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Twisted Experience and TCW - View topic - Havoc in Maturín, Venezuela (December 28 2007)
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 Havoc in Maturín, Venezuela (December 28 2007) 
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Post Havoc in Maturín, Venezuela (December 28 2007)

"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.... Bullshit!

Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!

New, what do you own the world?

How do you own disorder, disorder,

Now, somewhere between the sacred silence,

Sacred silence and sleep,

Somewhere, between the sacred silence and sleep,

Disorder, disorder, disorder!"

BAP! ~ BAP! ~ BAP! ~ BAP! ~ BAP! ~ BAP! ~ BAP! ~ BAP!


<center>Image Image Image</center>

Banter: Hey hey hey, welcome to TCW Havoc, live from Maturín, Venezuela! We're starting things off right tonight, with a personal greeting from me, Banter Shark! If only because I unplugged Tex's mic...

Cain: I'm -uh- Isaiah Cain, and -unf- as soon as Tex finishes -eh- trying to plug in his -heh- mic under my feet, he'll say hello as well! But first -guh- I believe TCW Commissioner Valerie Stern is on her way out!

<center>"Dark night nothing to see
Invisible hand in front of me
Scared to death there's someone near
Scared to move but you can't stay here
You know me, evil eye
You know me, prepare to die
You know me, the snakebite kiss
Devil's grip, the Iron Fist
Flying horse don't make a sound
Flying hooves don't touch the ground
Walk in circle lose you track
Can't go on but you can't go back
You know me!"


Flanked by Adam Wilson and Bruce, Commissioner Stern hits the ramp, mic in hand.

Stern: Hello, Venezuela!!

She pauses a moment as the crowd cheers.

Stern: Tonight, I guarantee each and every one of you that the show will be spectacular! There will be absolutely no one running amok tonight! And, at the top of the show, we're all going to finally found out what The Big Bamlicious has chosen as his match for winning the Majestic Cup!!

The crowd cheers again as Stern's music accents her quick exit.

Tex: Now that I'm plugged back in--


Banter: Ow!!

Tex: -- we can get this show on the road! Our first match is sure to keep you glued to your seats!

<center>Image Image

Sammy Eubanks: Laaaaidies and Gentlemen, this next match up is scheduled for one fall...Introducing first from errr...Parts Unknown...this is JUDE!

"Moon river" hits as the newcomer walks out, he gets a polite but still silent reception by the fans who seem puzzled about the images on the Twisted-tron, pictures of Jude shaking hands with people unknown to them only adds to the strange and slightly odd aire Jude gives off. He entrers the ring and again the fans give him a fairly small reception.

Sammy Eubanks:...and his opponent!

As "Free Bird" hits the crowd comes to life, as anaemic the response to Jude's début was, Atomic Welfare gets a much stronger reaction, not surprising as he compared to Jude is a grizzled veteran of the TCW ring warfare.

Sammy Eubanks: Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts weighing in at 285 pounds...this...is ATOMIC WELFARE!

Welfare walks out carrying the two flags of both of his native lands, over his right shoulder he holds "old glory", and over the left hangs the "Union Jack". The crowd gives him a nice greeting as he climbs into the rings and manages to give them his cactus Jack-esque greeting despite holding the flags in his hands.

Welfare hands the flags to the ring attendant and shakes hands with the referee and with his opponent, both men retreat to their respective corners and await the referee's "go" signal.

Tex: Al right, both men seem to be done with their pre-match rituals and seem prepared to turn to the hostilities at hand.

Banter: Ok, I need to get this off my chest.

Tex(whispering): Oh dear...

Banter: THAT makes me sick!

Cain: What makes you sick?

Banter: Welfare, there you have a perfect upstanding kid, who served in the army and he drags a foreign flag with him to the ring. It's repulsive!

Cain: Repulsive? Have you ever heard about mixed ancestry Banter?

Banter: Yes, I have and nothing good ever comes from it.

Tex: Is there a way to kill Banter's mic tonight?

Cain: Or better yet...a way to kill Banter!

The ref checks the wrestlers and calls for the opening bell. The two men circle each other both looking for an opening Welfare being the most seasoned ring general and of course being a man to whom the world of the ring is perfectly clear finds the first opening and dives for it, he grabs Jude by the leg and twists his leg in a way that makes the strange man end up on his back on the canvas, Welfare shows his amateurs smarts by launching a series of blows to Jude's leg making his opponent maybe not lose a wheel but at least hindering him a bit, Jude on the other hand fights off the onslaught, rolls around on the floor and grabs front face lock on Welfare who seems genuinely surprised by the skill with which his rookie opponent applied the hold. The two men fight each other as Jude struggles to hold on to the face lock and in the end both men give up the amateur-esque style and return to their feet.

Jude dashes off into the ropes and gets tripped by Welfare as he bounces off the hard wires surrounding the ring, Welfare dives on top of Jude but catches nothing but canvas as Jude has already moved out of the way, as Welfare realises his mistake he gets cradled by Jude.




Banter: Damn it!

Jude looks puzzled at the ref who is holding up two fingers signalling that he did not win the match yet, Jude nods reluctantly and gets up only to by dropped by a running knee from Welfare. At this point Atomic welfare takes his opponent seriously very seriously and adds a few more knees and n elbow to his offence before covering his dazed opponent.

Tex: One...


No good!

The crowd joins in the ref's "two" as the two combatants go back at it, a series of led sweeps from Jude only results in him getting on the wrong end of a DDT as he gets up, seeing that his opponent is dazed Welfare decides to go for the jugular.

He grabs Jude and pulls hi up to his feet, then he delivers a kick to Jude's midriff and puts his opponents head between his legs, he signals for the Pre-Emptive Strike. As he bends down to lock his arms around Jude's midsection, Jude who senses that he in danger of getting planted into the canvas in a manner that in completely undesirable to him begins to fight it off after a brief struggle he back body drops Welfare and is thus free from the risk of getting Pre-Emptively struck by anything.

With a groan Welfare gets up from his prone position and walks over to Jude and as Jude is about to say something Welfare replies with some tough love in the form of a chop that sends the fans into Ric Flair mode.


Welfare continues the chopping onslaught until Jude puts his foot down and replies with a few of his own,,Jude pushes his opponent into the corner and chops away at Welfare until the British-American's chest begins to look like a red mess. Welfare staggers out of the corner only to be felled by a clothesline by his now exuberant opponent.

Tex: Jude seems to have taken the advantage in this one.

Cain: I'm not sure about Jude...there is something...something that seems awry about him.

Banter: At least he doesn't sully the American flag!


Banter: I DON'T C-A-R-E, TEX!

Jude pushes Welfare off into the ropes and as the former soldier rebounds off the ropes Jude takes a few steps and delivers a new clothesline.

Cain: Is it just me or is Jude staggering a bit?

Jude proceeds to fire his opponent into the corner, but his Irish whip is reversed in mid-stride, as his chest hits the turn-buckles he sees Welfare approach from behind and uses his arms to push himself up and over the charging Atomic Welfare.

Tex: He got out of the way!

Banter: Brilliant move!

As Jude lands on his feet his right leg buckles, he drops to the canvas clutching the knee Welfare worked over during the first few minutes of the match, as Welfare sees the plight of his opponent he dives in for the cover, hooks Jude's leg and watches as the ref dives in for the count.




