend Pat off, but it looks like his injury is legit as he is clearly favouring his right arm. Pat shows no mercy, wailing on Keening with right and lefts and then stomping him down against the wall.

"That's what you get for wussing out, you wuss!"

Banter: Pat's gone crazy!

Cain: I guess he's a little annoyed about not getting a match at the big show.

Pat gives LePage a withering look before storming away.

"Well, that was Pat WoW, folks. Is he a psychopath or merely a violent misanthropist? It's up to the fans to decide that for themselves. Any closing words from you Mr. Keening?"

He holds the microphone down to the motionless Keening.

"No? Aaron Keening there: man of few words."

Tex: Well, that was... something.

Cain: The TC title is on the line next!

<center>Image Image
<br>TCW Transcontinental Championship</center></center>

Sammy Eubanks: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the TCW TRANSCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first...

The drum beats of "Battle of One" start as white lights strobe to the beat. The guitar riff starts, and blue strobes join the white lights. As the singer screams, Matt Strikmore makes his way through the entrance way.

Sammy: Making his return to TCW, the challenger...from Wildwood, New Jersey...he weighs in at 209 lbs...MAAAAAATT STRIIIIIIIIIIIIKMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOREEE!!!!

Matt rolls his neck before heading down the ramp. He looks psyched to get back in the ring and dashes down the ramp, slapping hands on the way and climbing the turnbuckle once he's in the ring.

Cain: Matt Strikmore returns to action here tonight! What a reaction for this highly popular TCW star!

Banter: Who does he think he's kidding though? He hasn't wrestled in almost a year and his opponent is the TC Champ.

Tex: It's hard not to acknowledge that Strikmore is the underdog here, but he's clearly in the best shape of his life and I have no doubt that he wants this win more than any other win in his career.

Cain: And that's quite a career so far for this young man.

Tex: It sure is. Matt Strikmore has...

<center><object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/hYWtP9hVE68"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/hYWtP9hVE68" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object></center>

Tex: Uh oh...

The beginning of 'Raining Blood' plays along with an entrance video filled with mysterious images as the arena goes completely dark. It is not until the music begins to pick up that Inferno finally emerges in the entryway, and raises his arms triumphantly as pillars of flame surround him, and flank him as walks down the ramp. Images of his path of destruction play on the Twistedtron all the while. Inferno isn't alone though - there is a small figure with him: what appears to be a Japanese teenager.

Sammy: And, on the way to the ring...weighing in at 290 lbs...he is the TCW TRANSCONTINENTAL CHAMPION...IIIIIIIIINFEEEEEEEEERNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

He enters the ring, in a pure, concentrated trance, seemingly taking in the reaction of the crowd, some speaking with boos, some speaking with a dead, fearful silence.

Cain: Well you heard the announcement - Inferno is carrying 290 lbs, as opposed to Matt's trim two-oh-nine. That's a deficit of 81 lbs in favour of the champ.

Banter: You're a real math whiz; you know that?

Tex: What I'm wondering though is who his friend is...

Banter: Probably just some demented fan. God knows we've got enough of them. Have you seen those morons with the Darkness signs?

Inferno is just a few feet from the ring when Strikmore dashes towards the ropes, climbs through onto the apron and then throws himself off with a double-axehandle. He connects with Inferno, sending him stumbling and then tries to press his advantage, but Inferno grabs him around the throat and throws him at the apron where he sprawls helplessly for a moment. Inferno's curious valet has retreated to ringside with a high-pitched wail and now watches from a safe(r) distance. Inferno kicks Strikmore in the gut and clubs him down before grabbing him around the waist and flipping him into the air, bringing him down with a brutal powerbomb on the outside.

Tex: Oh my God! This match hasn't even officially started yet and Strikmore may already be as good as beaten!

Banter: I guess being super-psyched doesn't always pay off, huh?

Cain: Strikmore's enthusiasm may indeed have cost him dearly here in the early going.

Inferno rolls Strikmore into the ring and, as he climbs over the ropes the bell rings. He immediately goes for a cover.

Tex: This could be the shortest title defence of all time!



Thre...no! Strikmore just kicks out!

Inferno roughly lifts Strikmore and throws him into the corner. He follows up with a throat strike that nearly lifts Strikmore off his feet and then applies a choke. The referee moves in to break it up, and Inferno releases at four.

Tex: Inferno seems to be targeting Strikmore's neck and throat area.

Cain: Strikmore was sidelined with a neck injury last year courtesy of Drakus and you can bet Inferno knows that.

Strikmore staggers out of the corner and Inferno floors him with a big boot then pins for a second time...



Inferno grabs Strikmore around the throat and lifts him straight into the air. He whips him across the ring and ducks down for a back body drop, but Strikmore telegraphs it and kicks him in the chest. Inferno stumbles backwards and Strikmore gets a few elbow strikes before trying to whip Inferno into the corner. The monster plants his feet though and reverses, sending Strikmore crashing into the turnbuckle instead. At ringside, the strange girl is watching the match intently, not making any attempt to cheer for the man she accompanied to the ring.

Inferno yanks Strikmore up by his air and gets another choke. This time he lifts Strikmore right into the air with only one hand and hold him suspended for a few seconds. The referee starts to admonish him until he drives Strikmore down into the canvas with a thunderous crash. The girl at ringside now has her small hands pressed over her mouth.

Tex: I think it may be fair to say that it's only a matter of time now. Inferno has completely dominated Strikmore so far.

Inferno leans down so he can pick Strikmore up again, but Matt grabs his arm and then hooks him around the neck, pulling him down into a small package...

