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 TCW Majestic Cup 2010 in Beijing (August 16th, 2010) 
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Post TCW Majestic Cup 2010 in Beijing (August 16th, 2010)


BAP! ~ BAP! ~ BAP! ~ BAP! ~ BAP! ~ BAP! ~ BAP! ~ BAP!


Image Image Image

Tex: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Majestic Cup and boy, do we have a show for you tonight!

Cain: Tonight it’s all or nothing for the competitors of the TCW Majestic Cup tournament, as the winner will either walk away with a match of their choosing, or, should Darkness be in the final match, either he or his competitor will leave as the TCW World’s Heavyweight Champion.

Banter: Well, hurry up, let’s get on with it!

Tex: Your first match is coming on right…now!

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Post Re: TCW Majestic Cup 2010 in Beijing (August 16th, 2010)
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Izumi vs. Freya
TCW Majestic Cup Semi-Finals

The arena goes dark as the opening parts of Miseria Cantare play. A single spotlight shines onto the entry way, fading on and off. The music kicks into it's main drum beat just before the lyrics begin. Izumi appears on the stage to a crowd pop in the slowly strobing spotlight as a brief pyro explodes, showering her visage in sparks.

Sammy: From Tokyo, Japan...weighing in at 144 pounds...IZUUUUUUUUUUUUMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She walks slowly to the ring, the spotlight following her, still casting it's powerful strobing glow upon her. She stops at the ring apron, and as the music reaches it's peak, she leaps into the ring, the lights coming on full at last. She circles the ring and shouts stuff to the crowd, pumping them and herself up, before finally mounting a turnbuckle and raising a single fist in the air.

An explosion sounds above the entrance ramp, sending golden pyro raining down.

Freya marches out soon after to the ring, a serious expression on her face, not bothering to play to the crowd.

Sammy: From Oxford, United Kingdom...weighing in at 143lbs...FREEEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tex: This match could be the first step one way or another to a TCW World Championship. I’d imagine both competitors are going to take this one very seriously...

Freya quickly slides into the ring.

Not even bothering to wait for the bell, Izumi immediately charges into Freya and performs a double leg takedown on her, rapidly pounding her on the ground! Freya is quick to cover up, and is able to shift her weight so that Izumi is rolled quickly onto her back. Freya is able to deliver several return punches before Izumi manages to seize an arm, and moves into a rather unorthodox armbar. Freya reaches out with her leg over the nearest rope, prompting the referee to issue a break. Izumi waits the full 4 seconds before releasing.

Both competitors stand, grappling as they do so. Izumi is delivering quick knees to Freya’s stomach, pushing her back towards the ropes, before launching her off with an Irish Whip. Instead of bouncing off the other side normally, Freya does a handspring flip off of them, and instead launches back toward Izumi with an elbow that quickly floors her.

Tex: An early cover!


T-Izumi kicks out!

Tex: These women have faced each other many times before and it’s no secret that they don’t like each other.

Cain: You have to wonder how much this is about the tournament and how much this is about pride for them.

Banter: Hey, I don’t care what it is, as long as we get some good girl on girl action.

Tex: …

Freya delivers a few blows to Izumi on the ground, before standing and aiming a leg drop towards her neck. Izumi sits up quickly before it lands, however, and takes advantage of a stunned Freya by quickly diving into her with a short clothesline.


Izumi shoves Freya ‘s shoulder back down to the mat…


And again…


Banter: What’s she doing? She’s not going to pin her that way.

Cain: But Freya has to expend energy by kicking out. I don’t know how effective it will be this early, but it seems Izumi is just trying to force this thing to her own pace in general this match. Look, see what she’s doing…

Izumi is applying a side headlock to Freya on the ground, wrenching back and squeezing with a great deal of visible effort. Freya grits her teeth and is slowly standing up, forcing Izumi to try and keep her under the hold. An elbow to her ribs, and Izumi’s expression suddenly changes.

She releases the hold, before suddenly delivering a kick to the back of Freya’s right leg, causing her to fall on her back! Izumi wastes no time in dropping an elbow on it, and quickly tries to get her into some sort of leg lock hold. Freya is expecting it, and wisely reaches out her hand towards a nearby rope, seizing it despite Izumi’s attempts to drag her back. Izumi releases after a count of 4.

Tex: And there we just saw a sudden change of strategies from Izumi!

Cain: I think she realized if she’s going to defeat Freya, the first thing she needs to work on is her legs. Freya favors a fast paced, high flying game, but if her speed is cut down, she’ll be forced to work the match her way. A very surprising change from Izumi, who we used to see working a similar style, but has switched to a more martial arts/submission style.

Banter: I think it’s more representative of herself. She told us she’s done catering to the fans, after all. Unlike Freya, who has to do a bunch of flips to get cheers.