He did it!

Banter: Yeah, he took advantage of an injured opponent.

Cain: Why do you complain about that, in the match between The Baroness and ...

Banter: Cain?

Cain: Yeah?

Banter: Shut up!

Tex: Atomic Welfare has pulled off the victory through some early work on his opponent's leg. A smart if you ask me.

Cain: let's head over to Sammy Eubanks for the final word on this match.

Sammy Eubanks: Laaaaidies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match....AAAAAAAAAAAAtomic WELLLLLLLLFARE!

Welfare rises his hands as Jude get to his feet, the new guy looks a bit disappointed but at the same time a tad thankful for the valuable lesson he was taught tonight, as he massages his still hurting leg he staggers up the aisle as Welfare celebrates his victory.


Commissioner Stern rounds the corner of a hallway in the Monagas Sports Club, looking at the notes in her PDA. From behind, we can hear the hurry of feet. The commissioner's assistant rounds the corner, cellphone in hand.

Assistant: Ms Stern, you have a call.

Stern: I'm busy at the moment.

Assistant: Ms, he's very insistent. In fact, he's been calling constantly for the past week. I was hoping a message from you might end his pestering.

Stern stops in her tracks, and goes into some breathing exercises before turning to face her assistant.

Stern: I'll take the call, but you must understand that this is not acceptable. We'll speak more on this during your annual review. Now hand me the phone, then go check on the audio crew. My entrance music seemed a little distorted.

The assistant gives the phone over, and is quickly running back from when he came.
Commissioner Stern yells after him.

Stern: And get the arena to turn up the ventilation! The next round of pyro is going to be smoky. I want a clear shot for the cameras!

Putting the phone to her ear, Commissioner Stern speaks very flatly and coldly.

Stern: Yes?

A muffled voice on the other end is picked up by the mic.

Stern: Mr. Strikmore, we've been over this. You are no longer employed by this company. Please stop the harassing phone calls... An explanation? I owe you no explanation. Your contract, if you bothered to read it, clearly contains a severe injury clause. To paraphrase, if you are seriously injured in the ring, which you were, then TCW has the right to terminate employment. In compensation, the former employee will have 50% of his contract paid out to him, in addition to full compensation of any medical bills attached to the injury.

More garbled words.

Stern: Matt, lets be honest here. You're lucky you can walk. Now, how would TCW look if I let you come back and wrestle in our ring? What if you got injured again, this time fatally, in our ring. The bad press would bury the company. Your termination is in the best interest of your health, and in the best interest of the company.

Inaudible sounds of protest.

Stern: Lawyers? Certainly, you have my address. But I think you'll find they tell you the same thing. You signed the contract, and I've exercised a clause in said contract. Now if you have any questions on this, or questions of any bills you may associated with your neck injury, our receptionist will be happy to put you in touch with the appropriate people.

The voice on the receiver is cut short.

Stern: You had a nice run, Matt. A hell of a run. And now that run is over. Best of luck to you, and have a good life.

The muffled sounds of protest continue, but Stern slaps the phone closed, tossing it on a table as she walks by, returning to her PDA, nary a step missed.

Fri Dec 28, 2007 8:57 pm
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Can thou not hearest? Let me turneth it up!
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Sammy Eubanks: Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match up is a three team tag match scheduled for one fall...Introducing first.

The SSBB theme begins to start up and as the chanting part of it begins, Yoshi is seen running as fast as he can down the ramp and Mario reveals himself as have been to the side of the ramp by spinning onto Yoshi's back right before Yoshi jumps through a huge pyro and into the ring.

Sammy Eubanks: Hailing from The Mushroom Kingdom, weighing in 225 pounds, Maaariooooooo! And, hailing from Yoshi's Island, weighing in 105 pounds, Yoooooshiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

They appeal to the crowd some as they enter the ring.

Sammy Eubanks: ...and their opponents...

Instruments of Destruction hits and the Twisted Tron crackles on

The TCW symbold appears on the tron, as the first riff ends right before the first line a jobbers body is kicked through the words and Yu and Ai stare into the camera with weapons drawn. More asses are kicked as the camera pans around a globe with Shadow's mask as the backgroun. The loop ends with the Talon of the dragon and Claw of the Tiger combo and repeats.

Smoke fills the rampway and Shadow wheels (or walks when he's feeling better) out flanked by Yu & Ai. The trio walks slowly to about the middle of the ramp, from there they kiss Shadow on the cheek and sprint the rest of the way to the ring and leap to the apron and opposite ringpost in one smooth motion. They slowly stretch their bend dramatically and enter the ring. The twins then jump to the top ropes and throw the sign of the Reality Check into the air which is answered by Shadow, they finish with the throat slash motion and glare at their opponents.

Sammy Eubanks: Currently in the ring managed by Shadow....this is AI AND YU!

Banter: Damn Eubanks, it's called me and you.

Tex. Will you be serious?

Banter: I prefer not to...

Sammy Eubanks: Introducing the final team...

A gong sounds and two men dressed as ninjas walk out as the crowd at first just stares at them, the fans have seen it all tonight, Mario and Yoshi, two girls who with enough booze and enough Nerdy virginity can be seen as Anime babes and now...Ninjas.

As the dramatic gong goes silent, I am Ninja by the Neu tickles hits and the green and purple ninjas
make their way towards the ring.

Sammy Eubanks: From Ninjaworld, World of Ninjas weighing in at a combined weight of 406...errr ...~NINJA pounds...this is GSSN and ESPN THE SUPER STEALTH EXPRESS!

Cain: Poor Eubanks...

Banter: For once we agree Cain...

As the teams finish their pre match rituals, the ref flips a coin to determine the starting teams in the match.

Tex: Looks like the coin flips has come up in favour of Ai & Yu starting this match with Mario and Yoshi as their opponents.

The twins play rock, paper and Scissors over who gets to start and as Ai's Scissors beats Yu's paper the errr...I mean Ai gets to start the match for the team.

Cain: Ai and Yu decided their starting wrestler by a fair game...Mario and Yoshi seem to have agreed on who gets the nod before hand.

Banter: Yeah, or they played Nintendo over it!

Cain: That's not funny...

Banter: Oh come on, Smark boy!

Tex: Cain's right fer once...that wasn't funny at all.

Banter decides to be quiet as the ~NINJAS! Leave the ring and waits for the tag as their starting point in the match.

Ai (or maybe Yu as the girls may have cheated...) lock up with Mario. The taller and generally larger Mario expects to over power the young teenager easily but is chocked as she grabs him and whips him into the ropes and drops himto the floor with a spin-wheel kick before tagging her sister in.

Yu wastes no time and enters the ring via a flying elbow drop into Mario's midsection that makes all air leave his lungs far quicker then could be considered healthy.

Banter: Looks like the Goombas are fighting back!

Cain: That's still not funny.

Tex: Agreed.

Yu moonsaults onto Mario and goes for a cover.



Cain: And a kick out with authority!

Banter: BOOOING!

Tex. What?

Banter: You know BOING, the jumping sou...ah screw it.

Mario staggers over to the ~NINJAS! And tags in the purple ~NINJA!.

Cain: White ninjas are good and black ones are evil...what the heck is a purple ninja?

Banter: Gay?

Tex: Please tell me that they bleeped that, please tell me they bleeped that!