Cain: You may have spoken too soon, Tex!



Strikmore rolls up to his feet and sprawls back against the ropes as Inferno stands. He seems to notice the girl for the first time as she stands next to him on the outside. For some reason, she seems to be smiling. He gives her a nod and then advances on Inferno.

Banter: What the hell's going on here? Who's the chick anyway?

Tex: Whoever she is, I'm not sure she's picked a side yet...

Strikmore kicks Inferno in the side of the head as he stands and then quickly ties him up with one arm around the huge man's neck and his knee digging into the small of his back. Inferno claws for the ropes and is actually able to physically drag the two of them across the mat in order to reach them. The referee calls for the break and Strikmore obliges. Inferno uses the ropes to stand, and Strikmore hits him with a dropkick, nearly sending him over to the outside. Inferno holds on but is now unbalanced and Strikmore charges with a clothesline that sends both of them tumbling over the ropes to the floor.

Cain: This match has spilled outside!

Banter: What's Strikmore trying to prove here? Does he really think he can win?

Tex: If I know anything about that young man, I don't think the possibility of losing has even entered his mind.

Banter: You mean he's delusional?

Cain: Well he does have quite the imagination.

Banter: I hear he likes comic books too. What a nerd.

Strikmore is the first up on the outside. Inferno's young friend has no walked around to the other side of the ring so she can keep an eye on the action. She stands near one of the ringposts, observing with wide eyes which, the camera picks up as it zooms in on her, seem to be purple.

Strikmore stomps Inferno down and then hops up to the apron. He comes off with a flying knee as the TC Champion tries to stand up and then pounds on him with rights and lefts. The referee has reached 6 on his count now and Stikmore quickly rolls in and out of the ring to break it up. Unfortunately, that gives Inferno a few seconds to recover and, as Strikmore rolls back out, he receives a clubbing blow across the neck and chest. Inferno Irish whips him and Matt nearly flies right into the small girl, but just manages to bring himself to a stop at the steps. He gives her a lopsided grin by way of apology.

Banter: Aww, what a gentleman.

Cain: Gentleman or not, he needs to look out!

Inferno takes advantage of the distraction to crash into Strikmore from behind, sending him stumbling into the steps with a clothesline to the back. Strikmore tries to pick himself up, but Inferno just throws him into the post. The girl has fled and now watches again from a safe distance, her small features totally unreadable. Inferno quickly breaks up the referee's count again and then climbs onto the lower ringstep. He lifts Strikmore and hooks his arms.

Tex: Oh no!

Cain: It looks like Inferno is going for the Divine Comedy on those steel steps!

Banter: It's the least funny comedy ever. Where do these guys get these names?

Cain: Well ‘Inferno' is the first book of...never mind...

Inferno lifts Strikmore, but he counters, planting his feet and pushing upwards. Inferno loses his balance and goes over, brought down to the floor with a back drop. Both men are left sprawled on the black protective matting.

Inside the ring, the referee is still counting.


Strikmore starts to stir, but the exertion of lifting Inferno has apparently really taken it out of him.


Tex: Remember, Strikmore has to win this match if he wants to retain his contract in TCW...


Inferno rolls over onto his stomach. Strikmore starts to move, lifting himself up to his knees blearily.


Cain: This would be an extremely disappointing end to Strikmore's return. I think if he was beaten fair and square, he would be able to accept it, but going out like this would be too much.

Strikmore is lying against the apron now, crawling in under the ropes. Inferno starts to rise.


Strikmore rolls in under the ropes.

Banter: Hey, if Inferno gets counted out, Strikmore would retain his contract but not win the belt, right?

Tex: That's right. I suppose...in a way...they'd both be winners...

Banter: Gaaaaaay...

The referee begins to raise all ten fingers, but then Strikmore flops out of the ring, and the count is stopped.

Cain: This match continues!

Inferno takes a swing at Strikmore, but the smaller man manages to dodge and kicks Inferno in the stomach. He grabs a handful of dark hair and slams him face-first into the apron before ducking down and getting a grip so he can roll the monster into the ring. Strikmore climbs in afterwards and kicks Inferno in the lower back before going back to his modified bow-and-arrow submission from before.

Tex: Strikmore has returned to his favourite tactic, it seems.

Cain: Right. He's focussing on one body part and that's an excellent strategy against an opponent like Inferno.

Inferno fights his way out of the hold though and slams his elbow into Strikmore's midsection as he stands. Inferno suddenly spins and, with astonishing speed for his size, grabs Matt around the throat with a two-handed grip. He hauls the man off his feet and holds him in the air. At ringside, the Japanese girl looks worried.

The referee tries to admonish Inferno, but he shoulders the official away, sending him sprawling to the canvas. The TC Champion keeps his choke in place as Strikmore tries to struggle free, going an increasingly alarming colour.

Cain: We could have a serious situation here!

Tex: The referee is down, and Strikmore might be about to pass out. We need another official out here or some security or something!

Inferno lowers Strikmore slightly, the effort of holding a 209 lb man taking its toll on even his seemingly-demonic constitution. Strikmore reaches out and grabs Inferno by the back of the head and then draws up his knees below his jaw. He pitches backwards in the choke and Inferno suddenly tumbles to the mat, felled by the thunderous modified jawbreaker!

Banter: Whoa!

Tex: Strikmore out of nowhere with that incredible move! What was that?

Cain: Some kind of reverse jawbreaker. Amazing.