Cain: Well at least you’re right about one thing, Banter. Izumi seems more comfortable working the match this way.

The crowd is now heavily booing Izumi as she stands and starts stomping away at the leg she targeted, using the ropes to give her a little extra leverage.

She reaches down, trying to drag Freya to the middle of the ring, however, Freya is able to deliver a precise kick to her head with her free leg, and staggers Izumi back into the ropes. She stands quickly , before delivering a clothesline that carries them both over the top and crashing to the floor below!

Cain: And notice Freya was careful not to land on that one leg as she fell. In risky maneuvers like that, most wrestlers will attack without regard for their bodies, but Freya is experienced enough to avoid unnecessarily injuring herself. Of course, there still comes some sacrifice with high risk maneuvers…

At that moment, Freya is climbing back onto the ring apron, and quickly springs off the bottom rope with a moonsault, crashing down into Izumi once more!

Cain: …and we just saw a major one there.



The referee’s count begins as the two competitors writhe on the ground a little bit, and are struggling to stand up. As they do so, they exchange shots with each other, staggering each other with punches. Freya gets caught with a hard one and Izumi moves to try and slam her head into the ring apron.


Freya blocks it quickly with her hands, and returns the favor by slamming her head instead! A dazed Izumi is stumbled back as Freya attempts to climb back into the ring.


She ponders briefly, before moving towards the turnbuckle and beginning to climb…


However, Izumi lunges forward, and grabs Freya’s right leg before she can get up fully, pulling her off. She then drags her back a bit, before suddenly smashing it into the ring post!

Banter: Ouch!

Tex: What a nasty, despicable move by Izumi!

The crowd deflates as Freya howls in pain as Izumi repeats the motion, further targeting that leg. The referee reaches six, but Izumi rolls in and out of the ring to break the count, before landing a quick elbow on Freya’s shin. She then seems to be tying Freya’s legs up oddly, before…

Cain: What is she…

She locks her legs up with Freya’s and pulls back suddenly!

Tex: That’s a figure four leg lock on the ring post! I haven’t seen one of those done in years!

Cain: That move is illegal though as Izumi is using the ring to apply extra pressure. Freya CANNOT be submitted with this move and the referee is going to force her to break it.

Banter: It –should- be legal…

The referee quickly issues a count of four, Izumi waiting until the very last second to release. The referee admonishes her audibly, threatening a disqualification, Izumi forced to crawl back in the ring.

Izumi drags Freya out of the corner and pins her…




The crowd wakes up a little at this kickout, Izumi shaking her head before she goes to dropping her knees on her leg, repeating the motion over and over.

Tex: I think Izumi was hoping for a quick pin there, but Freya has more resolve than that.

Cain: But if she keeps on that leg, Freya will just fizzle out and be unable to mount any sort of offense. This is where Freya needs to dig deep and start some sort of counter offensive. Because if Izumi lands one good submission in the middle of the ring, this one

Freya grabs at the ropes, slowly pulling herself up them with an expression of agony on her face. Izumi’s expression is cold anger as she grabs at Freya’s right leg, trying to shut her down once more…

In a blur, Freya’s left foot connects with the side of Izumi’s head! Her eyes glaze over suddenly and she slumps over..

Cain: Enzuigiri! Enzuigiri!

Tex: That’s the move Freya needed at the right time, and now she can finally start a major counter attack.

Banter: Dammit, Izumi, don’t let her beat you again!

Freya neglects to go for the cover, and instead seems to be slowly pulling herself up again, this time at the turnbuckle.

Cain: This could either win or lose her the match right here!

After a moment to steady herself, Freya suddenly springs off, flipping through the air and crashing torso on torso into Izumi!

Tex: There it is! Shooting star press!



Tex: How close was that?!

Cain: I think Freya didn’t quite get the height she wanted on that one, otherwise a move like that should have ended the match under these circumstances, and Freya knows it.

With frustration and agony written on her face, Freya rolls off of Izumi and, clutching her chest with one hand, and her leg with another, she slowly gets to a standing position, limping a little bit. Izumi starts to pull herself up the ropes soon after, and Freya’s expression changes. She moves in closer, and the moment Izumi is just about standing, she grabs her and pulls her down for the Lung Blower!

Tex: The Lung-wait!

Instead of the move fully connecting, Freya is stuck holding onto Izumi with her knees pressed against her back, pulling down as Izumi’s grip on the ropes has suddenly tightened to block the move, and the crowd voices their disapproval.

Cain: Love her or hate her, a resourceful counter from Izumi! She’s been hit by that move enough times to know how dangerous it is, and anticipated it that time.

After a moment of struggle…

Freya jumps off of Izumi’s back on her own, instead grappling Izumi from behind, pushing into the ropes and bouncing backwards, pulling her into a roll-up and then bridging over!