Banter: What?

Tex: Viewers I apologise for Banter's comment, being gay is nothing wrong or twisted.

Banter: It was a JOKE, never mind...

The purple ninja leaps over the top rope and lands on his feet and then goes into a very ninja-esque pose.

Yu looks a bit perplexed but seem to think that she should follow the purple ones example and does a martial arts pose of her own.

The Purple ninja seems a bit puzzled and seems to wonder where to go from here, so after about 15 seconds of awkward posing he simply launches a kick at Yu, the Japanese girl blocks the kick and lashes out with one of her own that the purple ninja in turn blocks, a series of kicks, chops and punches follow Matrix style and each and everyone is blocked.

Yu's offence is a blur of movement that Purple Ninja has trouble keeping up with so in the end he simply boots the girl in her stomach and drops her with a normal, old fashioned DDT.

Instead of going for the cover he tags in his partner who enters the ring by way of a springboard leg drop on Yu. As "Green" goes for the cover, Ai saves her sister from the pin and Ai and Yu launch an attack that brings "Purple" back into action. As Ai and Yu and the Stealthy ~NINJAS! Tear down chants and cheers from the fans, Mario and Yoshi look at each other and decide to enter the fray too.

Tex: It's broken down completely!

Cain: Yoshi is fighting a ninja and Ai, Mario is getting beat down by Yu and the Purple ninja...it looks like a videogame massacre out there!

Banter: Well you should know nerd boy.

Slowly the momentum shifts for Mario and as the green ninja makes a mistake and hits Ai instead of Mario, the strange plumber makes his move and lays Ai low with an elbow and covers her.



Tex: Kick out by Ai!

Mario gets to his feet and lets out a small and very Nintendo friendly curse, and as he gets up he gets blind sided by the ~NINJAS! Who super kicks Mario with typical, unearthly ~NINJAS! Strength and style. As Green dives in for the cover, Yoshi makes his move and flattens the Purple ninja before breaking up the cover.

Ai gets up shakes her head and nods at her sister.

Tex: Ai and Yu seems to be planning the end....

Cain: They are moving in on Yoshi. This could be the Total Elimination!

As the girls move in on the poor Yoshi, someone makes his way through the fans pushing TCW fans away as he bashes down the stands.

Tex: What the hell?

Cain: Who the hell is THAT?!

As the huge person leaps over the railing Banter flies to his feet and yells

Banter: IT'S BOWSER!

Cain: Huh?

Tex: What?


Cain: Banter...you OK, man?

Banter: I'm fine thanks...[whispers] It's Bowser man...

Bowser Koopa enters the ring, pushes the girls away and out of the ring before flattening Yoshi with a stomp and then chases off Mario.

Cain: So errr....the ~NINJAS! Win then?

Tex. It would seem so...sort of by default.

Green and Purple shrug and Green dives down for the cover.


Cain: 2...

Banter: 3! BOWSER DID IT!

Cain: What?

Tex: What?

Banter: He finally beat Mario...

Tex. Oh right, yes...well Yoshi was the one who got pinned thought.

Banter: Right but Mario still lost, didn't he?

Cain: Yes, Banter are you on drugs?

Banter: Huh, no of course not.

Cain: Just wondering.


<center>Image Image


As the music starts up, all lights go out. The crowd is greeted with Drako's voice shouting with a thounderous echo:


After 45 seconds of waiting, Drako is shown by fire-red and blood red spotlights, one on each side, on top of the machine that does the entrance movies. As the first verse starts he jumps down, and halfway down he grabs ahold of a platform and falls down again, this time to the stage, he faces downward and his eyes still look forward.

1:30 into the song he tightens his gloves and boots while standing in the middle of a flame.

1:37 into the song, he walks down the ramp with his arms spread out, each step he takes 2 fireworks come out of the row he stepped on.

Sammy Eubanks: The following non-title mach is scheduled for one fall...introducing first...weighing in at 325 lbs...DRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAKOOOOOOOO!!!

Banter: He sure is a big boy...

Tex: And a dangerous one too. We saw what happened between these two men a while ago - Drako threatened the Commissioner and was allegedly involved in some kind of backstage altercation with her and, by way of punishment, she enlisted the help of the returning David Hardy.

Cain: But does Hardy have the ability to fight an opponent this large and this dangerous?

2:00 into the song he's going into the ring, looking on as the fireworks reach very close to the ceiling. He goes into the ring with a backflip.

2:08 into the song, he's in the ring still looking at the fireworks. Camera shifts to the fireworks as they start to reach the peak of their height extemely slowly.

2:25 seconds into the song, they drop very quickly, almost instantly, and they hit the launchers they came from, resulting in a great explosion with the lights back on, blood-red colored. As the song heats up, he combusts and does a Shawn Micheals pose, and red Shawn Micheals pyros come out of the ring.

2:48, he spins around really fast, spreading the fire around the ring. 4:07 into the song, he backflips off the turnbuckle and spins around again after combusting again. The song and entrance end.

The arena goes dark and silent before the opening guitar chords of Strapping Young Lad's "Shitstorm" begin playing. The screen flashes split second shots of David Hardy in action as blue lights flash in sync with the music.


Suddenly a massive explosion of fire erupts at the top of the ramp.

Know, know, KNOW
is WRONG!!!

David Hardy slowly steps out. He walks to either side of the stage and stares out at the audience with an enraged expression on his face.

Sammy: And his opponent...from Vancouver, British Columbia...weighing in at 200 lbs...he is the TCW AFTERSHOCK CHAMPION...DAAAAAAAAVIIIID HAAAAAAAAAAARDY!!!!!!!

And I don't want to fight...
Because I don't know what's
But I'll do ANYTHING just to get some
FUCKING sleep tonight...
And I can't even EAT
And I can't even FUCKING PISS!!!
All I've been doing is thinking about

He paces back to the center of the ramp and stares towards the ring. You can almost see the fire burning in his eyes as Devin Townsend's shrieks fill the arena.


He finally steps forwards and approaches the ring. He looks from side to side, acting very paranoid of his surroundings.

You'll fucking listen to me...Every one of you in my
All I've been looking for is an excuse to
feel this way...
...and now I know...
I'm in control of the infinite mind,
And I control infinite Power

He takes his time and stands infront of the ring, where he will surely shed blood in the coming moments. His eyebrow seems to be twitching with pure madness.

And self-control is something I've learned...
But don't think I won't do it,
Don't you EVER forget;
If you want crazy...

He finally snaps out of it and charges forward, sliding into the ring and running towards the corner.


Hardy quickly jumps onto the turnbuckles and holds his arms out to the side, yelling out to the crowd.


The madness of the music slowly fades out as Hardy jumps down to the canvas and stares down the referee, awaiting the match to begin.

Cain: Hardy seems as ready for the fight as ever!

Tex: Yes indeed and, though the crowd are no fans of Hardy, I think they may be embracing him as the lesser of two evils right now.

Banter: Wow, these rubes are finally doing something smart?!

Cain: Commissioner Stern may not always be popular with the fans, but I think that Drako was clearly out of line in everyone's eyes with his behaviour and, even if Hardy has to be the instrument of it, they want to see some payback.