Strikmore and Inferno are both down, and the referee is gradually getting to his feet. The girl is now beating her hands against the mat, willing her man to stand, but she's looking at Strikmore not Inferno as she does so. Slowly, Strikmore rolls over. He pulls himself towards Inferno and limply hooks his leg. The referee counts...



No! Inferno kicks out!

Cain: I thought that was it!

Tex: So did I, but Inferno is one tough customer. We've seen him kick out of the Darkness DDT in the past.

Banter: This wasn't some lame DDT though - it was a ...jawbreaker...thingie...

Strikmore is on his feet. He balls his fists and throws his head back, clenching his teeth as he draws on his last reserves of willpower. Inferno is up too and whirls towards Strikmore with a right hand. Strikmore ducks and then jumps up as Inferno's momentum carries him around. He clutches his knees up beneath his jaw again, grabbing the back of Inferno's head and falls to the mat, felling him with the jawbreaker a second time.

Cain: He hit it again! And surely this match is over now?

Strikmore pins...




Tex: He did it! Strikmore is the new Transcontinental Champion and, more importantly, he has his job back!

Strikmore staggers wearily to his feet and has his hand raised by the groggy referee. Inferno is still sprawled out on the mat. The young girl is in the ring for some reason. She gives Strikmore an odd look before kneeling down and tending to Inferno.


The crowd goes crazy for Matt as he is handed the belt and climbs the turnbuckle, displaying it for his thousands of fans in attendance.


Cain: Strikmore returns, and with some serious style! It took a hell of a lot of effort, but he overcame the odds and beat Inferno, and now we have a new TC Champion and a new member of the roster in the form of this incredible young man. He's already had an amazing career, but I think things may just be about to really start for Matt Strikmore!

As Strikmore continues to celebrate, a figure appears on the ramp. He meets the eyes of Commissioner Stern who, slowly and silently, claps her hands and gives him a grudging nod.

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Eubanks: Making his way to the ring, the one, the only... JAAAAASOOOON DAAAAANTE!!

<center><object width="425" height="373"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/n2q6G0CV38E&rel=1&border=1"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/n2q6G0CV38E&rel=1&border=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="373"></embed></object></center>

Tex: Dante has been stalked and harassed for months now by The Hunter, and he's finally going to address him tonight in the ring, before their match!

Dante makes his way towards the ring slowly, entering it to cheers from the crowd. He nods to them and is handed a mic.

Cain: When we return... Dante addresses The Hunter!


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The crowd begins to hush as Jason Dante stands in the middle of the ring, mic in hand.

"I'm out here to address The Hunter, but also all of you, and everyone backstage... I owe each and every one of you an explanation. I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, maybe not more than most people, but certainly with more dire consequences. One of those mistakes was trusting two 'men' that no one should ever trust... Bruce and Bleeder!"

Cheers and jeers come from the crowd at the mention of these two legends.

"There are a lot of things from that era that I've tried to fix and set right. I've worked hard at that, and I'd like to think I've done a pretty good job... But I know now that there was one problem that I overlooked. I thought it was all sorted out, or maybe I just deluded myself into believing that... Either way, though, I did what I could!"

"Now, 'Hunter,' you can stop chasing me, because I'm standing right here, and I'm offering up an explanation for everything! I'm going to tell you why I haven't done --"

Before Dante can finish, The Hunter is on the ramp, racing towards the ring. No music, no fanfare, just a man on a mission. He slides into the ring and rises to his feet, heading straight for Jason Dante.

The Hunter attacks Dante as he enters the ring, and the two men begin brawling wildly, attacking each other with furious punches. The Hunter is able to gain the upper hand quickly, rolling on top of Dante and driving his elbow into the albino's temple. Dante claws at his opponent's mask, but The Hunter pulls away and rolls up to his feet. He aims a kick at Dante, but his boot gets caught and Dante spins him off his feet down to the canvas. Dante stands up, still holding The Hunter's foot, then gets kicked in the face with the other foot. He staggers back into the turnbuckle as The Hunter kips up.

Cain: These two men are really going at each other, even this early in the match.

Tex: Well, they've spent a long time building up this enmity - an enmity we still don't properly understand.

The Hunter chokes Dante in the corner, until Dante knees him in the gut and knocks him back. Dante goes up to the second rope and then comes off with an axe handle. The Hunter goes down and Dante keeps stomping him until he manages to roll out under the bottom rope and to the floor. Dante immediately hurls himself off the top rope, going for a plancha, but The Hunter dodges and Dante eats concrete.

Banter: Ouch!

Cain: This match has spilled outside already, and Dante looks like he might be concussed from that brutal impact.

Dante has a glassy stare as The Hunter pulls him to his feet and leans him against the apron. He lays in chops, quickly turning his pale chest bright pink. He whips him into the opposite barrier and then charges, but Dante manages to duck down and lift him up and over into the crowd. The referee is counting, but Dante shows no signs of even acknowledging him. He climbs over the barrier where The Hunter is lying in amongst the fans and lifts him up. He slams him back down onto the concrete and then grabs a chair from next to him. He swings it down onto his foe, but The Hunter rolls away and Dante hits the concrete with his weapon.

Tex: Order needs to be restored in this match!

Banter: Ah, let ‘em fight. That's what we came here to see, right?

Tex: Sure, but not some no-holds-barred brawl in the stalls! Someone's going to get hurt!

Banter: In a wrestling match?! Madness!

The referee is now on the other side of the barrier, imploring Dante and The Hunter to return to the ring, but he continues to be ignored. The Hunter is up on his feet and heads away from Dante, leading him further into the crowd. Dante goes after him and the referee reluctantly follows, trying to restore some order to the proceedings. The Hunter hits Dante with a big right hand and then climbs a few steps before leaping into him with a diving spear.