Banter: NO! You’re kidding me!

Sammy: Here is your winner, and advancing to the Majestic Cup finals…FRRREEEEEEEEEYAAAAAA!

The Beijing crowd erupts, but Freya has little time to celebrate before an irate Izumi chop-blocks her right leg, taking her down! She attempts some kind of submission hold, but is blocked by the referee as Freya quickly rolls out of the ring, limping and clutching her injured right leg.

Tex: Was that really necessary?

Cain: I don’t think Izumi cares about sportsmanship…she just wants to injure Freya, plain and simple. Regardless, Freya has advanced to the finals, where she will be facing either Darkness or Dante, a tall order, especially after a match like this.

Izumi seizes a microphone at ringside and speaks…

“Don’t…you dare…think this ends tonight…” she said, huffing and panting as she spoke, boos showering over her. “Savor your victory, because this is the only thing you’ll get against me for a long time. Sooner or later, I’ll best you in that ring. I know more and more about you in and out of that ring as time goes on. And sooner or later, these people are going to know that you and Darkness are nothing but deceivers. “

She tosses the microphone and exits in a huff.

Cain: I don’t think this score is settled yet with this match.

Tex: But right now we have a match you’ve all been waiting for, coming up. This match has been years in the making…

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Post Re: TCW Majestic Cup 2010 in Beijing (August 16th, 2010)
Image Image
Dante vs Darkness
TCW Majestic Cup Semi-Finals

A wall of fire explodes on the stage and Dante strides through it, unflinching, his eyes focused on the ring.

Sammy Eubanks: Introducing first...approaching the ring, weighing 242 pounds…JAAASOOOOON DAAAAAAAAAAAAANTEEEE!!!!!!!!!

He enters the ring and quickly faces the entryway, waiting for his opponent…

As "Fear of the Dark" plays, the view cuts to a shot of Darkness's locker room door. It opens, and Darkness steps from the shadows, his title belt around his waist. As his fans chant along to the music, Darkness walks through the corridors of the arena before reaching the gorilla position.

Sammy: And her opponent...from Chicago, Illinois...weighing in at 218 lbs... he is the TCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.... DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARKNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darkness stands in the ring as his music fades, looking completely impassive. He hands off the Heavyweight Championship belt to the referee and takes a step back into the corner, waiting silently.

Cain: Darkness doesn't seem at all shaken up by the situation that has evolved between himself and Dante, even though he's about to step into the ring with him for the first time since Endgame 2007.

Banter: Then he's crazy! Dante and Darkness nearly killed each other two years in a row, and now he's acting like this is no big deal?

Tex: Well Darkness is no stranger to bizarre behaviour. But now, for only the third time in the history of TCW, he will be defending his title against Jason Dante. It's a different belt, a new legacy in the making, but we couldn't ask for a better origin myth than these two men facing off once again.

Dante's music starts to play and now Darkness visibly tenses up, but there is no sign of Dante on the stage. The crowd are booing furiously, and still nothing happens. Eventually the music fades and the referee looks around for guidance. Darkness just shrugs at him. With a sigh, the referee begins a count.

Banter: What is this?

Cain: Dante is nowhere to be seen, so the official is administering a count out! If Dante doesn't get to the ring by the count of ten, he'll forfeit this challenge!

One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight!

The referee looks around helplessly…


But now Darkness lifts his hand and interrupts the count. He beckons for a microphone.

"Dante!" He bellows. "At Havoc, you attacked me. You said you would end me. No matter what you've done, you've always been a man of your word, so if you plan to end me, then I suggest you make good on your promise and try. I have no wish to fight you, but you wronged me and you wronged your supposed friends. You wronged TCW, you wronged the fans but, most of all, you wronged yourself. You fought and bled alongside and against me to elevate yourself from a petty thug with delusions of grandeur to a hero that each and every one of these people could respect and admire. You earned their adoration, and you became something more than a henchman to a sadistic monster. Do you really want to turn your back on what you are now? Do you really want to throw away the opportunities we forged together? If the answer is no, we can forget all this and move on with our lives. If the answer is yes, then come and face me so that, by the light, I can beat some sense into you."

Darkness looks around, but no reply is forthcoming.

Tex: An impassioned plea from Darkness there. I don't know what answer he'd prefer, but I hope Dante doesn't cheat us out of the match we're expecting.

Banter: So you'd rather they stayed enemies?

Tex: Well, no…

The referee crosses the ring and is about to tell the time keeper to ring the bell to end the 'match', when a commotion up in the stalls catches his attention. Up there, in amongst the crowd, a white shape is heading down to the ring. Around the pale figure, the throng are booing and jeering, but the sheer charisma and force of personality exuded by the man that can only be Dante causes them to naturally keep their distance and allow him to pass. He reaches the ring barrier and vaults over, landing neatly on his feet.