Drako towers over Hardy as the two men square up in the ring. As the bell rings, Hardy takes a swipe at his opponent with his right hand, but Drako catches it in one of his massive fists and squeezes, causing Hardy to cry out in pain and stagger to his knees. He tries to kick his way free, but Drako continues to ignore the smaller man's offence and hurls him into the corner by the hand.

Tex: Drako has such a huge size and strength advantage - what can Hardy realistically hope to do in this match?

Cain: He has speed and agility on his size, but he's barely had a chance to get off the mat yet.

Hardy lands hard against the turnbuckle, but bursts out with a forearm that hits Drako's chest. The red-garbed giant continues to no-sell everything Hardy can throw at him though and sends him down to the mat with a monstrous clothesline. Hardy holds his head as he rolls on the canvas and Drako grabs a handful of his hair, hauling him up to his feet. He whips him across the ring and nails a big boot on the way back. Hardy goes down, flat out in the centre of the ring, and Drako kneels down and slowly covers him...



Th...no! Hardy just manages to get his shoulder up in time!

Cain: That was a close one there.

Banter: It'll take more than that to keep David Hardy down.

Tex: Maybe, but not much more, I'd bet.

Drako stands slowly and stomps Hardy down. He goes to the ropes and waits for Hardy to rise before charging in and grabbing Hardy by the throat. He carries him to the opposite side of the ring, takes a short run-up and then hurls him bodily over the ropes.

Hardy is down on the outside, cradling his head as Drako stands almost motionless in the ring. The fans boo him loudly, but he shows no signs of even having heard them. He moves towards the ropes, slowly and purposefully, before climbing out and dropping to the floor. Hardy is slumped against the apron, and Drako lifts him by the hair again. Hardy once more tries to kick his way free, but the combination of Drako's huge size and his outfit which seems to function as armour, means the Aftershock Superstar can barely make a dent.

Cain: How can anyone hurt Drako?

Banter: C'mon, Hardy's taken him out before...

Cain: Yeah, with the help of a chair - but this is a match, and if Hardy resorts to weapons, he's going to get disqualified.

Drako lifts Hardy up and holds him crosswise across his chest before taking a run-up and slamming him spine-first into the ring post. Hardy's back arches in pain and he crumples into a heap on the floor. The referee is counting in the ring, but Drako halts the count by rolling under the ropes quickly. As he moves towards Hardy once again, the former Infinity-member catches him in a drop-toehold and the monster goes stumbling against the apron.

Tex: Hardy has perhaps earned a brief respite here...

Hardy dives quickly into the ring and pulls himself upright using the ropes. He is breathing heavily with a hand pressed to his back as Drako climbs back into the ring, moving with all the speed and inevitability of a glacier. Hardy holds up a hand and shakes his head as Drako approaches.

Cain: It looks like Hardy has had enough of this...

Banter: If he wants Drako to stop, why doesn't he run away?

Tex: Yeah, it looks like he's actually stepping closer to his opponent, despite his protestations.

Hardy sidesteps into the centre of the ring and begins waving frantically in what appears to be an attempt to save himself from Drako's attacks. The monster keeps advancing however and takes a swing only for Hardy to suddenly fling himself out of the way, and Drako's fist to smash into the side of the referee's head.

Tex: Oh!

Banter: Hahaha! Another master plan by the Aftershock Superstar that has come to fruition!

The official goes down and Drako stares down at him blankly. Meanwhile, Hardy darts behind him on his knees and drives his arm up between Drako's legs. The giant doesn't even seem to acknowledge the low blow though and turns around to face Hardy as the Aftershock Champion suddenly finds himself sitting on the mat and trying to shuffle away from Drako.

Drako reaches out, grabbing Hardy by the hair again and hauls him off his feet. Hardy is suspended in the air, yelling in pain and Drako turns him around. Hardy lashes out with a foot, catching Drako on the face and causing him to drop him to the floor. Drako shakes off the attack, but as he walks forward, Hardy trips him and sends him stumbling towards the ropes, causing him to end up hung up on the middle one.

Cain: Drako is caught on the ropes! Can Hardy take advantage?

Banter: Of course he can!

Hardy seizes his opportunity and dives out of the ring. He staggers for a second as he lands, cradling his back, but then flips up the apron and starts searching under the ring. After a moment, he emerges with a steel chair and walks around to where Drako is still hung up. Without a second's hesitation, he reaches back and smashes Drako over the head, causing his opponent to fall back into the ring.

Tex: What a shot!

Cain: And there's no referee - Hardy has free reign!

Hardy climbs back into the ring, still with his chair in hand, and he lays into Drako again and again and again, pounding on him with unrelenting fury. He doesn't let up until the weapon is dented beyond recognition, whereupon he discards it and starts to help the referee to his feet.

Tex: Surely this is over now...

Cain: Don't speak too soon, Tex - look at Drako!

Behind Hardy and the referee, Drako is rising to his feet, albeit groggily. Hardy turns around just in time to receive a kick to the gut and have his arms hooked.

Banter: Nooo!

Cain: It looks like Drako is going for the move he calls "The Bulldozer".

Hardy is lifted effortlessly into the air, but Drako staggers slightly, the chair-shots having apparently gotten the better of him. Hardy manages to flip his way out, landing on his feet behind Drako. As he turns around, Hardy grabs him by the head and drives him into the mat with the DKO.

Tex: DKO! DKO! Hardy from nowhere!

He covers...


Tw...no! Kickout!

Banter: What?!

Hardy can't believe it but he climbs to his feet and waits for Drako to stand too. As he does so, he charges, but Hardy slams his foot into his jaw and sends him crashing down the mat.

Cain: Hardy with the superkick! But is it enough this time?

He pins straight away...




Cain: He did it! Hardy brought Drako down.

Tex: But it wasn't easy - not by a long shot.

Hardy rolls off Drako's prone form and winces as he stands up shakily. The equally shaky referee lifts the Aftershock Champion's arm and hands him his belt, but the sounds of Drako stirring behind them sends both men scattering. Hardy swings himself out of the ring and retreats up the ramp, watching as Drako stands right back up and watches him coldly from the ring.

Tex: Hardy won tonight, but Drako is far from defeated - will he continue to menace TCW with his unstable presence?

<center>Image Image

Backstage, Dante's dressing room door flies open, and the albino former World Champion steps out into the corridor. The crowd pops.

Tex: It's Dante! His match is up next!

Cain: He looks like he has a lot on his mind.

Banter: Well wouldn't you? I heard his girlfriend got pregnant - that's enough to cramp anyone's style.

Tex: I believe they're now married, Banter, and the pregnancy is a cause for joy. We at TCW haven't had our chance to extend our congratulations to Jason and his bride Selenia yet.

Dante doesn't look like a man with anything to be congratulated about, however. His reflective shades hide his eyes, but his shoulders slump as he moves and his face looks even paler than usual. As the camera follows his progress to the ring he suddenly stops and glances over his shoulder slightly.

Banter: What's he doing?

He turns and frowns at the shadows down a corridor that leads from the one he is in.

Tex: It looks like Dante saw someone...

Banter: Well I didn't see anything.

Cain: Dante's usually pretty intuitive with that sort of thing, I understand.

Banter: He's not magic, Cain.

Dante walks away from the camera and down the darkened corridor. Something definitely moves in the shadows now, and he steps towards it.


There is no response.