Dante gets a foot under The Hunter and kicks him off. He scrabbles upright and makes a grab for The Hunter, but gets a kick to the gut. The Hunter is up and hurls Dante into a metal barrier that divides the crowd. He punches him in the face again and again and then suplexes him onto the concrete.

Cain: Dante has been taken out by another brutal move. The referee seems to be letting this stuff slide...

Tex: He wants them back in the ring so this match can continue. I doubt he wants to be the guy who throws out a match like this on pay-per-view.

The referee is yelling at The Hunter, and so he picks Dante up by the hair and drags him back towards the ring. He whips him over the barrier and then follows, dropping a leg across his throat and then rolling back into the ring. He waits for Dante to climb to his feet, and then hits a baseball slide that sends him back down to the floor. The Hunter swings himself out of the ring and stomps Dante down. He hooks him under the arms and lifts him before executing a butterfly suplex on the outside.

Dante looks pretty out of it as The Hunter rolls him into the ring. He dives in after him and stalks Dante, moving slowly as the former World Champion climbs up to his knees. The Hunter strikes with a vicious knee to the side of the head, knocking Dante into the ropes, and then dragging him upright and into a belly-to-belly suplex. Dante bounces off the mat hard, but makes a valiant effort to get back up to his feet. He swings sloppily at The Hunter, who easily dodges and catches his arm, locking in a full nelson and then lifting him into the air and driving him down into the mat with a full nelson bomb.

Tex: The Hunter has an amazing catalogue of devastating power moves. He's picking Dante apart.

Banter: Dante's not so tough...

Tex: Banter, Dante is one of the toughest men in this sport. I hope I don't have to remind you of his wars against Highone, Hammer and Darkness in the past. He's taken more punishment than anyone I've ever seen, and still gotten up fighting.

Banter: So in other words he's stupid?

The Hunter draws a thumb across his neck and lifts Dante up from behind. He locks him in an inverted-front-facelock and then lifts him into the air. As Dante comes down, he goes to sit out into an Ace Crusher, but Dante manages to land on his feet and shoves The Hunter away towards the ropes.

Cain: We haven't seen a move like that in a while!

Tex: Hold on a second...

The Hunters comes back with a knee to the gut and then flips Dante up onto his shoulders. He turns to one side and, with no preamble whatsoever, simply dumps Dante over the top rope with a powerbomb right down to the floor.

Tex: Oh my God!

Banter: What was it you were going to say?

Tex: The Hunter just powerbombed Dante right out of the ring!

Banter: Yes, but...

Tex: He's been broken in half!

Dante is laid out on the outside. The Hunter dives out of the ring on the opposite side and searches under the apron. He emerges a few moments later with a steel chair and then walks around the ring to where Dante is lying. The referee intercepts him and tries to take the weapon from him. There is a momentary struggle before The Hunter snatches the chair from the official, drives it into his stomach and then smashes him across the head. He falls to his knees, and The Hunter hits him again, knocking him right to the floor. There is a trickle of dark blood forming on the black protective mats.

Tex: He just took out the referee! This match needs to be stopped!

Cain: This whole thing has gotten seriously out of hand now.

Dante has pulled himself to his feet using the ring post. He turns just in time to meet the steel chair with his face and goes down again. The Hunter hefts the chair and aims it at Dante's back. He smashes him over and over again, aiming the shots at Dante's neck. Unbelievably, as The Hunters steps away, Dante tries to pick himself up. The Hunter throws his head back and emits a muffled laughing noise as he attacks again, smashing Dante across the head and sending him reeling back against the apron.

Tex: This is nothing more than a mugging! The Hunter is destroying Dante before our very eyes!

Banter: Well, at least you can't accuse him of doing anything by halves.

Cain: Look how The Hunter is aiming those chair strikes against Dante's spine and neck. It was only last year that Dante suffered a nearly career-ending injury at the hands of Drakus which broke his neck in two.

Tex: And I think it's safe to say that he's been busted wide open too...

Dante's alabaster features are now a mess of dark blood. The Hunter hits him with the chair again, and Dante slumps down to the floor. The Hunter discards his dented, bloodied weapon and hauls Dante up. He whips him towards the announce tables, but Dante stumbles and falls flat on his face, leaving a smear of blood on the floor. The Hunter steps over him and begins assaulting the Spanish announce table, removing the monitors and taking off the protective cover.

Banter: Hey, better get out of there, guys!

Tex: The Hunter is demolishing the table, and I bet I know what he has planned.

Dante is on his hands and knees, but The Hunter aims a stomp at his head, smashing him back down onto the floor. He immediately picks him up again and rolls him onto the table. He climbs on after him and roughly lifts him. Once again, he locks in an inverted-front-facelock and signals. He lifts Dante up and over onto his shoulder, but Dante wraps his own arm around The Hunter's throat and spins around, hitting the Broken Reflection right through the table!

Cain: Oh my God! Dante reversed! He put The Hunter through that table!

Tex: Has the tide turned in this match? If you can even call it a match that is...

Both men are laid out in the ruins of the Spanish announce table. Dante is a mess of blood. The Hunter starts to stir, clambering up to his feet. He shakes his head to recover, but then Dante lunges at him, sending him sprawling onto the other announce table.

Banter: Okay, you guys can have this table too if you want...

Tex: We'd better make ourselves scarce, fellas.