Cain: Dante is here! And, judging by the look on his face, I don't think he's planning to reconcile with Darkness!

Dante snarls at the fans and shrugs off his jacket, revealing his pale, chiselled body, etched with its myriad faded markings, barely visible under the harsh lights. He swings himself right into the ring and immediately charges headlong into Darkness. The crowd let out an almighty roar as the two men tumble to the canvas, flailing at each other furiously.

Tex: There will be no peace between these two veteran warriors! Dante has answered Darkness's question very firmly indeed!

Banter: They're gonna tear each other apart!

Cain: Heavyweight Championship on the line now! And so much more!

The referee calls for the bell as the element of surprise gives Dante the advantage. He hurls Darkness down to the mat with a crude throw and climbs on top of him, choking him viciously against the canvas. The referee calls for the break and has to physically pull Dante away from the Champion at the count of four. Darkness gets up slowly, but Dante is on him again, pounding him from behind with clubbing blows to the back. He has him staggered in the corner and now grabs a full nelson, dragging Darkness towards the centre of the ring.

Cain: Dante with that full nelson – is he looking for a dragon suplex perhaps?

Dante arches backwards, but Darkness finds his feet and swings himself up around Dante's shoulder, hooking his opposite arm with his legs and pulling him down into a crucifix pin…



And Dante just kicks out in time!

Tex: Darkness with that near fall in the early going. What do you make of that, Isaiah?

Cain: I would say that Dante may not be in game shape, or at least not the way that Darkness is. We have to remember that Dante has not wrestled competitively in some time, and I think that is showing with moments like that. Darkness remains as canny as ever, and Dante would do well to remember that the Heavyweight Champion knows all his tricks by now.

Dante rolls up to his feet and aims a kick at Darkness which staggers him. Darkness goes on the defensive, putting up his arms as he goes to the corner and Dante comes at him with a relentless series of attacks. Darkness stands his ground though and comes back with a knee to the gut, followed by a hard forearm shot across the face. He looks for a dropkick, but Dante sidesteps, then drops a knee and pulls Darkness into another choke. Darkness grabs the ropes and the referee has to pull Dante away a second time.

Banter: Man, he's really pissed, isn't he?

Tex: Dante is fired up. He has always been a very angry young man, but this is a very dark side of him that we've begun to witness. I don't know what he went through in his time away from TCW, but it does not seem to have been a positive experience.

Dante has Darkness up now and he whips him across the ring. He drops him with a clothesline on the way back and then hauls him up to his feet. He tries a back suplex, but Darkness wriggles free, lands behind him and goes for one of his own. He flexes backwards, but Dante finds his feet too and then goes for a chop block that sends Darkness tumbling to the mat. Dante runs the ropes and comes back with an elbow drop, then snaps on a reverse chinlock. Darkness claws at Dante's arms, trying to free himself, but he can't find any purchase. Instead, he pushes himself up to his feet and shoves himself towards the corner, smashing his way free as he sandwiches Dante between his body and the turnbuckle. He spins around as he pulls free and catches Dante with a roundhouse to the temple that sends him staggering for the ropes and then tumbling to the outside.

Cain: Darkness sends Dante to the floor with that kick, and the Champion is starting to find momentum here.

Tex: Dante did not emerge victorious the last time these two met in singles competition, and while Darkness has remained a dominant force since then, Dante's career has not fared so well. He will be wanting to make amends here, but I don't know if that's going to be possible.

Dante dives back into the ring with a sneer and Darkness is on him right away with punches. He whips him into the corner and goes to follow in with a knee lift, but Dante rakes his eyes and floors him with a vicious right hands. The referee warns him over the closed fist, which Dante ignores as he lifts Darkness up and throws him against the ropes. He rears back and delivers a hard knife-edged chop, then rakes the eyes again and drops him with a big DDT. He covers…


Tw.. kickout!

Dante growls something at the referee and then mounts Darkness, laying into him with wild, unscientific punches. The referee gets in his face about the closed fist again, but Dante shoves him away.

Banter: Not a very smart move…

Cain: Dante will get himself disqualified if he carries on like this.

The referee begins admonishing Dante again, and this time the challenger gets up and advances on the smaller man. The referee quails almost immediately from the sheer force of Dante's rage as his red eyes light up in fury. He backs away, holding up his hands and shaking his head and, satisfied, Dante turns around, only to be dragged down into a small package!




Tex: So close!

Dante surges up to his feet, launching himself onto Darkness before he can react. He hurls him against the ropes and slams a fist into his throat as he bounces back. The impact near enough flips Darkness over and he comes up with his good hand against his throat, but Dante is unrelenting, hammering him with rights and lefts against the ropes, kicking him over and over in the gut, and now choking him viciously on the rope. In a rare moment of boldness, the referee tries to intervene again, but Dante rounds on him and catches him with a backhand that sends him right down to the mat.