"Show yourself," Dante growls, but once again is met only with silence. There is another movement in the shadows, and this time Dante follows immediately, darting off into the shadows, while the cameraman follows, the view jerking around rapidly.

Banter: What the hell?

Tex: Dante's had problems with being pursued recently - especially by this mysterious ‘Hunter' character. Maybe he's decided it's time he was the one doing the chasing...

The view changes to one of the arena. Junior Kickstart begins to play, pumping up the crowd, as Cage appear on the ramp. He is alone for once, and walks calmly towards the ring.

Sammy Eubanks: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...introducing first, on the way to the ring...weighing in at 400 lbs...CAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!!

Cain: Well, this match is about to start - with or without Dante - and Cage seems ready to fight.

Banter: Are these guys actually going to have a match this time?

Tex: I don't know, but Cage seems to be alone tonight. I wonder where Elsie is?

Cain: After what happened at Friction between her and Dante, I guess he wanted to keep her out of the firing line.

Banter: I think Dante's the one that needs protecting, not her.

Tex: Yes. I don't know what that little redhead did to him after their match at Friction, but I've never seen Dante taken out like that before.

Cage stands in the ring, flexing his massive arms as his music slowly fades. The official stands next to him, looking tiny. Sammy glances down at the stage where nothing much seems to be happening.

<object width="425" height="373"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/n2q6G0CV38E&rel=1&border=1"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/n2q6G0CV38E&rel=1&border=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="373"></embed></object>

Sammy: And his opponent...weighing in at 242 lbs...from the City of Dis, in the Sixth Circle of Hell...JAAAAAAAAAASOOOOON DAAAAAAAAAANTEEEEEEEEE!!!

But there is no Dante on the stage. His music continues to play, but then fades out when he doesn't arrive.

Banter: Well?

Sammy: And his opponent...weighing in at 242 lbs...from the City of Dis, in the Sixth Circle of Hell...JAAAAAAAAAASOOOOON DAAAAAAAAAANTEEEEEEEEE!!!

A deafening silence follows Sammy's repetition of the announcement and he just shrugs at the referee.

Tex: Where's Dante?

Cain: I have no idea...

Suddenly, the image on the TwistedTron changes, and Dante's white leather jacket appears, running down a shadowy corridor.

Banter: There he is!

The cameraman continues to chase Dante down the darkened hall. He darts rapidly around corners, leaping over discarded equipment and ducking under pipes. The cameraman stumbles, lacking the half-demon's agility and poise, and we nearly lose sight of Dante for a moment.

In the ring, the referee gives a shrug and signals for the bell. It rings, and Cage folds his massive arms across his equally massive chest. The referee waits for a few seconds as Sammy makes himself scarce, and then begins to count.


Cain: It looks like Dante is about to get counted out...


Tex: Unless he can find his way back to the ring.


On the TwistedTron, Dante dives around another corner, and the cameraman struggles to follow.


Banter: Another glorious victory for Cage...


Dante has stopped, and stands at what appears to be a dead end, but the shadows are very deep around the cluster of mouldering pipes and boxes deep in the bowels of the arena.


"You!" Dante snarls.

The vague shadow seems to move slightly, as if cocking its head.


"You broke into my home," Dante says through bared teeth, "you nearly cause me to break my neck again, you turn my best friend and my wife against me, you taunt me your videos and now your shadow...this ends...NOW!"


Dante lurches towards the shadow, but a pair of hands dart out and affix themselves to his skull.

Tex: Uh oh!

Dante screams in pain as he falls to his knees again and, in the tussle, the cameraman is caught and his equipment goes flying, causing the feed to cut out.


Banter: He's about to get counted out!

Cain: I think that's the least of Dante's problems now...


The bell rings as Cage shakes his head and exits the ring swiftly. He has purpose in his eyes and breaks into a jog as he rushes backstage.

Tex: Cage didn't seem too happy at Friction when Elsie did what she did. If that was her backstage, and not the Hunter, then I guess he wants to get there as fast as possible.

In the ring, Sammy raises the microphone to his lips again.

Sammy: Your winner by count out...CAAAAGE!!!

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<center>Image Image


The arena is dark. Suddenly the guitar solo from "Land of Confusion" begins. There are spotlights moving around everywhere as the music plays.

On the TwistedTron, we see:


(Short vid of Bam hitting the Deathshead on opponent)


(Short video of Bam hitting the Kamikaze on opponent)


(Short video of Bam hitting Love Sweet Love into a powerbomb on opponent)

After last vid, Bam comes onto ramp screaming "BAAAAAAAAAAABY!!!!", pounding his chest with both fists. All spotlights are on him, then shut off as the lights in the arena come up. Red pyro shoots off behind him as he walks down the ramp.

Sammy Eubanks: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...introducing first, on the way to the ring, weighing in at 290 lbs...he is the winner of the 2007 Majestic Cup....THE BIIIIIIIIIIG BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMLIIIIIICIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUS!!!!!

As he marches to the ring he is talking massive crap outloud as if screaming to his opponent, or shouting what he's about to do to his opponent.

Cain: Bam looks as fired up as ever tonight.

Tex: And he might need that intensity if he's going to walk out of here the winner.

Banter: It's like living in bizarro-world, it really is. How did we get to the stage where a 300 lb man is supposed to be worried that a woman half his size might kick his ass?

Cain: I guess you should ask that question to all the people Freya has beaten on her way to the top, Banter.

He climbs the stairs to the ring and hops both legs over the top rope to enter the ring.

He then jumps up on the nearest turnbuckle and begins pounding his chest again, yelling out toward the fans, pumping himself up.

<i>Faint white figures paint my sleep
Please don't tell my secrets keep them hidden (you got it, you got it, you got it)
If the words that matter reach your face from floor
Will you be wondering if, or (do I need what is given or honest)
Does it cost me scarring if the words stay true
Even number your nephew (I don't want it, don't want it, don't want it anymore) </i>

An explosion sounds above the entrance ramp, sending golden pyro raining down.

<i>And when the answer that you want
Is in the question that you state
Come what may!
Come what may!

And when the answer that you want
Is in the question that you state
Come what may!
Come what may! </i>

Sammy: And his opponent...from Oxford, England...weighing in at 143 lbs...she is the TCW BLEEDER CHAMPION.... FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Freya walks down the ramp, signalling to her fans with points and grins.

<i>In a pain that buckles out your knees
Could you stop this if I plead (you got it, you got it, you got it)
So destined I am to walk among the dark
A child in keeping secrets from (will they know what I've done in the after)
In the sought for matter when the words blame you
In a blood red summer I'll give you (I don't want it, don't want it, don't want it) </i>

Freya hops up into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle and raises an arm, smiling at her many fans.

Tex: This is, technically, not a match for the Bleeder Championship but, as we know, should Freya bleed in this match and then be pinned, the belt will change hands.

<i>And when the answer that you want
Is in the question that you state
Come what may!
Come what may!

And when the answer that you want
Is in the question that you state
Come what may!
Come what may!</i>

Freya slings off her belt quickly and tosses it across the ring. Bam already stands, waiting for her and rolling his shoulders. He cracks his massive, bull-like neck and grins menacingly. Freya just lifts her eyebrows and folds her arms across her chest.