Dante walks around to the front of the table, wiping blood from his eyes. He punches The Hunter in the face and then chokes him before driving an elbow into his windpipe, leaving the masked man gasping for breath. Dante turns around and then climbs onto the apron. He pauses, and then turns again, entering the ring and climbing up the near turnbuckle until he stands right on the top rope. He crouches down as the crowd cheers and then hurls himself through the air, aiming for The Hunter with a body splash.

Cain: A splash! Dante is going to break The Hunter in half!

But there's no one home! The Hunter rolls out of the way and Dante flies right into the announce table, reducing it to splinters as he crashes through it.

Banter: Hey! My notes!

Tex: My God...Dante...he's not moving...there's blood everywhere...oh my God...

The Hunter sprawls on the floor, breathing hard, while Dante is completely motionless, lying amongst the remains of the table, monitors and all. There are a few sparks as electrical wires, fully sheared through by the impact, make contact with pools of Dante's blood.

Cain: We need a medical team out here! Dante is seriously injured!

Banter: There's blood on my goddamn shoes! I didn't sign up for this!

The Hunter is on his feet. He stares down at Dante and then laughs again, his whole body shaking with sick mirth. He drags Dante towards the ring and then rouses the referee, lifting the man by the back of his shirt and then releasing, shocking him into consciousness by dropping him face-first on the floor. The referee pulls himself up with a groan as The Hunter rolls Dante into the ring and then covers him.

Tex: Finally, mercifully, this match looks like it's about to end.

Slowly, the official clambers into the ring and makes the count...




Banter: What?!

Cain: Dante kicked out! Somehow, someway!

The Hunter stares down at Dante in disbelief. With a snarl he crosses Dante's legs over and digs his knee into his shins. He grabs Dante and shoves him into a front-facelock, wrenching backwards in the painful hold. Dante convulses and tries to claw his way free, but The Hunter's grip is too tight. He tries to reach out towards the ropes, but they're nowhere near.

Tex: This is...well, the last time I saw it, it was known as the ‘Canadian Clutch'.

The referee, groggy and bloody, but obviously scared of The Hunter, checks on Dante. He refuses to give up and The Hunter pulls back further and twists his body, placing incredible strain on Dante's spine. The albino is shaking now, dripping blood all over the mat as The Hunter compresses his neck. His arms are hanging limply. The referee goes to lift his arm...

It falls once...


Thr... no! Dante keeps his arm in the air!

Cain: Dante is still conscious! He's still in this match!

Banter: He needs to give up. He needs to tap out, or he's just going to die. It's that simple.

The Hunter tightens his grip again, but now his own shoulders are shaking with the effort of keeping the hold in place. Finally, with a yell of pain, he releases, collapsing back onto the mat. Dante falls back against the ropes and leans on the bottom one, his head lolling back. Blood still pours from his head wound, now mingling with sweat to give his entire face a chest a red sheen.

The Hunter rolls onto his stomach and pushes himself upwards. He moves towards Dante, but gets tripped into the ropes. The two men tangle in the ropes, neither able to gain any leverage until The Hunter hurls Dante away. The albino stumbles and falls down to his knees, clearly exhausted. The Hunter grabs him around the throat from behind and yanks him upwards, over and down into the Ace Crusher, finally hitting his big move. Dante folds like an accordion, making a wild grab for his neck as he arches back and then collapses to the mat, his eyes wide and glassy.

Tex: And now the Canadian Cutter!

Banter: Hold on a second...

The Hunter pins...



Thre...no! Dante rolls his shoulder up!

Cain: Dante kicks out! Incredible tenacity!

Tex: This man is nothing short of superhuman.

With a roar of fury, The Hunter jumps up. He stomps Dante down with frantic kicks and then falls on top of him, unleashing furious rights and lefts on his bloodied foe. Dante tries to protect himself from the onslaught, but The Hunter is much healthier than him at this stage and there's nothing he can do. Dante's face is rapidly becoming a bruised, bloody mess as The Hunter lays into him, spraying droplets of blood across his bare chest.

Tex: He's going to kill him! Somebody stop this match!

Banter: I feel sick...

The referee tries to intervene, but The Hunter pushes him away and continues his relentless assault, clawing at Dante's face. There is blood everywhere. The Hunter roars again and throws back his head as he clenches his fists, exposing his chest, spattered with Dante's blood, to the horrified fans.

Cain: This barbaric display has gone on long enough! We need security here! We need the police here! This is nothing more than murder before our every eyes!

In that instant, Dante lifts one hand and slaps it right in the centre of The Hunter's chest. The masked man's eyes go wide as tendrils of smoke rise up from Dante's palm and, with a cry of pain, he leaps up, clutching at his chest. As he leans against the ropes, he stares down in horror at the burned flesh on his chest, shaped like a hand.

Banter: What the hell?!

Tex: I... I have no idea...

Dante rises up, tendrils of steam enshrouding him as the blood on his body and pooled around him evaporate in the heat. His eyes burn with infernal fury as he advances on The Hunter, lashing out at him with burning fists. The Hunter tries to defend himself, but wherever Dante touches, raw, scarlet flesh is left in his wake. The Hunter drops down to his knees, trying desperately to shelter himself from Dante's anger now, all the while blisters and welts rising on his flesh at the albino's merest touch.

Cain: What is going on here?

Tex: I don't know...I just don't know... Dante is...somehow he's...burning The Hunter...

The Hunter is beaten down, lying in the ring, curled into a foetal ball. Dante stares down at him and then closes his eyes. He extends his hands and all his power seems to fade.

Banter: Why doesn't he pin him?

Cain: I think The Hunter is beaten, Banter. Dante knows it, and so does The Hunter, I think.