Cain: Dante just took out the referee!

Banter: Can he do that?

Tex: No he can't! This match should be thrown out!

The crowd are booing as Dante continues his assault on Darkness, slamming him into the turnbuckle and then choking him with his boot in the corner. Darkness tries to fight back with a wild swing, but Dante grabs his arm and then pushes him down to the mat as he locks in the Gilded Cage!

Tex: Dante with the Gilded Cage! He has his signature hold locked in and Darkness is in real trouble!

Banter: But there's no one to ring the bell…

Tex: Exactly!

Cain: Dante wanted to end Darkness, and he may be about to do it now!

Darkness fades fast in the brutal hold as Dante tightens his grip and gins wolfishly. The Champion's head droops down against Dante's shoulder, but there is no official present to take note of his seemingly unconscious state. Realising this, Dante eventually lets Darkness go, allowing him to slump down to the canvas. He rolls him onto his back and makes the cover…

Banter: There's no one to count!

Dante looks at the downed referee and shakes his head in disgust. He lifts his own arm and brings it down on the mat with an elaborate movement – once, twice, three times. He laughs and raises his arms triumphantly.

Tex: Dante seems to think that means he's won the match, but I'm afraid not – he's used underhanded tactics throughout this encounter, even taking out the referee, and if he thinks this is any kind of victory, he's even more delusional than I thought.

Banter: Hey, he had him down for the three…

Dante rolls out of the ring and grabs the Heavyweight Title belt from the timekeeper. He holds it above his head as the entire crowd boo loudly and then, with another laugh, he climbs back into the ring. Darkness is moving slowly and Dante waits for him to stand, then smashes him across the head with the belt!

Cain: That belt is made form solid gold, and Darkness just took it right to the face! How could anyone argue that Dante is the winner of this match and deserves to be the Champion? He just used the belt as a weapon!

Tex: This is blatant. This match should never even have started since Dante didn't answer the initial ten count, and he should have been disqualified for any number of offences already. Now he's just torturing the rightful Champion for his own sick entertainment.

Darkness is down and Dante keeps flailing at him with the belt until he is bleeding from an ugly cut on the forehead. Behind him, the referee is also clambering up to his feet with the help of the ropes, and he has no hesitation in calling for the bell.

Banter: There it is: official conformation. Dante wins!

Cain: I don't think that's what it is, Banter.

Sammy gets on the microphone. "Ladies and gentlemen, this match has been thrown out! Therefore, your winner and STILL the TCW Heavyweight Champion…DARKNESS!"

Tex: Well there you have it.

Dante looks disgusted at the result and turns on the referee, taking him out with the belt too! He spits on the unconscious man and then throws the belt at the bloody Darkness. He calls for a microphone.

"This isn't over, Darkness…this isn't over by a long shot…" He throws the microphone down and stalks out of the ring, leaving a scene of carnage in his wake.

Cain: So Darkness retains, but he has another title defence coming up!

Tex: And it may be against the worst possible opponent in the form of his own team mate, and someone else with victories over him: Freya.

Banter: Will he be able to fight?

Tex: I think it would take more effort than any of us here could conjure up to stop him…

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Post Re: TCW Majestic Cup 2010 in Beijing (August 16th, 2010)
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Freya vs Darkness (c)
TCW Majestic Cup Finals: World Heavyweight Championship match

Freya’s pyro goes off and she marches to the ring, with a visible limp in her leg, showing the effects of her earlier match.

Sammy: From Oxford, United Kingdom...weighing in at 143lbs...FREEEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tex: Will her injury play a part in her match tonight?

Cain: About as much as Darkness’. Both are going into this one wounded…

As "Fear of the Dark" plays, the view cuts to a shot of Darkness's locker room door. It opens, and Darkness steps from the shadows, his title belt around his waist. As his fans chant along to the music, Darkness walks through the corridors of the arena before reaching the gorilla position.

Sammy: And her opponent...from Chicago, Illinois...weighing in at 218 lbs... he is the TCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.... DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARKNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tex: They managed to patch Darkness up quickly backstage, but he is still definitely wearing the wounds of war.

He slides into the ring, apparently ready to defend his championship yet again as he hands it off to the referee, who holds it into the air to signify it’s defense.

Tex: This is going to be a true test of each of their resolves…both have competed once already tonight….fatigue may have set in.

Cain: We’ll see how much that’s a factor when this contest is for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Tex: This is what it’s all about…two gladiators in the ring, fighting for the richest prize in our business today.