The bell rings, and Bam charges immediately, moving with astonishing speed for a man of his size. Freya is quicker though, and neatly sidesteps, lifting her knee so it slams into Bam's gut. The large man doubles over and Freya hooks her legs around his head before spinning him over with a hurracanrana. Bam rolls right up to his feet as Freya watches him with a grin. He seems to consider charging again, but then thinks better of it and offers a lockup instead.

Cain: Bam might be doing the smart thing here - as quick as he is, his speed is no match for Freya's.

The two tie up and it doesn't take long for Bam to gain the advantage. He hauls Freya off her feet and, with little apparent effort, throws her across the ring directly from the lockup. She lands on her back, but her momentum carries her over and she manages to land on her feet, albeit shakily. Bam is ready for the young woman now, and attacks, driving a knee into her stomach and then battering her down with a club to the back as she is staggered.

Bam drops down to one knee and grabs Freya's arm roughly. He wrenches it around and locks his own hand in the crook of her elbow, placing torsion on her shoulder and wrist. Freya kicks her feet towards the ropes, but can't reach them.

Tex: What kind of hold is that, Isaiah? You're the guy who knows about the technical stuff...

Cain: Well, it's not something I've seen before. I would assume it's some kind of modified jujutsu hold.

Banter: In other words you both have no idea. Nice to know that you two are qualified for this job.

Tex: Do you know what it is?

Banter: Of course not. Do I look like a nerd to you?

Bam tightens his grip and digs his knee into the side of Freya's head. She tries to struggle out of the hold, but Bam's grip is immensely strong. Finally, she pushes herself up onto her knees and then straightens her legs before lashing out backwards with her foot and catching Bam in the face. She keeps at it, each time distracting and hurting him until, finally, he releases.

Tex: Freya comes up with a very unique way of countering that hold...

Banter: I like it when she stuck her ass in the air. How come other promotions have girls in bikinis and fishnets rolling around in pudding and our resident female is some kind of crazy feminist who wants to wrestle the men? Did we lose a contest or something?

Cain: I wouldn't be the kind of man to presume to tell Freya how she should promote herself. Perhaps you should take it up with her backstage?

Banter: I don't think that will be necessary...

Freya slumps down, catching her breath as Bam rubs at his jaw. He moves towards her and makes a grab as she stands, but Freya is at the ropes and pulls them down, causing Bam to trip and tumble out of the ring. She immediately hops through the ropes and dives at Bam with a flying knee. He goes down on the outside and Freya rolls right back into the ring.

Bam picks himself up and then climbs into the ring. He offers a second lockup, but Freya doesn't go for it, and instead suggests a test of strength. Bam looks at her like she's crazy, but shrugs and lifts his hands. Freya steps up and stretches to his hands, but can't actually reach them.

Banter: Hahahaha!

Tex: Freya might have miscalculated a little here...

The Majestic Cup winner smiles indulgently and lowers his hands, and Freya gingerly takes them. Bam overpowers her straight away, and laughs uproariously, only for Freya to suddenly twist around so that his arms are crossed. She dives backwards, straight through his legs and flips him over onto his back. Grabbing one of his flailing legs, she folds him up in a pinning predicament...



Cain: It looks like Freya may have outsmarted Bam there.

Banter: Well that's hardly an achievement, is it?

Bam spins upright, walking right into an armdrag. Freya holds on as he lands, but Bam counters, twisting her arm around and pulling her up into a hammerlock. Freya reverses into a hammerlock of her own and Bam tries to spin around and catch her with a clothesline. She ducks and then jumps up onto his shoulders. Before she can execute a move, however, Bam simply drives her neck-fist into the mat.

Tex: Oh my Goodness! What a powerbomb!

Cain: And that may be all for this match!

He covers...



Th...no! Not quite enough!

Tex: Freya is tough, but a couple more moves like that are going to end this thing for certain.

Cain: Don't count her out yet, Tex.

Freya is still reeling from the brutal move though and Bam roughly pulls her to her feet. He whips her across the ring then executes a powerslam. The ring reverberates with the impact, but Bam doesn't pin. Instead he picks Freya up again and goes for a second Irish whip. This time, as she comes back towards him, he slams his elbow into her face and then, in one smooth movement, hooks her head with the same arm and sits out, driving her face-first into the mat.

Cain: The Fortune!

Bam goes for another pin...



Thr...no! Freya just jerks her shoulder from the mat in time!

Bam seems unperturbed and flips Freya over, kneels over her back and wrenches at her jaw with a modified camel clutch. He digs his fingers into her eyes and then starts laying in vicious blows to her face.

Banter: What's he doing?

Tex: I think he may be trying to make her bleed...

Cain: Bamlicious perhaps has his eyes on the Bleeder Title tonight then.

Tex: It would be a prestigious addition to his trophy cabinet.

As the referee warns him for the closed fists, he releases the Bleeder Champion and then crosses to the corner. He unties the turnbuckle and discards the padding. Freya stands up and charges, but Bam seems to sense her coming and elbows her in the stomach. She staggers backwards and Bam grabs her by the back of the head and slams her into the exposed turnbuckle.

Cain: And now he's one step closer to the belt! I think Freya just got busted open!

Tex: She sure did!

Freya falls straight back to the mat, a trickle of blood pouring from her wounded forehead. Bam goes for a pin right away...




Bam does look a little surprised this time, but he presses his advantage, hitting Freya with brutal rights and lefts again before standing up. He throws out his arms and bellows, "I got nothin' but LOVE for ya, baby!"

Banter: Thank God.

Cain: I don't Bam has any love for Freya at all, but he's going to end this now with the Love Sweet Love...

He lifts Freya up onto his shoulders and turns around, but Freya comes to her senses just in time and pulls Bam down into a crucifix pin...


No, Bam kicks right out!

Tex: Freya countered, but it wasn't enough!

He rolls up to his feet and reaches out, grabbing Freya by an arm and a leg. He pulls her into the air and tries to flip her onto his shoulders, but she manages to hook his head under one arm and overbalances him, bringing him down into a DDT. Freya rolls away and dabs at her forehead. She frowns at her own blood as she rests in the corner for a moment.

Cain: If Freya wants to pull this one back, she may want to wake up...

Bam is back up and crouches down. As Freya examines a spot of blood on her finger, he sees his chance. He charges, but Freya suddenly ducks out of the way and Bam smashes into the turnbuckle, his own head colliding with the exposed steel where he removed the pad a while ago. He stumbles backwards, stunned, and Freya jumps up onto his back, hooking his chin and then falling backwards into the Lungblower.

Tex: Freya! Out of nowhere!

Cain: Bam looks like he's bleeding too, but that may be the least of his problems at this exact moment!

Freya covers...




Cain: Another win for Freya! What a juggernaut this young woman is becoming!

Banter: Hey there's no need to make fun just cos she's carrying a little Holiday weight...

Tex: Your insults are usually more convincing when the target hasn't just beaten up a man twice her size.

Freya receives her title belt back and watches Bam as he rolls over and cradles his lower back. Abruptly she turns on her heel and swings herself out of the ring.

Banter: Man, what a bitch.

Tex: I guess we'll keep waiting for Bam's announcement as we watch tonight's main event!