Dante stops his assault, and The Hunter on his knees in the middle of the ring. The fabric of The Hunter's mask is singed, and he holds his hands up, trying to stop the small embers from burning his face. Dante grabs his mic from earlier.

"This is enough! It ends here, right now! I didn't kill your wife! I didn't kill your child!! There's security footage from your own cameras that proves it!!"

Slowly, The Hunter rises to his feet, one hand still holding onto his mask. He moves in close to Dante, leaning into his face.

"Then show me!! We both know I won't believe I damn word you say, and with good reason! If you weren't there that night, prove it to me!"

"I... I was there... But I wasn't the one who did it! It was Bruce and it was Bleeder! I tried to stop it! I told them it was too far!"


The Hunter is heaving in the ring as he's forced to discuss the one thing that's sent him after Dante.

"I can't... The tape was in a lockbox and... someone's stolen my key."

The Hunter's body continues to heave, and he looks ready to snap. His arm leans back, readying for a strike, and Dante sighs.

"You mean this key?"

Jason Dante, The Hunter, and the crowd all turn towards the ramp. Standing atop it is a tiny figure, hulked by a large, grey man.

Tex: It's Elsie and Cage!


Cain: And it looks like she's holding a key...

"I have your key, Jason... I've seen the video. And now both of you will too!"

Grainy, greyscale video comes to life on the Twistedtron. The interior of a large living room is shown. Jason Dante is there, alongside Bruce and Bleeder. They stand over a gruesome scene: A young woman lies on the cough, blood covering her body... or what's left of it. Her entire midsection, from throat to legs, is split open, torn apart. Jason is screaming, heaving, falling to his knees. Bruce and Bleeder calmly walk out of the room. The feed cuts off.

In the ring, The Hunter is enraged, running from ringpost to ringpost. Dante clearly doesn't know what to do.

Tex: That's... just... disturbing. Words fail me.

Holding the mic back to his face, Dante turns to The Hunter.

"You know now! I tried to stop it! Whatever it is you need to do about this, it doesn't involve me! So why don't you let that mask fall, and start showing your real face around here..."

The Hunter turns to Dante, shaking his head wildly.

"... Lance."

Still shaking his head, screaming now, The Hunter leans on the ropes. Finally, he rips his mask off, his head still shaking.

Tex: Lance? As in Lance Canada?

Cain: Yes, it's him! Lance Canada is The Hunter! He's been the one stalking Dante all these months!

Banter: It's been a long time since he's been around...

Tex: He is the man who started this company! And the man who'd been haunted for years by Bruce, Bleeder, Dante, and the original Hellfire Club!

Grabbing the mic from Dante, Lance Canada holds it to his face.

"There. Fine. It's done. I just want this to be over now... That footage... I..."

Tex: Who wouldn't be breaking down, after seeing his own wife and unborn child like that!

"Over? Over?? This is far from over!"

Elsie and Cage are making their way to the ring.

Cain: What the hell is this now?

Dante and Lance turn, staring at Elsie as her and Cage enter the ring.

"I didn't show you that footage to help out Jason... I don't care if you know his truth or not. But Lance, your daughter wanted you to see what happened that night!"

Tex: His daughter??

Lance walks towards Elsie, his head again shaking. She nods her head at him and he falls to his knees, sobbing.

"That's right! I did not suffer my mother's fate that night..."

Cain: This is unbelievable!

"But tonight, some will suffer!"

Tex: What the--

Cage blasts through Dante, grabbing him and slamming him head-first into the turnbuckle! Elsie looks down at Lance Canada, her father, and places her hands on either side of his head. Holding tightly, she pushes, a mad glow in her eyes.

Cain: Lance is convulsing in the ring! Elsie and Cage need to stop this! There's been enough madness for one night!!

Lance Canada slumps over in the ring beside Jason Dante. Elsie throws down her mic and heads out of the ring, Cage right behind her.

Tex: This has without a doubt been the strangest, most troublesome night of my career...

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Tex: After everything we've just seen, I'll be glad to get things back to 'normal' with Darkness and Kermit...

Banter: Backstage! Tron! Look, you fools!

"Where is she?!"

The camera shows a view of backstage and then, from one side, Atomic Welfare flies into view, being propelled at considerable force into a wall. Plaster dust rains down on him.

"Where's who?" Welfare shouts, "I don't know what you're talking about!"

Darkness steps into view, shooting the camera a menacing glance. "Freya," he clarifies, "you were seen talking to her and two of The Children."

"Children? What the hell are you talking about? I didn't talk to any kids."

"They're not actual children," Darkness's young female companion clarifies as she steps up beside the World Champion, "they're..."

Darkness lifts a hand. "Let's not get into that here. Do you know where she is, Welfare?"

"No! Why would I? I've only met her, like, three times. We're not exactly best friends!"

"That much is obvious." Darkness advances on the other wrestler, seeming to tower over him, despite being somewhat shorter. Involuntarily, Atomic Welfare presses himself back against the wall. "If I find out you've lied to me...if I find out you've hurt her..."

"What? What are you gonna do?"

"You don't want to know."

"You're all mouth and no trousers, Darkness."

"You'd better hope you don't get the chance to find out if that's true or not."

With a last piercing stare, Darkness turns away from Atomic Welfare and walks back up the corridor.

Cain: I thought Darkness was going to beat out Freya's whereabouts from Atomic Welfare...

Banter: He still might!

Tex: Darkness is like a man possessed, but he has a title to defend tonight - he can't afford to be distracted by something like this.