Darkness and Freya rush towards each other immediately, grappling each other in the middle and jockeying for position. After a few moments, Darkness overpowers Freya and slowly pushes her shoulders to the mat…


Freya quickly brings her knees in and kicks up into Darkness’ gut, and then is able to slowly push herself back to a standing position.

Tex: Freya is showing her flexibility as well as her resiliency here.

With them on equal footing, Freya suddenly kicks Darkness in the gut, doubling him over, leading to Freya following up with a knee to Darkness’ head. She seems to have seen an opportunity, because she suddenly pulls Darkness down into a small package…



Tex: You need more than an early surprise pin to win against Darkness.

Cain: Yet lesser wrestlers have been caught by sudden pins in the past. This is Freya forcing Darkness to keep alert. He mustn’t get caught unaware, or 3 seconds will end his long championship reign.

The two wrestlers get to standing positions swiftly, and then begin trading blows back and forth in the middle of the ring. Each competitor has their own share of fans behind them, with some chanting for Darkness and others chanting for Freya.





Darkness catches Freya off guard with a quick uppercut to the throat, and then drives her back into the ropes with a quick series of martial arts blows, before pushing her off with an Irish whip. Off the first rebound, he attempts to meet her in the middle of the ring with a clothesline that is swiftly ducked, and her second rebound leads her to jump onto his shoulders for a hurricanrana.

Instead of pulling him down with her, he lifts his hands to hold her up, before driving her down hard with a quick powerbomb, the force of the slam shaking the ring!

Cain: Wow…miscalculation by Freya there. That can’t be good for your head and neck..

He stuffs her down for a pin attempt…



T-Freya rolls her right shoulder up!

As if expecting this, Darkness immediately seizes Freya’s right leg, turning her over onto her stomach and pulling back hard, eliciting a yell of pain from her.

Tex: A half crab on Freya!

Cain: On her injured right leg no less, she’s likely to still be feeling the effects of her previous match. This is where the true difficulty of the tournament comes into play….even if you win a match earlier, any injuries sustained could lose you the tournament.

Banter: That goes both ways here, you know…

After a few seconds, Freya is able to make a hard lunge for the bottom rope, and seizes it, forcing Darkness to break the hold. Darkness holds on for about 3 seconds longer before removing the hold.

Darkness attempts to remain on offense, trying to seize Freya’s right leg once more as she is pulling herself up on the ropes. She performs a quick back kick with her left leg that catches him in the chin, and without warning, performs a springboard moonsault off the ropes, coming down and seizing his head before pulling it down into a reverse DDT!

A cover!




The instant Darkness kicks out, Freya stands, backs herself into the ropes and bounces off before jumping with a single flip Senton, her left leg crashing over Darkness’ head. She covers again…




Banter: See, like I told you guys.

Cain: Darkness also took a good deal of punishment to his head in his match with Dante. Continued abuse might open him right back up.

Tex: This match may turn into a race of who can exploit the other’s injuries the fastest to gain a victory. Who do you think this match favors so far?

Cain: In all honesty, it probably favors Darkness…by a small margin. Freya is on the offensive now, but Darkness has a way of coming back from incredible odds. His endurance and stamina are matched by almost no one in professional wrestling. Freya’s injured leg also puts her at a disadvantage of being exploited by Darkness at any time with his finishing Darkshooter hold. However, don’t think I’m counting Freya out either. If anyone has Darkness figured out, it would be her. She’s beaten him on at least two counts, and in my view, even a non-title victory against Darkness has its own prestige.

Tex: For years on end Darkness has been the continuous World Heavyweight Champion here in TCW. Even when he was forced to relinquish the Unified World Titles, he immediately became the inaugural champion for the TCW World Heavyweight Championship. His reign has been on a level of wrestling legends like Bruno Sammartino and Hulk Hogan. And here we have another pay per view match and another title defense for Darkness…

Freya appears to be focusing a flurry of offense on Darkness’ head, delivering a few punches and putting on a headlock, clamping down tight with visible effort in her facial expression.

Cain: The question is, is Freya the victor here, or does Darkness come away with another notch in his belt? We’ve had so many great matches with his championships on the line, and so many great, worthy competitors. Nearly all of them were championship material, and he turned all of them away summarily.

Tex: Freya is another deserving champion….her Bleeder title reign was also strong, broken only by the forced retirement of the belt. But on this night, where it’s all on the line, will she have the goods to come away with her first World Heavyweight Championship, or will she be another ‘worthy challenger’ turned away by Darkness?

Banter: I bet I know what’s going to happen. Darkness is going to have his usual Superman comeback, and then-

Darkness is powering out of the headlock as they speak, delivering quick elbows to Freya and then charging into the ropes, before attempting to tackle her right leg-

-however, Freya sidesteps the attempt and brings her left knee up, causing Darkness to collapse against the mat! The former Bleeder champion immediately races to the corner, ascending deftly and coming off with a top rope moonsault, crushing her knees into his forehead!