<center>Image Image

An absolutely demonic sounding organ begins to play, as all lights in the arena are dimmed. Only one, dark, absolutely crimson spotlight remains on the stage. Inferno's form rises from beneath the stage, and then he lifts his arms in the air, causing four pillars of fire to rise around him, and the music breaks into it's main riff, as Inferno heads to the ring. No matter how much the crowd boos him, he remains in a trance with his mind seemingly elsewhere, seemingly...disconnected from it all.......

Sammy Eubanks: The following non-title match is scheduled for one fall...introducing first, making his way to the ring...weighing in at 290 lbs...the TCW TRANSCONTIENTAL CHAMPION...IIIIIIIINFEEEEEEEEERNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Cain: Well, this may be a non-title match, but you've gotta believe there's a lot of pride on the line.

Tex: There sure is. Darkness is the World Champion, Inferno is the TC Champion, and these two might be evenly matched.

Banter: Really? When Inferno is, like, 80 lbs heavier?

Cain: Do you not actually watch these matches? You know what Darkness can do.

Banter: Yeah, and I know what he can't do too - and that's pin Inferno.

Tex: He may have a point there, Isaiah; when these two men last met, Inferno kicked out of the Darkness DDT and then the match was stopped before Darkness could make the pin after a second one.

Cain: I guess now we'll find out which of them is really the best.

<object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/x3Mwo2lGdXU&rel=1&border=0"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/x3Mwo2lGdXU&rel=1&border=0" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object>

As "Fear of the Dark" plays, the view cuts to a shot of Darkness's locker room door. It opens, and Darkness steps from the shadows, his two title belts held in his hands. As his fans chant along to the music, Darkness walks through the corridors of the arena before reaching the gorilla position.

Sammy: And his opponent...from Chicago, Illinois...weighing in at 218 lbs...he is the 411FED AND ECF UNIFIED WORLD'S HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION ....DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARKNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The song kicks in and a huge pyro erupts from the stage. Darkness strides through the flames, silhouetted in the orange glow. As he strides to the ring, belts in hand, flames streak down the side of the ramp, framing him in fire. He enters the ring, ignoring its occupants and mounts the turnbuckle, raising his World Championships above his head as the ethereal chanting continues.

Cain: As they say elsewhere, the champion is here!

Banter: Not much of a champion if he doesn't defend those belts...

Tex: I'm certain that, when and if a challenger emerges, Darkness will be only too happy to show what brought him to the dance.

Banter: Happy? This guy?

Darkness steps down from the turnbuckle and immediately squares up to Inferno. Both men hold their respective belts, and Inferno makes a point of lifting the TC title up so Darkness can see it. The smaller man seems unperturbed as he raises his own, much larger, belts and cracks a small smile.

Cain: It looks like Darkness has the advantage here...

Banter: This isn't a belt measuring contest.

They separate at the referee's behest and hand over their belts. Darkness goes to his corner and limbers up for a moment, massaging his left wrist where his prosthetic hand is attacked. Inferno simply stands motionless, observing his foe with his masked head tilted slightly.

The bell rings, and the two combatants charge, locking up in the centre of the ring. They struggle for a moment, seemingly evenly matches despite the size disparity, before Inferno begins to make some headway, forcing Darkness backwards to the ropes. They reach the edge of the ring and the referee calls for the break. Inferno releases, but then slams his fist into Darkness's abdomen, staggering him.

Tex: A cheap shot from Inferno there. We've seen the dirty tactics this guy likes to employ before.

Inferno hooks Darkness under one arm and lifts him into a big hiptoss. However, Darkness holds on as he lands and then lashes out, catching Inferno's head in a scissor and pulling him to the mat. Darkness switches the hold to a cross-armbreaker and wrenches back.

Cain: An impressive counter from Darkness. If the World Champion can keep Inferno grounded on the mat, he may be able to overcome the size disparity.

Tex: Darkness has the experience and the mat wrestling skills to do that, for sure.

Inferno claws towards the ropes and finally makes it. Darkness only holds on for a moment before releasing and rolling back up to his feet. Inferno stands slowly, massaging his arm and the two men begin to circle. They lock up a second time, but this time Darkness's speed gives him the advantage and he goes behind, looking for a hammerlock. Inferno reverses out, however, ducking behind Darkness and then laying in a vicious clubbing blow to the back of his head that staggers the World Champion.

Tex: It looks like Inferno has been in the gym, training up on a little submission wrestling.

Banter: I guess he saw all those sneaky, flashy tricks that people like Darkness and Freya were doing and decided to combine their hollow pizzazz with good, honest brute strength.

Cain: Hollow pizzazz?

The masked giant reaches for Darkness and grabs him from behind, lifting him up onto one shoulder before dropping him down onto his knee. Darkness's back arches in pain as he hits the mat and Inferno looks for a pin...


Inferno grabs Darkness roughly by the head and lifts him up. He whips him into the corner, causing more pain to Darkness's back as he hits the turnbuckle before charging in with a big clothesline. The impact sends Darkness down to the mat, resting in the corner, and Inferno immediately starts to choke him with his boot. The referee moves in, and has to physically pull Inferno away from Darkness to break the illegal attack. Darkness stands up slowly, massaging his throat.

Tex: Do you think Inferno is targeting Darkness's lower back?

Cain: That would make sense. Darkness has precious few weaknesses, but concentrating on one body part will make the best of the attacks Inferno makes.

As the World Champion recovers, Inferno pushes past the referee towards Darkness, but he sends his opponent crashing face-first into the turnbuckle with a drop-toehold and, as Inferno staggers backwards, rolls him up with a schoolboy...


Tw...no! Not enough!

Darkness tries to grapple with Inferno on the mat, but the masked man grabs him by the neck and flips him over onto his back before rolling over and locking his arms around the World Champion's abdomen.

Cain: Inferno is going for a bearhug!

Darkness winces in pain and shakes his head as the referee checks on him. Inferno pulls himself up to one knee and increases the pressure on Darkness's back as he lifts him slightly off the ground. Darkness still refuses to quit however and Inferno stands up fully, lifting the champ clear off the ground and shaking him from side-to-side. Finally, Inferno seems to grow tired of the bearhug and simply hurls Darkness bodily to the canvas.

Banter: Haha. See? Good, honest brute force.

Tex: Darkness landed badly there. He's being manhandled by this giant.

The World Champion picks himself up using the ropes as Inferno watches him carefully. As soon as he is up, Inferno charges in, laying in a forearm to Darkness's back and then lifting him into a high angle back suplex. Darkness bounces across the ring and lands face down. Inferno stands and stalks towards the Champion, his eyes feline eyes as expressionless as always. He yanks Darkness up by his hair, but the smaller man grabs the back of his opponent's neck and then drops to his knees, sending Inferno staggering back with a jawbreaker. Darkness gets to one knee and, as Inferno turns around again, charges and leaps into the air, slamming his knee into Inferno's face.

Cain: Shadowed Wizard!

Darkness covers...




Tex: That was not enough to keep this big man down.

Banter: Of course it wasn't - a Darkness DDT couldn't do it; you think a little knee to the head is going to?

Darkness gets to his feet holding his back slightly and then crouches down. Inferno gets up and Darkness strikes, going for the superkick, but Inferno dodges out of the way and slams his elbow into Darkness's jaw as he passes. Darkness goes down hard and Inferno immediately reaches down and locks his hand around his throat. The referee tries to warn him against the illegal hold, but Inferno ignores him and pulls Darkness up with the choke. Darkness attempts to fight out of the choke, yanking at Inferno's wrist with both his good hand and the prosthetic.