Cain: You can bet Kermit is watching all of this and figuring out how to use it to his advantage.

Tex: No doubt. He'd better get his hindquarters out here pronto though!

<center>Image Image
<br>411Fed and ECF Unified World's Heavyweight Championship</center></center>

Sammy Eubanks: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the 411FED AND ECF UNIFIED WORLD'S HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Lights go out at the single guitar of the opening in heard. Soft green light floods the arena as the music picks up, only for the tempe to go down again. Kermit enters slowly and stands ala HHH at the top of the ramp.

Sammy: Introducing first...the challenger...from Chicago, Illinois...weighing in at 230 lbs...KEEEEEEERMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!

<center>I thought I knew what provocation was
I thought I knew what provocation was
I've eaten from the insane root that imprisons reason

When the music kicks up, Kermit throws his arms up as pryo goes off. He heads to the ring with a quick step and determined look.

Tex: We've got to believe that Kermit is as ready as he'll ever be for this match.

Cain: He has a serious challenge ahead of him tonight. There aren't many who can say they've beaten Darkness and one of those precious few is conspicuous by her absence here tonight.

Banter: Darkness seemed pretty upset about that before.

Tex: I believe Darkness and Freya have a rather complex relationship...

Banter: That's why you don't mix business with pleasure. All it takes is one little thing like your girlfriend walking out on you and suddenly your World Titles are at risk.

Cain: I don't think Freya and Darkness are...you know...

Banter: Well he should pull himself together then, shouldn't he?

<center>It's in my stomach like fire, like cancer
Like a knife I've been gunshot
It's in my stomach like fire, like cancer
Like a knife I've been gunshot
I gotta let it go
Gotta let it go
Gotta let it go
It's in my stomach like fire, like cancer
Like a knife I've been gunshot!

Tex: Kermit will no doubt be looking to take advantage of Darkness's emotional state. Stern brought him in to take out the World Champion, and he just might do it.

Kermit enters the ring.

<center>Goddamn, nowhere place to be
Dying deep inside of me
Always standing on the inside looking out
Can't break a heart so strong with pride
It's more than just being alive
I broke the rule with you, I'm out

<center><object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/x3Mwo2lGdXU"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/x3Mwo2lGdXU" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object></center>

As "Fear of the Dark" plays, the view cuts to a shot of Darkness's locker room door. It opens, and Darkness steps from the shadows, his two title belts held in his hands. As his fans chant along to the music, Darkness walks through the corridors of the arena before reaching the gorilla position.

Sammy: And making his way to the ring...from Chicago, Illinois...weighing in at 218 lbs...he is the 411FED AND ECF UNIFIED WORLD'S HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION... DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARKNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESS!!!!!!!!!

The song kicks in and a huge pyro erupts from the stage. Darkness strides through the flames, silhouetted in the orange glow. As he strides to the ring, belts in hand, flames streak down the side of the ramp, framing him in fire. He enters the ring, ignoring its occupants and mounts the turnbuckle, raising his World Championships above his head as the ethereal chanting continues.

Tex: Darkness is not showing any sign of that earlier emotion we saw in Stern's office; he is all business here.

Banter: I guess he was listening to me.

Darkness steps down from the turnbuckle and walks right into Kermit. The two men stand nose-to-nose, Darkness having to crane his neck slightly to confront the taller man. Wordlessly, he hands his belts over to the referee who lifts them into the air as the bell sounds.

Cain: Here we go!

Darkness and Kermit remain motionless for a long moment until, without warning, Kermit floors the Champion with a right hand. Darkness bounces right up to his feet, but Kermit is on him in an instant, raining down hard rights and lefts, pummelling Darkness into the corner as he tries to protect himself with both arms raised.

Tex: Kermit is a house of fire! He's laying into Darkness!

Banter: Wouldn't you be? He wants those belts. Plus I think they hate each other anyway.

Cain: It certainly seems that way. They had strong words at Friction last month, but I don't know what could have engendered this kind of animosity between them.

The referee pulls Kermit away from Darkness, allowing the Champion to get to his feet. He shakes himself down and the two men tie up in the middle of the ring. They struggle back and forth for a moment before Kermit snatches on a headlock. Darkness pushes him away and off the ropes, but gets brought down with a shoulder block on Kermit's way back. Kermit runs the ropes again and goes to drop an elbow but Darkness rolls out of the way and jumps up to his feet. Kermit is up too and elbows Darkness in the gut before taking him down with a DDT.

Tex: Kermit is really taking the fight to Darkness here. I don't think I've ever seen the World Champion thrown off his game like that.

Banter: I guess this Freya thing has him pretty wound up, huh? What do you think he sees in her?

Cain: I think you might be misconstruing their relationship, Banter.

Banter: Jesus, did you swallow a friggin' dictionary today, Isaiah?

Kermit has Darkness in a side headlock on the mat. The Champion pulls himself up to his feet and elbows Kermit in the ribs. He pushes him towards the ropes and the referee calls for the break. Darkness backs off as Kermit releases him, but then hits back with a punch to the face. He pulls Kermit into a suplex and then floats over into a cover...


Darkness moves to pull Kermit to his feet, but Kermit grabs his left arm and pulls him into an armbar. He chains it into a wristlock and puts on the pressure, but Darkness rolls right up to his feet and shoots Kermit a grin.

Banter: What's he smiling about?

Cain: I don't think wristlocks work on that particular hand in Darkness's case...

Darkness yanks Kermit towards him and kicks him in the gut. He looks for a DDT, but Kermit hooks him up and lifts him over his shoulder, spinning around into a powerslam. He pins...