Cain: Ouch! What a brutal moonsault by Freya…not a usual moonsault either, as you would normally land across your opponent’s body. That was specifically intended to injure Darkness…this woman is pulling no punches.

Tex: But she may have hurt herself…

Freya is visibly clutching at her right knee, but is forcing herself to slowly crawl over top of a downed Darkness…blood seeping from a cut on his forehead, pouring out profusely onto the mat.

Cain: This might be her only chance!

She stretches out her arm and lunges over top of him, pulling his leg up weakly…



Thre-Darkness just gets the shoulder up!

Tex: And this match is still underway, Darkness shows his resiliency once more!

The two wrestlers writhe on the mat for a few moments, a growing chant filling the silence…





They start to force themselves to their feet, each reaching a standing position and starting to slowly trade blows once more amidst the crowd chanting.

Cain: The longer this match goes, the more costly errors will become. I’m surprised Freya is going hand to hand with Darkness…it’s not her style.

The two keep at it, until finally Darkness is stumbled by a blow squarely to his forehead. Darkness grits his teeth, staring at her through the blood in his eyes, and lunges forward with a powerful clothesline, which is met in turn by a drop toehold onto the second rope!

Tex: Darkness is in position for-

Freya doesn’t even stop to signal with a howl, she just runs the ropes and moves to spin around with the OX4 kick…

…but is CAUGHT by Darkness midway, and his prosthetic hand seizes with a vice grip around her neck! With a bloodthirsty expression, he climbs onto the apron with her, before simply lifting her with a single hand and throwing her to the arena floor below, her body smacking down with a sickening thud!

Tex: Oh my God! The Slayer Slam from the apron to the floor!

Darkness barely gives her a look before climbing back into the ring, the referee administering a count…




Tex: What a brutal, no-nonsense move from Darkness…

Banter: That’s it, she’s out.

Cain: These two are so tightly knit, and they’re still killing each other out there! That’s just how much this championship means to them. But this might be over already. Darkness doesn’t need to pin Freya to retain the championship.

Darkness stares on coldly as the count continues.



Freya lightly stirs on the floor, slowly rolling over to a prone position. Her eyes are glazed over as her fingers find the fabric of the ring apron and pull gingerly on it…


Her other hand reaches up higher, fingers trying to find the top, and pull, slowly forcing her body upwards…


Her weakened right leg tries desperately to push up to a standing position while she keeps pulling herself up…


Weakly, she attempts to thrust herself under the rope, with a visible effort…!


The referee shakes his head and allows the match to continue as Freya rolls into the ring very slowly.

Tex: She made it!

Cain: But this might be all academic from this point.

Banter: Look at how much effort it took her just to get back in the ring!

Darkness pulls her by her right leg, before hooking it in a cover…




Tex: And the match STILL continues! What resiliency!

The crowd reacts explosively to her kickout, some cheers, some boos, but everyone in the arena is on the edge of their seats. Darkness sits up in disbelief, before wiping blood out of his eyes and standing, signaling for the Darkness DDT. In time, Freya begins to pull herself up on the ropes, slowly lifting herself up with Darkness closing in. He spins her around abruptly, and seizes her in position for his finisher, before lifting and spinning her…

Instead of flowing with the move, Freya plants herself midway, and instead spins to Darkness’ back! She jumps up to pull him down into the Lung Blower, but he also has it scouted, and reaches back to seize her head first, dropping to his knees and stunning her with a sudden jawbreaker. He releases her, moving to the ropes briefly, before lunging at her with a superkick!

Cain: He got her-

Freya ducks and runs underneath it! She quickly jumps onto the top rope, gritting her teeth in pain from her right leg, and jumps off with an asai moonsault, catching Darkness with the Full Moon DDT!

Tex: Full Moon DDT! It’s over!

Darkness lies motionlessly on the mat, a pool of blood forming around his head slowly. Freya, having visibly exhausted herself from that sequence, can only force herself to push Darkness slowly onto his back…and cover him…




Banter: What?!

Tex: He kicked out of it!

Cain: That should have been it right there, but Darkness survived!

Banter: Maybe Darkness just CAN’T lose his title!

Freya just shakes her head and stands up, stumbling on her right leg and panting, as she leans against the ring ropes, examining the situation. Sure enough, Darkness starts to stand as well.

Tex: How much do they have left in the tank?

Cain: Visibly, they both look exhausted…I think they want to finish each other off as soon as possible.

Darkness’ face is a crimson mask as he stands, facing away from Freya, before abruptly whirling around. Immediately, Freya plants her foot against Darkness and quickly swings her other leg up for an Enzuigiri-

- however, Darkness ducks under it, the kick sailing over his head. She lands on her feet and attempts to come around in reverse with a similar kick, but instead Darkness stops her with a boot to the chest, and spins her around with a Darkness DDT, successfully driving her head into the canvas!