Cain: Inferno is resorting to some pretty brutal moves here. Is that what it's going to take to beat Darkness?

Tex: In the past, when Darkness has been pinned, it's usually been through a combination of outside interference, incredible toughness and heart or, indeed, sheer power. I don't think Inferno has many friends backstage, and I can't speak for his will to win, but I know power when I see it.

Inferno lifts Darkness off his feet and into the air before slamming him down to the canvas with a chokeslam. He retains the choke and repeats the move, shaking the ring with the massive impact as he falls to his knees too. Inferno grabs Darkness by the wrist with his free hand and pins him to the mat...



Thr...no, Darkness manages to jerk his shoulder from the mat just in time!

Inferno changes his grip so he holds both wrists down and pushes Darkness's shoulders to the mat once again...


Tw...no, another kickout!

Banter: Not long now...

Tex: I can't fault Inferno's perseverance tonight.

Inferno stomps Darkness down and then grabs his legs, turning over and putting him in a high-angle Boston crab. He digs his knee into the small of Darkness's back as he puts torsion on his spine. Darkness grits his teeth in pain, clawing at the mat towards the ropes. He's far away though, and Inferno's grip is firm. He has nowhere to go and starts to pound the mat, perhaps attempting to channel the pain in his back.

Banter: He's tapping out!

Cain: He's most definitely not. Remember, Darkness has never submitted in a match. He forced Dante to break the Gilded Cage before he would give up and he's survived countless other devastating holds over his career. Inferno might be able to pin Darkness, but I wouldn't bet any money on him making him submit.

Tex: He's giving it the old college try though...

Inferno wrenches back, and Darkness starts to twist his spine ever more, presumably subjecting himself to even more agony, before twisting back around rapidly. The movement unbalances Inferno slightly, and Darkness repeats the motion, this time knocking Inferno off balance and sending him tumbling to the mat. Inferno retains his grip on the World Champion, but Darkness can now reach the ropes and grabs hold of the bottom one, forcing Inferno to release on the count of four.

Cain: Darkness survives that hold, but his back must be in agony right now.

Banter: Yeah, it's just a matter of time. Chalk up another defeat, Darkness.

Darkness holds onto the ropes, recovering for a few precious seconds, as Inferno gets to his feet and cracks his knuckles. He grabs hold of Darkness's foot and yanks him into the centre of the ring. Inferno shifts his grip to Darkness's knee and tries to turn him over into a half-crab, but Darkness twists out of it and sends Inferno spinning away. Darkness immediately rolls to his feet and ducks a clothesline from Inferno before kicking him in the gut and then pulling him into a front-facelock.

Cain: The Darkness DDT!

He spins around, driving Inferno's head into the mat!

Tex: It wasn't enough last time - will it be enough now?

Darkness covers...




Banter: Haha!

Cain: Incredible - Inferno survives the Darkness DDT once again. What will it take to put this man down?

Tex: I don't know, Isaiah, but Darkness may not have what it takes after all.

Darkness composes himself quickly and signals for another Darkness DDT. Inferno gets up slowly and he locks in another front-facelock, but Inferno reaches out and locks one massive hand over Darkness's face. The Champion tries to free himself, but Inferno's grip is too powerful.

Cain: Oh my goodness! Inferno has Darkness is some kind of Iron Claw variation!

Tex: I believe he calls that hold ‘The Shroud of Turin'.

Banter: Let's hope Darkness doesn't leave too much blood on Inferno's glove then.

Slowly, Darkness starts to sink to his knees and Inferno rises triumphantly. The referee moves in to check on Darkness and lifts his hand. It falls once...


Suddenly, Inferno jerks away with a muffled roar of fury. He cradles his hand, which drips with some black fluid. Parts of his glove seem to be corroding away, revealing pale flesh beneath.

Tex: What the hell?!

Cain: That looks like...yes, I think Darkness just gave Inferno a blast of the Black Mist!

Tex: It seems to be melting through Inferno's glove and hand somehow!

Darkness is on his hands and knees on the mat, the same dark liquid dripping from his mouth. As Inferno charges in furiously, Darkness jerks his face up and a cloud of black spray hits Inferno full-on, causing him to stagger back. His mask seems to have been damaged by the attack and the Black Mist covers the lenses of his eyes. As he stumbles blindly forward, Darkness pulls him into a small package...




Cain: He did it! Darkness blinded Inferno with that mist and rolled him up for the win!

Banter: So in other words he cheated?

Tex: I don't know about that. We've only seen the Black Mist twice before, in two of Darkness's toughest matches. I think it says a lot about Inferno that it took that to bring him down.

Inferno rolls over on the mat, wiping at his mask, and then recoiling as the corrosive liquid eats through his gloves and costume. Areas of pale flesh are exposed, looking red and sore where the Black Mist touches them. Darkness staggers to his feet and receives his titles. He lifts them above his head as EMTs climb into the ring and attempt to attend to Inferno.

Tex: Darkness walks out the victor, but he had to bring Inferno down with a highly dangerous attack, it seems.

Darkness dabs at his lips where a little of the Black Mist still clings to his face. Apparently it isn't harmful to him, but he has a strange look in his eyes as he watches Inferno, still in obvious pain.





A booming guitar fills the arena, suddenly dark, spotlights facing the ramp.


Leaping outward, already shouting, The Big Bamlicious heads down the ramp, a short steel pipe in his hand.

Tex: Looks like it's time for the big man's announcement!

Cain: And judging by the look on his face, he means business tonight!

Bam's music fades as he enters the ring. He marches right up to Darkness, and neither man backs down.

Tex: Neither of these men have an ounce of fear in their hearts!

Banter: Although they'd both scare the lunch out of most people.

A mic is slid into the ring and, without breaking eye contact with Darkness, Bamlicious picks it up.

Bam: So it seems our World Champ can't even take out a second-tier title holder without cheating...

The crowd oooh's at Bam's insult, and Darkness swipes the mic out of his hand.

Darkness: If I recall correctly, that's a second-tier title that you failed to capture.

Both men glare at each other as the crowd ooooh's again.

Bam: Touché. Well, on that note, you'll be happy to find out that I've taken care of another title holder...

The TwistedTron lights up with a shot backstage.

Tex: That's...

Cain: ... disgusting!

On the screen is Freya, laying unconscious backstage, a pool of blood under her head. Darkness runs over to the ropes, staring up at the TwistedTron.

Tex: Oh no!

Darkness hits the mat with a thud as Bam bounces the steel pipe off his skull.

Cain: Darkness had to be pretty damn distracted to not see that coming!

Tex: Who wouldn't be, with one of their closest friends lying in her own blood!

Bamlicious lifts his other hand to his mouth, speaking into the mic.

Bam: You folks see these two lying here? Neither one of them deserves the gold hanging around their waists... So in January, at Retribution, they're both coming back to this ring for round two! And I'll be walking out of their with both their titles around my waist!!

Tex: Bam's just made his decision, and it's a match against both Darkness and Freya!

Cain: The New Year is really going to start off with a bang! We're outta time tonight! Don't miss TCW Retribution, coming in January!!

Fri Dec 28, 2007 9:05 pm
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