Tw...not enough!

Kermit elbows Darkness in the face then grabs his arm and hauls him upwards. He whips Darkness into the corner and follows in with a knee lift.

Tex: Kermit is showing a lot of raw determination here. He hasn't let up on Darkness since this match started, and he doesn't show any signs of doing so now.

Cain: Darkness is distracted. He hasn't been able to find a rhythm in this match yet.

Kermit pulls Darkness in with a short-arm clothesline. Darkness is right back on his feet, but Kermit knees him in the gut and drives an elbow into the back of the World Champion's neck. Darkness goes down hard and Kermit stands over him for a second before dropping a knee on his temple. He covers...




Kermit gets a scoop slam and then goes to the corner. He mounts the second turnbuckle and waits for Darkness to come after him. He jumps off, going for a double-axehandle, but Darkness ducks out of the way and then hits Kermit with a dropkick. Kermit bounces back against the ropes and Darkness takes him down with a monkey flip. He rolls up to his feet with the momentum and goes for a legdrop but Kermit moves out of the way.

Cain: Kermit continues to prevent Darkness from getting any kind of momentum.

The fans are not responding well to Darkness as he fails to push Kermit and misses moves. He looks for a clothesline and Kermit sidesteps. He turns on his heel and hits Darkness with a forearm to the back that sends him staggering. Kermit hooks him up with a backdrop and then goes for a cover...



Tex: Darkness might be in trouble here.

Banter: I don't get you guys. If this was any other match you'd be like ‘oooh, Darkness is just toying with him' or ‘oooh, we've seen Darkness kick Superman's ass before so this is no problem for him'.

Cain: Well, Kermit is one hell of a contender and he's locked Darkness right down. He can't get momentum going and I guess we're seeing how much of his career and his popularity is based on the kind of dominance we're used to seeing from him.

Kermit pounds on Darkness with right hands. He applies a choke, and the referee counts him until he releases at four. He stands up and stomps Darkness down then lifts him into a fireman's carry. He snaps on a chinlock, but Darkness fights his way free. He tries to pull Kermit into a waistlock, but Kermit snapmares him instead and then dropkicks him. He rolls his shoulders as he smirks at Darkness.

Tex: Kermit is firmly in control of this match right now...

As Darkness picks himself up using the ropes, Kermit backs up. He signals and, as Darkness turns, goes for the Kermit Kick. Darkness ducks and Kermit loses his balance, stumbling forward. Darkness takes advantage, looking for a sleeper, but Kermit sits out into a jawbreaker. Darkness bounces back against the ropes and Kermit climbs to his feet. He throws an elbow and Darkness goes down clutching at his face. Kermit goes for a cover straight away...



Kermit bounces from foot to foot as Darkness sits up and reaches over his shoulder. He clinches a forearm across his throat and hauls him to his feet. Darkness tries to claw his way free, but Kermit's grip is too strong. The referee tries to check if the move is a choke, but Kermit angles himself so it looks clean.

Cain: That's a blatant choke!

Banter: Then why isn't he being disqualified? Talk sense, Isaiah.

Cain: The referee can't see!

Banter: You know what they say: if the referee had one more eye he'd be a Cyclops!

Darkness reaches for the ropes as he gasps for air. Kermit grips tighter, but Darkness is relentless and eventually he reaches them. The referee calls for the break and Kermit releases at four, but the damage is done. He covers...




Kermit climbs to one knee and loudly cracks his knuckles. He smiles wryly as Darkness slowly clambers up and then makes a dash towards him, throwing his leg out and catching him on the jaw with the Kermit Kick. Darkness reels against the ropes and then staggers forward before slumping to his knees and hitting the canvas face-first.

Cain: Kermit just took Darkness out! He's had the psychological advantage all match and now, finally, he may have done the work necessary to bring home the World Championship!

Banter: It almost seems too easy somehow...

Kermit pins...



Thre...no!!! Darkness kicks out!

Tex: He kicked out! This match continues!

Kermit can't believe it. Furious, he lifts Darkness with a handful of black hair and, turning around, hooks his arms.

Cain: Kermit looks like he's going for the Lesson in Respect...

Banter: Yeah, and I think Darkness is long overdue for one.

Kermit starts to turn and lift Darkness, but the Champion suddenly pushes him away. Kermit hits the ropes and Darkness straightens. He kicks his opponent in the gut and then, out of nowhere, spins him around and sends him crashing into the mat with the Darkness DDT. Immediately he hooks Kermit's leg...




Cain: Whoa!

Tex: Darkness just came out of nowhere with the Darkness DDT and won this match!

Banter: What the hell just happened?!

Cain: Darkness just won this thing, that's what happened!

Darkness stands up, breathing hard. He massages his throat as he looks down at Kermit and takes his belts from the referee. The crowd are going wild for the Champion after a match spent largely quiet and, as he climbs the turnbuckle they continue to chant for him.

In the ring, Kermit rolls onto his front, cradling his head and neck.

Tex: Kermit came up short on this occasion but, have no doubt, he will be back someday for revenge. Kermit's star is rising and he came within inches of defeating Darkness here tonight.

Cain: And Darkness too proved himself. I thought Kermit had his number, but the Darkness DDT has once against proved to be the magic bullet for the World Champion. Still, the question remains, just where is Freya and the rest of Darkness's companions?

On the top rope, Darkness lifts his belts over his head, but as he lowers them, he glances to one side and then bows his head, looking every inch the Man Who Walks Alone.


Fri May 02, 2008 6:45 pm
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