Cain: What a counter, what a finisher…

He covers…



Three-no, KICKOUT!


Cain: She kicked out, she kicked out!

Banter: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Even the referee hesitantly signals ‘two’ to the timekeeper, both of them down on the mat and not moving.



Banter: This is getting ridiculous!

Tex: One finisher after another…both extremely difficult to survive, and both of these competitors did it. Ladies and gentlemen, this match has been a roller coaster so far.

Cain: Both of them started injured but I don’t think they care anymore. They’re just hurting all over now and looking to end this.

Banter: I don’t know if this will ever end!



The referee begins to count both of them out on the mat.




Cain: It might just end here…

Tex: Even if they both lose by count out, Darkness still keeps his title!



They stir, pushing up on each other, using each other for support on pure instinct…



They both reach a vertical base at the last moment. A moment of hesitation between the two, before-

Darkness grabs Freya and nails-

-no, Freya breaks out, spins Darkness around-


Tex: Darkness got caught!

Cain: And…





The Beijing crowd erupts as Blood Red Summer plays and the TCW World Heavyweight Championship belt is retrieved by the referee.


Tex: This is unbelievable! A new era has begun!

Cain: For years the top spot in TCW has eluded Freya Green….but no longer. Her journey to the top is over, and with this victory, she becomes the first ever female TCW World’s Heavyweight Champion.

The belt is handed to a weary Freya, who stands up slowly, using the turnbuckle to support herself, and she raises the belt one handed, beaten, exhausted, and yet ultimately triumphant.

Banter: I’m still in shock!

Cain: I think we all thought Darkness simply could not be beaten one on one for his championship…3 long years at the top of this company, Unified World’s Heavyweight Champion, TCW World’s Heavyweight Champion… Congratulations to Darkness for his legendary run at the top, and congratulations to Freya for doing the impossible and ending it.

Tex: I am proud of both of these competitors. What a match…

“Not so fast…”

Deng walks out onto the stage with a microphone, Freya’s music cutting off as the crowd rains boos over him.

Tex: What a buzzkill.

“You must think this is some big feel good moment for you, huh Freya? I would not get too excited, because being my World Heavyweight Champion means you have a reputation to uphold. You represent this company, and your represent me.”

Freya stares at him wearily as he continues.

“There will be no more of your Hellfire Club crap. You will be a proper, respectable Champion. You will make the appearances I tell you to do, you will defend your title when I ask you to, and-“

[Stern entrance]

Tex: Valerie Stern is here!

Banter: But what for?

She gets in Deng’s face with her own microphone and speaks.

“That’s enough! I have had it with all of this bullshit from you. It’s because of you that this company is in the shape it’s in. Ever since you took ownership of TCW, you’ve caused wrestlers to quit the company, you’ve been slowly homogenizing the product…And I can no longer stand by and watch this happen. Or rather, should I say, I don’t -have- to any more.”

Cain: What is she saying?

“Because as of a few hours ago, Deng, a conglomerate and I purchased a controlling share of TCW.”

Banter: You mean she-

Deng lifts a hand. “That’s nonsense. I know for a fact that you don't have the money to buy more than 50% of the company - and what's more, your contract is very clear that you can't own that much."

"No, but I can find a partner who can buy enough to make up the difference."

[Dante entrance]

The crowd erupts as Dante comes out onto the stage!

Tex: Dante is Stern’s business partner?!?!

Cain: This is unprecedented!

Deng doesn’t appear to react much. He just shakes his head.

“Interesting, but you’re bluffing. The American dollar is barely worth toilet paper compared to Chinese currency. Not even Dante’s personal fortune alone is enough to buy the necessary shares.”

“Sorry,” Stern replies, “did I say ‘partner’? I believe I meant, partners. You know what they say, keep your friends close…”

[Powers entrance.]

Banter: WHAAAT?

Tex: My God…hell has just frozen over!

Powers and Stern share a firm handshake, before Powers takes the microphone.

"Sorry to burst your bubble, Mr. Deng, but Stern made me an offer I couldn't refuse. With my promotion lacking a network, I jumped at the chance to ride the TCW gravy train and now that we..." he points at his new business partners, "...own 51% of the company, we'll be calling the shots from now on."

Deng stares at the group furiously, but keeps his composure. “…We’ll see about that. This is not over,” he declared. "I am still the single majority shareholder in TCW. All you have done is begun a war you cannot win."

“You’re right. We will see,” Stern said confidently.

Tex: We have a new World Heavyweight Champion, and my God, what a bombshell has just been dropped! Tonight marks the start of a new era in Twisted Championship Wrestling! Goodnight everyone!


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